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22 Saturday, August 17, 2013 TRY THE OGALLALA DIFFERENCE, AND HELP SAVE THE MONARCHS By Chanielle Blankenship Ogallala is more than down comforters and pillows. Ogallala Comfort Company by Monarch Flyway seeks to protect and establish Monarch butterfly habitats by developing products based on sustainably grown and harvested milkweed raw materials. Our mission is to save and restore milkweed throughout North America and to preserve the Monarch migration for future generations. Why is a small ranching community like Ogallala, Nebraska home to a company that's dedicated to bringing comfort to the world? Well, Ogallala was one of the most feared cow towns on the Texas Trail, so perhaps the people here are more attuned than most to what it takes to create comfort out of nothing. A more logical theory is the abundant local supply of syriaca, which is used to create our patented Hypodown® products. People find comfort in unlikely places. We firmly believe you will find it with a familyowned and operated company from Ogallala, Nebraska. So whose crazy idea was it to make products out of milkweed? Our Founder and CEO, Herb Knudsen, is a dreamer, inventor, and problem solver. He worked with Standard Oil of Ohio in 1986 in the development of crude oil from the milkweed plant. Finding that it was not economical, they explored other uses for the plant and found it is hypoallergenic and has amazing insulative properties. In 1987, British Petroleum took over the company and sold Herb the milkweed project. While Herb did not have deep pockets, he did have imagination and perseverance. He tried to sell "syriaca clusters" to down suppliers and down bedding companies to blend with their PICNIC PLUS: PASSIONATE ABOUT CUSTOMERS "No Case Packs Required" is a philosophy that Picnic Plus has stood by for over 15 years. "Why should we dictate to our customers, telling them how much to buy?" stated Daniel Berkowitz, the President and founder of Picnic Plus. Picnic Plus has proven this fact to its customer, the specialty retailer, and shown them that by letting the customer try out products, mixing and matching a variety of Picnic Plus skus will translate to larger orders down the road. "We put the retailer in control of their purchasing needs," states Berkowitz, who has had more than 25 years of experience as a buyer for several major retailers during his career. "If the retailer is successful with our products and places reorders on a regular basis, it's a win-win for everyone. In today's economy, store owners aren't tying up their open-to-buy dollars with products that they are stuck with from other vendors. Let them test our Picnic Plus products and they'll be sure to place larger reorders next time." Daniel and his team are passionate about the products they design, develop and manufacture. Their enthusiasm is always apparent when discussing the line. "We constantly listen to our customers' needs, whether it's about colors, patterns, product features and more." In addition, THE HIBE SHELL COMFORTING BODY WRAP Launched in November of 2011, the patented Hibe® Comforting Soft Body Wrap is a full-length body wrap that combines coziness with freedom of movement. "We branded it 'Hibe' because it's so comfortable you could tuck your arms and feet in and hibernate in it, but at the same time it lets you move freely and safely so you do all the things you need to do when you get home at the end of the day. You can be cozy and yet still look put together," says Beth Sprole, president of Hibe LLC. Hibe is for women who want to be warm, comfortable, and presentable while still being able to walk freely. The Hibe body wrap converts to a blanket with a quick unfasten of the side zipper and shoulders, and has a matching travel bag to take your comfort with you. Because of its unique design, the Hibe wrap makes a particularly thoughtful gift for new moms and those undergoing medical treatments. Sprole developed the idea for the Hibe Wrap based on a need she observed in her own family. "Living in chilly New England, my FORM + FUNCTION = URBAN OXIDE Hobo, the renowned accessories brand, is pleased to announce the relaunch of its Urban Oxide division. The newly designed collection features stylish, functional commuter bags in durable, lightweight materials, retailing from $15 to $100. The new look and feel of Urban Oxide is an expansion of what the brand has been doing well for over ten years. "Women everywhere are always looking for stylish and functional everyday handbags," says Urban Oxide's Chief Visionary Officer, Koren Ray. "By updating our original designs with fresh colors and new tech materials, we have created the perfect handbag solution for every- OCG Show Daily goose down. After being laughed out of many meetings, sales-pitch Herb decided to start his own down company. He focused on high quality, low