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Venetian @ the A Special Section of Consumer Electronics Daily News AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH INTERNATIONAL CES® W e d n e sd a y, Ja n u a ry 8 , 2 0 1 4 SMART DIET SCALE REVOLUTIONIZES DIET, HEALTH INDUSTRY O se r C o m m u n ic a tio n s G ro u p AUDIOPHILES IMPRESSED WITH ROGERS HIGH FIDELITY An interview with Nick B a t s i k o u r a s , Owner/Inventor, Smart Diet Scale. An interview with Roger Gibboni, President and Chief Engineer of Rogers High Fidelity. NB: Smart Diet Scale is the world's first patented smart food scale capable of calculating the nutritional value of your entire meal on your plate all at once, and then transfers that information to a smartphone, tablet or computer. The scale has four weight sensors, and weighs each CEDN: Tell us about the Smart Diet Scale. Continued on Page 13 AIRMETRIC HELPS DEVICE MANUFACTURERS MEET WIFI DEMAND With the rapid development of wireless devices that utilize evolving radio technology and protocols, most wireless device manufacturers emphasize the introduction of stateof-the art chipsets and industrial designs. As a result, antennas are generally given the task of fitting into a design after other engineering considerations have been determined. This oversight can result in poor throughput performance, extended design time and cost overruns. To solve this problem, Airgain has launched AirMetric™, the industry's Continued on Page 8 La s Ve g a s NCI TECHNOLOGY: THE FORCE IN MEASURING TECHNOLOGIES HASHFAST TECHNOLOGIES: LEADING THE BITCOIN REVOLUTION RG: I am inspired by technology. High performance audio is the only industry that appreciates vacuum tube and analog engineering. The pursuit of flawless analog reproduction has always been a passion of mine. NCI Technology, Inc. (NCIT) is a global, high-tech corporation that provides state-of-the-art measurement products for the healthcare, fitness and wellness industries. The company's signature product line is the Accuro brand of cutting-edge scales. The company also specializes in blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers and Bluetooth pulsometers. At this year's CES, NCI Technology will be focusing on its Accuro wireless scales. These scales utilize wi-fi connections to record user data and give them quick and easy access whenever they HashFast is an industry leader in Bitcoin mining, and with the launch of its Golden Nonce chip, has become one of the most talked about Bitcoin mining companies of the past year. HashFast has been featured in Inc., Businessweek, Silicon Valley Business Journal and numerous industry journals. HashFast Technologies is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in extreme performance hashing ASICs – the chips that mine Bitcoin, and the mining rigs that run them. As a start-up, HashFast has gone Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 8 CEDN: What inspired you to start your company? INNOVATION, COMMUNITY IMPORTANT TO SENSEDATA An interview with Carlos Hernandez, Founder, SenseData. PRACTICAL CREATIVITY FROM JANSY NEET PRODUCTS UNVEILS NEW WIRE MANAGEMENT SOLUTION CH: The concept of autopro is to give consumers real-time information about their car's current health condition from the computers on-board the car. Since 2009, I worked with my father, Jose Luis Hernandez, an immigrant from It isn't just a mantra, it's a guiding principle, and an approach that keeps great ideas from getting lost in the manufacturing process. Jansy Packaging's aim is to create innovative packaging concepts that not only stand out, but remain mindful of manufacturing processes and budget. When ideas are reinforced by extensive production knowledge, it reduces development time and eliminates the need to compromise. The company starts with a sketch, Neet is the first wire management product of its kind, created to custom fit the latest electronic cords. Made with silky eco-friendly material, it feels great to the touch and has a sleek look. Saving time and headaches from tangled wires, this patent pending design also acts as a protective shield and allows customers to adjust the length of their electronic cords. The company aims to provide a large variety of Neet colors to increase the options available to customers. Solid Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 8 CEDN: Explain the concept of autopro™. What inspired you to create the app?

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