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O C G S h o w D a i l y 1 3 Fe b ru a r y 1 & 2 , 2 0 1 4 new characters, new technological inno- vations and even new categories extend- ing to apparel and accessories. This spring, we are introducing a new plush character we call Twinkling Firefly Frog to help ease children's fear of the dark. We had so much fun with this one; designing a comical presentation of the frog that swallowed so many flies that they twinkle in his belly to create a soft glow in a child's room. Our crown- topped frog also comforts little ones with soothing sounds of rain and crickets as well as a lullaby melody. OSD: What distinguishes your products from the competition? LS: As a start-up, the biggest challenge we faced was finding a way to compete with companies that were much larger, better funded and already well-estab- lished in the industry. We solved that problem by focusing on a specific niche, and creating products that were the best available in that niche. We grew slowly at first, but once our products started to garner praise, cus- tomers appreciated our quality and atten- tion to detail. Our loyal customer support helped us become known as experts in our field. That specialization allowed us to compete against much larger players, and eventually gain momentum with our brand and products. OSD: Compare the position of your Cloud b ( Cont'd. from p. 1) products and their technology against the current market. LS: Cloud b created the category of sleep products featuring customized sounds and visual applications. We have received nearly 100 consumer and indus- try awards for our products since our inception. In 2012, our innovative Tranquil Turtle, the first Cloud b product to combine elements of both sight and sound, took home the Toy Industry Association's TOTY award in the infant/toddler category. This past year we broke new ground with the innovative Twilight Turtle Tunes, the first Cloud b character to fea- ture Bluetooth technology. Parents can create their own customized lullabies with the Cloud b app of melodies and soothing sounds to stream via Bluetooth through the softly glowing turtle. OSD: How can our readers find out more about your company? LS: We recently re-launched our web- site to offer consumers insight on our mission, a comprehensive look at our product lines, and communicate how each product category can meet their family's needs to create a healthy sleep routine. For more information, visit www.cloudb.com, call 310-781-3833, email sales@cloudb.com or stop by booth #7136 at NY Now. DB: Not at all! Picnic Plus is especial- ly noted for its All Season products, taking retailers on a successful jour- ney with a variety of innovative prod- ucts throughout the year: Springtime awakens the senses by providing products related to the enjoyment of beautiful backyard gardens, romantic al fresco dining, Mother's Day and more. Summertime means pool, beach and patio parties, boating, outdoor concerts and vacation get- Picnic Plus ( Cont'd. from p. 1) aways. Fall brings on tailgating, har- vest, wine and beer events. Winter means holiday entertaining, host/host- ess gifts, and we specialize in unique men's gifts. Ask any of my creative team or professional sales staff to give you ideas for in-store themes, product grouping, etc. See all of the new 2014 products at booth #3081 or online at www.picnic-plus.com. Call for more details and order place- ment at 866-634-2628, or by email at info@picnic-plus.com. citrine, pyrite, quartz and many other rare stones), in their natural state, to cre- ate a large assortment of tabletop prod- ucts and furniture. Kathryn explained that, "When working with my raw mate- rials, my focus and goal is to take some- thing that is viewed as hard and heavy, like a rough stone, and create a beautiful product that flows and harmonizes together as works of art for the environ- ment for which it is intended." Made by hand in the USA, with loving hands and the utmost care to detail, Kathryn McCoy Design has suc- cessfully been able to create the most amazing lamps, jewelry boxes, book- Kathryn McCoy Design ( Cont'd. from p. 1) ends, candle votives, bowls, napkin rings, wall sconces, chandeliers, cur- tain holdbacks and a vast array of other decorative tabletop accessories. Kathryn McCoy Design products are a constant feature in Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Lush Magazine, Veranda and other well-known publications. If you would like more information on the Kathryn McCoy Design collec- tion, please contact the company directly at 858-549-3500. All purchases are made-to-order and the normal production lead time is 4-6 weeks. Please visit www.kathrynmccoydesign.net. For more information, stop by booth #1107. WARM UP WITH NEW QUILT COLLECTIONS AT STURBRIDGE YANKEE WORKSHOP Sturbridge Yankee Workshop wants to warm the hearts and homes of their customers with big savings on warm quilts, bedding collections and more this winter season. Each year Sturbridge Yankee Workshop celebrates the start of their winter catalog by announcing big savings on their entire collection of seating and quilts. Customers can keep out the winter chill with coordi- nating quilted bedding collections in a wide range of colors and