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8 Tu e sd a y, Ja n u a ry 7 , 2 0 1 4 PHONE, TABLET ACCESS IS EASY WITH HANGATABLET By Jean Jacobson, Vice President, Hangatablet, LLC When the tablet became a commercially available product, my husband and I, as engineers and computer people, were very excited! We wanted to use the tablet in cars that we rented and in any part of the world where we planned to go. Navigation software was already available at that time and could be purchased to use on the tablet. We knew exactly what we needed to hold our tablet properly in the cars, and boy were we surprised that as hard as we looked, we could not find anything to do what we wanted. Being eager to enjoy all of the Graham Engineering (Cont'd. from p. 1) silent in operation. A separate power supply for the microprocessor controlled AC synchronous motor is combined in the same chassis with a virtually silent air supply system for platter floatation and vacuum hold down. Descriptions alone are not enough, and even photographs do Rogers High Fidelity (Cont'd. from p. 1) and dual signal meters; a front panel mute switch; and a lifetime transferable warranty. The PA-1A provides state-of-the-art noise and distortion performance using all Teflon wiring and mil. spec. components. Another feature is complete isolation of each audio stage with a compartAirgain Inc (Cont'd. from p. 1) worldwide. We have worked to develop a proprietary set of performance metrics, measurement methodologies and test conditions to enable measuring and predicting the performance of 802.11 wi-fi devices. We also provide design support for adjacent connectivity markets, including cellular/LTE and DECT, as well as high performance designs for the in-building wireless market. CEDN: Tell us about AirMetric™, the new product you just launched. CM: Often, a major challenge in designing wireless devices (such as routers, Bungajungle (Cont'd. from p. 1) devices will soon be available everywhere we use our devices. Bungajungle, a startup company out of Hawaii, also develops an amazingly versatile line of stands and mounts that iPad and mobile device users need. Any tablet user can tell you how valuable a good stand or mount can be, so why is it so hard to find a quality mount? Hundreds of inventors have attempted to bridge the gap, but design flaws abound. Suction cup mounts can't hold the tablet for very long and are cumbersome to attach and detach, polyurethane nano-suction pads fall functions that the tablet offered us, we designed and built our first metal prototype holder and applied for a patent. Since those early days, we have obtained our patent and our prototypes are now made from plastic parts that are 3D-printed. The product line has expanded to include a second product: this time, for phones. The two products available are the Hangatablet for tablets, mini tablets and e-readers, and the Hangaphone for telephones, mini tablets and e-readers. These holders are easily and quickly moveable and adjustable, so you can size them to fit any tablet, telephone or e-reader. You also can adjust them so they can be in portrait or landscape mode. not convey the sense of power that this turntable, in combination with the Graham Phantom arm, will deliver. The Graham Phantom series arms have been recognized as among the very finest that can be purchased. Innovating design, combined with proven engineering principles, has yielded a tonearm of unsurpassed performance and musical mental chassis design. 95 dB signal to noise ratios are typical. Even the most critical of listeners of the PA-1A will enjoy the finest, organic tube sound quality with stunning threedimensionality, low-level detail-retrieval and holographic sound staging. In addition to releasing the PA-1A, Rogers High Fidelity will be demonstrating its top-of-the-line Integrated gateways or set-top-boxes) for the connected home lies in making correct mechanical decisions prior to finalizing the design. There used to be no mechanism to evaluate design tradeoffs relevant to the antenna placement for wireless performance. In order to address this challenge, we developed AirMetric, the industry's first predictive performance modeling tool. We are now able to provide early stage feedback to device manufacturers by analyzing a large combination of simulation measurements before the unit is built. This has in turn led to increased performance, reduced design cost and faster design recommendations. C o n su m e r Ele c tro n ic s D a ily N e ws @ th e Ve n e tia n Your one holder can basically be used anywhere – not only in your car or a rental car, but in the home, in your RV and/or its towed vehicle, trucks, airplanes and outdoors. Passengers in the front seat or back seat of a vehicle can use one as well. Your devices easily slip in and out of the holders wherever they are, and if you use the holder in a car it will not block your field of vision. To sit your mobile devices on a flat surface, we provide a three-position stand for the Hangatablet, and the Hangaphone frame stands on its own. Wherever you use our holder, especially in a vehicle, it is great to know where your phone