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Kathryn McCoy, Owner and Designer for Kathryn McCoy Design, is excited to exhibit her newest tabletop designs for 2014 at the NY Now International Gift Show (booth #1107). Under her brand name, Kathryn McCoy is beginning her third year in business with a bang. Working closely with famous interior designers such as Myron Wohlman, Liz O'Brien, William R. Eubanks, Richard Mishaan and other notable designers, she has been able to create masterpiece products and one-of-a-kind designs for her esteemed clients. Kathryn McCoy stated, "I absolutely love what I do and am always welcoming new challenges when I design. In fact, my original Selenite Fireplace/Tabletop Sculpture design was initially created for a private client who was hosting a fundrais- er dinner in their La Jolla, California home. The owner had asked me to decorate her living and dining areas using all of my products; that is when I came up with the con- cept to create a product that could go from the fireplace cavern to the top of a grand table setting. My sculpture had a dual purpose . . . From that design, I was commis- sioned to make another 10 units immediately following the dinner party. The sign of a successful design." Kathryn McCoy Design products are carried in the leading top retail stores across the country and internationally. Bergforf Goodman carried her opening collection in 2011, and is still featuring her products throughout the flagship New York store loca- tion. Kathryn McCoy has also partnered up with high-end developers that have her pieces showcased in special projects and boutique hotels. Kathryn McCoy Design is a collection that utilizes raw stones (amethyst, THE KATHRYN MCCOY DESIGN COLLECTION An interview with Linda Suh, CEO, Cloud b. OSD: Tell our readers about your company. What's your main line of business? LS: My colleague Jeff Johnson [CTO/ Design Director] and I co-found- ed Cloud b in 2002 with the goal of producing a range of products that help children sleep safely and improve the health, happiness and well- being of the entire family. The company has become a trusted name with parents worldwide with our award-winning plush with a purpose collections that soothe and comfort children to give parents peace of mind and strengthen the family bond. OSD: What would you say makes your company unique? LS: The Cloud b collections are all based on pediatric research that has confirmed that familiar, soothing sounds are proven to calm and help children achieve a more peace- ful, deeper sleep. Our development team works closely with our Advisory Board of pediatricians, parents, teachers and sleep specialists to identify consumer needs and develop new products to address those needs. OSD: Where is your current product emphasis? LS: We are continuing to expand our offerings to help families sleep soundly and grow healthy. 2014 will mark the launch of our most robust collection ever, with a zooful of An interview with Daniel Berkowitz, President, Picnic Plus. OSD: Are you introducing any new products this year? DB: We've broadened our product offerings by adding several new categories which have a natural tie-in to our bestselling products, using our bold and vibrant trademark patterns: functional home garden accessories and tabletop items, easy-care coated can- vas totes, craft beer tasting accessories and more. We design, develop and test each product with the intent of making them a natural extension of our current product base, combining categories that work well with one another. OSD: Why you don't require your retailers to purchase in full case packs? DB: No Case Pack Required is a philosophy Picnic Plus has stood by for over 14 years. Why should we dictate to our customers, telling them how much to buy? By trying out products, mixing, matching and coordinating a variety of Picnic Plus SKUs, it translates to larger orders down the road. We put the retailer in control of its purchasing needs. With low opening minimums and reorder amounts, coupled with no product minimum, the retailer is in control of how to manage its inventory turns and open to buy dollars. OSD: Is Picnic Plus mostly a Spring/Summer line? Corkcicle.AIR is the latest and officially greatest version of Corkcicle yet, and it is great for both red and white wines. Corkcicle.AIR keeps the famed original icicle design with a cork top, and adds the features to be able to pour directly through the top for easy serving. Best of all, as you pour, the wine is aerated instant- ly. No more need for a separate aerating device or a decanter. The Corkcicle.AIR does it all in one simply designed device. Should I Chill Wine? A common misperception is that red wines should be served at room temperature. Reds are properly served at cellar temperature, which averages near 60 degrees. Average room temperature is 72. Drinking at cellar temp will enhance the flavor profile of your red wine. Simply drop Corkcicle.AIR in a room temperature red and it will cool it to near cellar temperature in about 10-15 minutes. Do White Wines Need Aerating? While it is commonly known that aerating red wine draws out the flavors and aromas, it is an enduring myth that white wine does not need aeration. In fact, white wine dis- plays the exact same improvements with aeration as red wine. When using the easy pour thru feature to serve a glass from the bottle with Corkcicle.AIR, your wine will be instantly improved with aeration. For more information, visit booth #3646 at the Javits Center during the NY NOW show and check it out for yourself. Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 13 CLOUD B: WHERE GOOD SLEEP BEGINS WHAT'S NEW FOR 2014 FOR PICNIC PLUS? AERATE WINE INSTANTLY WITH CORKCICLE.AIR O s e r C o m m u n i c a t i o n s G ro u p N e w Yo rk Fe b ru a r y 1 & 2 , 2 0 1 4 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NY NOW

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