styles. Sturbridge Yankee Workshop has a wide selection of quilt collections available in addition to new options sure to quickly become cus- tomer favorites this year. Quilts, layers of fabric filled with padding, have been used for centuries around the world. There are many varia- tions on quilt designs, themes and patterns that can be seen just across state lines in America. In the earliest examples of quilts from Colonial American times, the quilts were crafted to showcase the handicraft prowess of the quilter while also serving as a warm bedcover. It was out of this practice that the many quilt styles developed, including medallion, Broderie Perse, patchwork and Amish. Joining the collection of rustic country collections at Sturbridge this year is the Country Star Quilt Collection. Following the success of the same pattern featured on the mini pillow and the matching throw, Sturbridge is now offering the entire collec- tion in the range of standard bedding sizes convenient for customers' homes. Customers can dress up a current bedroom or make a guest room ready for use with this collection of appealing muted fabrics com- bined together to create a charming motif of crisscrossing boxes and star shapes. Sturbridge Yankee Workshop features quilts of varying types from classic toile prints to nature inspired fabrics featuring woodland creatures or scenes from every- day life. Another new quilt collection for Sturbridge this season showcases ferns, butterflies and dragonflies in muted colors of green and brown on a cream back- ground. Vermicelli stitching, common on many quilts, is an alternative to the classic running stitch, which is done in straight lines. Vermicelli is more or less the same as a running stitch, except each stitch is taken in a different direction. It can be a pattern such as a zigzag or completely ran- dom, as featured on the Fern Garden Quilt Collection at Sturbridge. Classic designs featured at Sturbridge Yankee Workshop over the past few sea- sons are also offered at a discounted price as part of the quilt sale celebration. Anniversary Quilted Collection, celebrat- ing Sturbridge's 60th Anniversary in 2013, features a combination of deep blue Jacobean print on a French vanilla cream background. Customers can update an entire bedroom, or switch out one piece at a time with coordinating quilt and bedding collections from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop. Current sale prices are effec- tive through February 20, 2014. THE JOY OF CHOCOLATE How has Cocopotamus gone from unknown "mom & pop" to celebrity- endorsed brand name in just four years? By forgetting what they learned from business school marketing classes and the traditional chocolatier business model. Instead, Cocopotamus by NYDC Chocolate CEO Max Sinclair, whose MBA was a good lesson in what not to do with his own business, decided to base the brand on a single, laser-focused emotion; use technology to automate the back-end administration. The result is a lean, mean chocolate-making and branding machine. "Like a typical start-up, we have a very limited budget but a gargantuan goal," explained Sinclair. "We think of new ways of marketing a brand, unlike what business schools typically teach. We do zero advertising, use no food brokers, and take a radical approach to staffing." Most people would think that the odds were stacked against such a company, especially when chocolatiers are a dime a dozen in the U.S. and Canada. And yet, this "Mom and Pop" with no shop – they prefer to build the brand with just a com- mercial chocolate kitchen – have succeed- ed in record time. "We focus on creating a single emo- tion to be associated with our brand: joy," Sinclair explained. "Chocolate is just the vehicle we use to deliver the message." Everything the brand communi- cates starts with joy, from the naming of product flavor with fun names like Holy Cow, Miss Congeniality, and The Vegan Mary, to the use of colors and the packaging design. "Our goal is to bring a smile. When we can do that successfully, we have a brand," Sinclair explained. "Of course, your product has to taste great too, or there's no repeat business." Starting from nothing just four short years ago, Sinclair and his wife, Master Chocolatier Ally Sinclair, have built Cocopotamus into a North American brand. Smart use of technology, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and radical moves like no retail store, refusing to use sales reps, and never advertising set Cocopotamus apart. The company produces hundreds of thousands of chocolate truffles per year – by hand! – with a competent crew of seven part timers, all under 22 years old. "We also speak with each of our retailers personally," Sinclair said. "They know when they call, we will answer. A lot of chocolatiers are techni- cally competent in the production aspect of making chocolate and but for- got about the personal touch with cus- tomers. We appreciate each retailer, from the smallest to our largest cus- tomer, Whole Foods Market." Cocopotamus truffles are all natu- ral, handmade and always gluten-free. The brand creates 32 flavors of dark chocolate truffles. For more informa- tion, visit Cocopotamus by NYDC Chocolate online.

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