is when it rings. No more fumbling and looking in your pocket or purse or all around the vehicle for it. accuracy. Now, with the special Elite model, further refined and using new materials and wiring under a Nordost license, the Phantom rises to even higher levels of performance. In addition, the cosmetic cues taken from the Air Force One turntable create, in essence, a dedicated package system of true excellence that redefines what is possible in Amplifier, the EHF-200 MK2, featuring the latest power tube on the market, the KT150. This new tube emphasizes power, headroom and perfect tonal qualities. With the KT150, Rogers High Fidelity continues to bring to market the latest technologies, the best sound and an all-aerospace design. President and Chief Designer Mr. ucts from the competition? CM: Our embedded antenna solutions are designed for easy integration into a variety of wireless devices that require design flexibility and reliable wholehome wireless data and video coverage. Using proprietary technologies and advanced design methodologies, we have established a well-defined antenna integration process that produces optimum performance solutions – we typically see a 30 percent increase in throughput over competing antenna solutions. CEDN: What distinguishes your prod- CEDN: What would you say makes your company unique? apart at the hint of temperature change or any accumulation of dust, and the picture-frame type props are terribly clumsy and limited as far as viewing angle is concerned. Oftentimes, the legs of the stands are too rigid and can only be used while sitting at a desk. The makers of these products seem to forget that mobile devices, by nature, are meant to be portable. Bungajungle has also created its own patent-pending magnetic shielding technology. This is important because it prevents magnetic fields from entering into electronic devices, preventing any damage to precious electronics over the long term. The use of magnets is also the best system of reliable attachment and detachment while simultaneously providing enough hold strength to permit users to tap away without worrying about dropping the device. "We have created products that can truly revolutionize the way users interact with their iPads, smartphones and other devices," said Ananda Svarupa Das, Bungajungle CEO and Inventor. "We're not only offering hands-free ability, but stand adaptability across various sitting positions, resting positions and platforms, not to mention full bi-directional 360-degree rotation, easy attachment and detachment of devices, and broad use covering almost every type of electronic The same goes for the tablet – you know exactly where it is. With the new laws that many states have, they do not want you holding the phone in your hand. The Hangatablet and the Hangaphone solves that problem. Whether you want your holder and device in front of the dashboard radio one day and somewhere else another day – perhaps to the left of the steering wheel – you have that flexibility. There is always a place where your phone belongs, other than your hand. Come see us and this terrific holder at booth 73303 in Eureka Park. PS: I keep one in my suitcase! For more information, visit Hangatablet, LLC, in booth 73303, go online to www.hangatablet.com and www.hanga phone.com or email info@hangatablet.com or info@hangaphone.com. LP playback. Graham Engineering is the exclusive TechDas distributor for the U.S., Canada and South America. Visit Graham Engineering in room 35-310 at the Venetian. For more information, call 781-932-8777, fax 781-932-8782 or visit www.graham-engineering.com. Roger Gibboni takes his 30 years in aerospace communications design and creates visionary solutions for true audio reproduction. Visit Rogers High Fidelity at the Venetian Hotel booth 29-126. For more information, call 845-987-7744, email roger@rogershighfidelity.com or visit www.rogershighfidelity.com. CM: Airgain does much more than only sell embedded antennas. We have established ourselves as a value-added RF partner in order to characterize, integrate and validate wireless system performance of next generation devices for our customers. Our advanced design services and prototyping meet customer needs in order to devise a final solution, and our extensive over-the-air (OTA) throughput testing provides an extra level of support to reliably and repeatedly measure performance. Visit Airgain at the Venetian Hospitality Suites. For more information, visit www.airgain.com, email info@airgain.com or call 760-579-0200. device, all encompassed in a minimal and affordable unit." The design team at Bungajungle has taken the versatility concept to a new level by including a feature that allows the magnet to be removed, revealing a camera mount screw. This allows transitioning to a versatile camera mount, holder, stabilizer and much more. It's expected to be popular with GoPro cultists, mirrorless camera and even DSLR camera enthusiasts. Visit Bungajungle at booth 75104 in Eureka Park of the Venetian Hotel. For more information, call 808-294-3814 or visit www.bungajungle.com.

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