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AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NY NOW Saturday, August 17, 2013 Oser Communications Group CEREUS: EXCLUSIVE FRAGRANCES FOR EXTRAORDINARY CUSTOMERS New York KATHRYN MCCOY DESIGN: FEATURING STONES FROM MOROCCO AND INDIA BIG MOUTH TOYS OFFERS UNIQUE GIFTS TO INCREASE PROFITS Cereus Product Development Inc. has been producing successful, brand correct, private label fragrance and beauty programs for specialty retail chains since its inception in 2005. The company specializes in the execution of a product from conception to finished good. In 2007, Cereus introduced the Cereus Fragrance Collection, a group of high-quality fragrances for the prestige market. The collection launched with four men's fragrances in the Barney's New York flagship stores. The line was expanded to include women's fragrances in 2008. The namesake for the Cereus brand was chosen for its common attributes to the design aesthetic and intrinsic quality aspiration of its target customer. "The Night Blooming Cereus," by force of its nature and DNA, produces an exquisite and fragrant flower once a year, between June and July, and only at night. This exclusive bloom is seen and experienced only by those who are aware and looking for it. Otherwise, this rare and unique flower reveals itself with or without an audience. The best fragrance houses were engaged to Kathryn McCoy, Owner and Designer for Kathryn McCoy Design, believed it was time to create a new story with her designs, so she ventured out and discovered gorgeous stones that came from Morocco and India. Her newest collection is enhanced with rubies and garnets from India. Kathryn also found aragonite, desert rose, and selenite from Morocco. All of these new stones are featured individually and/or in combination with other existing stones in her handmade creations of lamps, wall sconces, bowls, votives, bookends, napkin rings, jewelry boxes, and 14 other categories of tabletop designs. Kathryn states that for the last fifteen years, she has primarily purchased the majority of her beautiful stones from South America and Mexico; however, for this show, she decided to showcase stones from other parts of the world, too. "My goal is to create new and innovative designs that not only serve as something beautiful for the home and office atmosphere, but I also try to design a product that is functional as well." Kathryn McCoy Design has received many new press and editorials since her debut under her new brand in August of 2011. She was truly honored to have her Big Mouth Toys offers a large selection of unique novelty, Over the Hill, and milestone birthday items at prices you and your customers will love. Big Mouth Toys is the go-to company with an exclusive line of high-quality novelty items. The Big Mouth Toys product line offers unique gift ideas that guarantee your customer will laugh and keep coming back to your store often to see what new items you have to offer. In today's market, customers are always on the lookout for new and unique gifts for family and friends at reasonable price points. Big Mouth Toys offers these types of products, with items like the Toilet Mug for Dad and the Wine Bottle Glass for Mom. For the hard-toshop-for co-worker, the Prescription Pill Bottle Mug with pricing that won't hurt the wallet. If it is a milestone birthday or a retirement party where gifts are needed, there are plenty of fun items from Big Mouth Toys as well. Age-designated wine glasses, pint glasses, and the Over the Hill Parking Permit and Over the Hill Make Up Brush name just a few of the fun gift ideas Big Mouth Toys has to offer. Ages celebrated include 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, and Over Continued on Page 24 Continued on Page 24 Continued on Page 24 AMERY CARRIERE DESIGNS: INSPIRED BY NATURE AND THE GIFTS OF THE EARTH Amery Carriere, Owner and Designer at Amery Carriere Designs, stopped by to talk with us about new products that are being introduced to New York at the show, as well as the products that are already familiar to NY Now attendees. HOBO HANDBAGS AND WALLETS: INSPIRED BY REAL WOMEN An interview with Koren Ray, Chief Visionary Officer, Hobo and Urban Oxide. OSD: What is the story behind Hobo? AC: I have a new collection for the show this year, including a new collection of stacking rings. These have been very popular for the past few years. I'm also taking some of my current collections that have been selling well and expanding them. Buyers have done excellently with the current collections and have been asking for more in the same vein. KR: Hobo was founded 22 years ago on my mother's dining room table. She knew that women want cool, unique handbags and wallets that let them express their own style, while offering functional details and practical solutions for everyday travels. She cashed in her life savings and we drove a beat-up old van to New York to show our first line of funky little leather bags. Today, my husband and I still follow the founding principles of creativity, originality and quality. Our heritage-hip brand philosophy builds innovative design, purposeful details, and quirky style into each and every Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 25 OSD: Tell us about what folks are going to be seeing from you that's new this year. ROCKFLOWERPAPER SEES GROWTH, ADDS PRODUCTS HIBE: WRAP YOURSELF IN A HUG OF WARMTH KS: First and foremost, it seemed like a As the signature product for Hibe LLC, the patented Hibe ® Comforting Soft Body Wrap's main features―plush feel, premium quality, thoughtful design―demonstrate the company's focus on a new level of comfort and freedom of movement, and highlight a new product category: where apparel meets home comfort. The Hibe Comforting Soft Body Wrap is a soft, full-length body wrap that combines coziness with freedom of movement. It's for women who want to be warm, comfortable, and presentable while still being able to walk freely. The Hibe body wrap converts to a blanket with a quick unfastening of the side zipper and shoulders. It also has a matching travel bag to take your comfort with you. The Hibe is made with DupraSoft®, Continued on Page 25 Continued on Page 25 An interview with Katie Smith, Owner of rockflowerpaper. OSD: rockflowerpaper is a relative newcomer to the gift industry – when did you start your company? KS: 2008, right when the economy was crashing! I had started my last company, Mulberry Neckwear, in a recession, and I knew that could be a good time to launch because a lot of established companies pull in the reins on creating new product when the economy is tough, so our new product stood a good chance of being well received. OSD: What attracted you to the gift industry?

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