volume products, and trade-marked the name "Hypodown." Hypodown is a blend of the finest Hungarian white goose down and milkweed (syriaca clusters). Allergy tests prove that syriaca clusters trap and suppress allergens found in down that cause allergic reactions, making the product naturally hypo-allergenic and safe to use for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. Syriaca makes the down more breathable, longerlasting, and helps the body regulate temperature by whisking moisture AWAY from the body 70 percent faster than down by itself. It is four times as thermally efficient as synthetics, and up to ten times as durable. Herb has worked for over twenty years to prove that Hypodown wasn't just a crazy idea, but that it out-performs down by itself, and when with other synthetics. Twenty-seven years later, Ogallala has become known throughout the industry for the finest down products available. Try the Ogallala difference. We're more than down-- we're Hypodown. We're comfortable. We're relaxed. We love to dream. We have what it takes to make your life better. Dreams are sweeter with Hypodown. For more information, visit booth 1948, go to www.monarchflyway.com, call 308-284-8403 or email chanielle@ ogallalacomfortcompany.com. his team constantly brainstorms ideas about bringing new, innovative products to the marketplace. "We always ask ourselves, 'could this idea be a natural addition to our existing line; how does it fit in, and would I use it?'" states Berkowitz. This year, 2013, has been a significant one for Picnic Plus, as they've teamed up with International Designer, April Cornell. The partnership is a natural fit for everyone. Her distinctive designs, which are influenced by nature, romance and the love of living, have seamlessly translated to Picnic Plus's line of products designed for outdoor living and indoor entertaining. By teaming up with April Cornell, Picnic Plus is able to pair delightful fabrics with functional insulated totes, baskets, and many new tabletop items. This partnership aims to "make a special occasion of everyday life" while embodying April's philosophy of the appreciation of friends and family, and global responsibility. The April Cornell collection is spawning a variety of new concepts, from tabletop to outdoor, with many new items soon to be unveiled to the industry. Picnic Plus's unique and innovative products have gained media attention with the hit TV series "Big Bang Theory," Oprah's magazine feature: "O List," and "Real Simple" magazine's Best Product section, and are also gaining international attention. The company continues to expand its product assortment with artisan and eco-friendly products made in the USA. kids would watch TV wrapped in blankets, which made it cumbersome for them to come to the kitchen for a snack. This sparked an idea. Knowing how to develop a product was great experience for figuring out how to make the Hibe Shell exactly right. We put a lot of thought into every single detail, especially when it came to staying warm and moving around easily." The Hibe body wrap is super soft and made with an exclusive three-layer fabric called DupraSoft® that is specifically engineered by Hibe. The outer layer of silky and lightweight 100 percent microfiber is fused together with both a plush polyfill middle and the premium, super-soft fleece core. DupraSoft is easy-care, machine wash- able, and lightweight. The company is also expanding its product offerings. At this year's NY Now show, Hibe LLC will be introducing the new Hibe Comforting Vest. Stop by booth 13029 at Pier 94 in NY NOW NEW! section for more details. day urban living." Offering unique materials like Urban Oxide's iconic bubble rubber, crinkle nylon, and a jacquard nylon in a tonal crocodile emboss, the collection is made exclusively in manmade materials. The collection features a vibrant, living color palette ranging from silver and mulberry bubble rubber to fuchsia and cobalt crinkle nylon. The use of lightweight materials, loads of organizational pockets and convertible straps makes all of the bags perfect for travel and city life. Urban Oxide's exciting new designs will be on display at the Urban Oxide showroom in New York City at 10 West 33rd Street, Suite 1222. View the entire line of Picnic Plus products at www.picnic-plus.com and see them at booth 3081, or call 866-634-2628. About Hibe LLC The Hibe Comforting Soft Body Wrap is a patented design owned by Hibe LLC, a Connecticut based, womenowned company. To learn more, visit booth 13029, go to the company's website at www.myhibe.com, or call 888-my-hibe1 (888-694-4231). Retail buyer inquiries: 203-834-7860, or email beth@myhibe.com. For more information, visit www.hobobags.com, call 800-277-4626, email urbanoxide@hobobags.com, or visit Hobo booth 8102 and Urban Oxide booth 8215.

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