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Saturday, August 17, 2013 OCG Show Daily CHARLES ALBERT – ALCHEMIA "ZERO KARAT GOLD" Charles Albert® has adapted to the changing business environment with "Zero Karat Gold," an infusion of base metals that simulates the look and feel of 18K gold. The company continues to produce sterling silver jewelry, but now has added another metal into the collection. In 2011, noticing the soaring cost of precious metals, designer and founder Charles Albert introduced a new line to fill a noticeable void in the accessories market by providing an accessible alternative to gold jewelry with the known superior quality of his fine sterling silver pieces. The company, including its craftsmen in Mexico, sought to create a cost effective option to silver and gold. After months of experimenting, the team developed a gold-tone metal that simulates the look and feel of 18K gold, but at a fraction of the cost. Charles Albert chose to call the collection "Alchemia" (pronounced al-KHEM-ee-uh), the Latin word for Alchemy: the ancient mythical craft of transforming lead into gold. Alchemia or "Zero Karat Gold" is not plated. The gold color is throughout, which sets Charles Albert apart from most fashion AREAWARE: UNIQUE ITEMS FOR THE HOLIDAYS AND EVERY DAY By Noel Wiggins, AREAWARE President of Purchasing a gift for those who "have everything" is daunting, especially around the holidays. At AREAWARE, we offer a curated range of products that will delight even the most finicky person. Through our work's internationally known and up-and-coming designers, we are able to offer a collection of cleverly designed items that are made to last. The name AREAWARE itself is meant to convey our passion and unique approach to functional interior (area) objects (ware). For instance, Puzzlehead is one of the new items we are launching at NY Now. Designed by artist-cartoonist-filmmaker-musician Richard McGuire, Puzzlehead acts as both a brain teaser and constructional toy. Its fiberboard "head" pieces fit together into one neat square and is guaranteed to be a coffee table conversation starter. The interesting and playful aesthetic of Puzzlehead pairs nicely with our other new launches. For example, the Prism Corkscrew from Brooklyn-based design team Fort Standard adds a special twist to an otherwise traditional item. Even though it is small enough to fit into a NEW LINE OF HIDE RUGS FROM MADISONS INC. GETS GLOWING RECEPTION Madisons Inc., a new company, has recently introduced a line of unique hide rugs to rave reviews. The two entrepreneurs, Peter de Voogd and Madi Ferencz, who launched Madisons Inc. just a few short months ago, knew something must be special when their booth had a crowd trying to get in to take a look. The company introduced a line of hide rugs and pillows that take this luxurious natural material and the myriad of shades in which natural hides can be found and, with the talents of artists and artisans, transform them into exquisite contemporary patterns that will uniquely define and update any space. They also introduced hide rugs and pillows that are dyed and/or treated with a variety of techniques that also are transformed into extraordinary masterpieces. "Some are so splendid that you would think that they're more suited to be on the wall ANALI'S NEWEST TABLE LINENS, CUSTOM MADE IN THE USA By Anna Barrett, Vice President of Sales, Anali, Inc Over the past year or two, I have noticed that the demand for beautiful table linens is increasing. My company started in table linens more than twenty years ago and, over the years, sales have been up and down. I do believe that consumers are once again taking pride in entertaining and they want their linens to be as beautiful as their china. This August at the New York Now Show, I, along with Sally Wallace, have been working on a new showcase that will give any dining room the "wow" factor. Our stunning embroidered table linens, with their detail in the digitizing, stand out above the rest. We take the time to place each thread into our designs to create the feeling of a thread painting. Together with the rich colors of the rayon threads we use, there is no other embroidery like it. Throughout the years, we have passed on any option to move our production overseas. We embroider, sew, and finish all of our linens in-house at our facility in Redmond, WA. This gives retailers a resource for cus- jewelry. The metal is nickel free, lead free and lacquered, thus making it hypoallergenic. A strong and flexible lacquer is used to protect the metal from turning or tarnishing, while still allowing the rings and cuffs to be easily adjusted. Through innovative designs and distinctive stone choices, Charles will continue to fulfill his mission of being a well-known and trusted leader in the fashion industry. The company continues to design beautiful jewelry that is trendy, yet by no means a carbon copy of the norm. Since the company was founded in 1990, Charles has scoured the globe in search of only the highestquality minerals, fossils and gemstones front pocket, this corkscrew is large enough to spark curiosity on any countertop. On first glance, it is simply an octagonal piece of wood. Its true purpose is kept hidden until the hardwood halves are pulled apart with a simple twist, revealing a hidden corkscrew. It's a very cool way to open wine. We are also expanding Harry Allen's Reality Series. His 'Bank in the Form of a Pig' is an iconic item for us and a proven fan favorite, so we have created new colors this season. This witty take on the traditional piggy bank is being introduced in a bright matte shade of fluorescent pink and a limited edition of 300 in champagne-colored chrome. This "adult" bank, cast from a pig that died of natural causes, can hold up to $10,000 in one rather than on the floor," comments Peter de Voogd, CEO of Madisons Inc. "The universally very positive reception our line has received at the various shows we have attended has exceeded our wildest expectations." Madison's hide rugs work with all kinds of decor, from contemporary to traditional. They bring a new level of sophistication, richness and high style to any space. "Every designer who has taken samples to a customer has resulted in a sale. In the three short months we've been in the market, many designers have ordered multiple times. A couple of designers are designing the rooms around the rug. Our rug will be featured in a magazine," says Madi Ferencz, co- tomized table linens, along with bed and bath linens. Tables, like mattresses, come in many shapes and sizes. We offer a wide range of linens and fabrics that can be customized to whatever size a customer needs for their table. We can offer retailers the option to assure that a tablecloth their customer designs will be made exactly for their table, with the perfect drop. We can even make a plain custom tablecloth with a very quick turn-around time for the customer in a rush. I believe these personal touches will keep consumers returning to their local retailer, as opposed to shopping online. Today's retailers must have that personal touch to set themselves apart from the competition of large online stores and flash sites. Once the customer feels their 7 in order to create exquisite pieces of wearable art for today's modern woman. Every piece of jewelry is meticulously handcrafted from designs that Charles and Beth have put together. Charles Albert pieces have been featured in magazines such as InStyle, Lucky, Allure, Marie Claire, ELLE and Vogue, just to name a few, and have been worn at Red Carpet events. Celebrity fans include Ke$ha, Helen Hunt, Aubrey O'Day, Nicki Minaj, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Demi Lovato, among many others. For more information, please visit booth 8366, go to www.charlesalbert.com, call 800-410-1112 or email jewelry@charlesalbert.com. dollar bills and adds personality to any room. Harry Allen has also created the Box Turtle Box, which is available in matte white and gold chrome. This, too, has been cast from an animal that died of natural causes. Made of resin and marble, the turtle's shell opens to reveal a hidden compartment for storing small treasures. Areaware has developed a loyal fan base over its nine years in existence. Customers have come to rely on us for unusual, eclectic, functional objects filled with personality. For more information, visit booth #'s: 7119 & 4002, go online to www.areaware.com, call 1-800-783-5683 or email sales@areaware.com. founder of Madisons Inc. and Peter's mom. Madi, a serial entrepreneur, also commented, "In my past endeavors, I have been lucky to have launched a couple of 'big hit' products. When we got the initial reception that we have recieved so far with the hide rug and pillow line, we knew that we had a hit. We are very excited about the potential and possibilities with the line." A variety of the standard sizes are generally available in stock and custom sizes and colors can be made to order. For more information, visit booth 1679, got to www.madisonsinc.com, email info@madisonsinc.com or call 914-288-5479. shopping experience is personal, they will return for that type of service again and again. This is one of the reasons we emphasize our custom capabilities to our retailers. Not only do we have beautiful embroideries, we can also be a custom resource for our retailers to use as a way to strengthen sales and retain loyal customers. With these unique offerings, we are excited to introduce to the market our new display of fabulous table linens. Of course, as always, here at Anali, we will continue to do what we do best: beautiful embroideries, made by us, here in the USA. For more information, visit booth 2630, go online to www.ANALI.com, call 425577-0929, or email anna@anali.com.

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