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C o n su m e r Ele c tro n ic s D a ily N e ws @ th e Ve n e tia n Burgopak USA (Cont'd. from p. 1) and production-minded follow through. Leveraging its London heritage with a U.S. team, Burgopak USA built a packaging design business focused on an enduring principle: Practical Creativity™. Through the successful application and focus of that principle, it has become a key creative and manufacturing partner to a wide range of clients that include P&G, Starbucks, LG, Jawbone and Nike. Burgopak USA's intention has Neet Products (Cont'd. from p. 1) debut our product. Everyone is looking for fresh ideas and products for the new year, and we're here to network with people who are interested in the Neet Sleeve. CEDN: Can you tell us more about the Neet Sleeve? PC: Everyone has had the experience of fighting with the wires and cords on their electronics. Cords of earphones get tangled, they catch on things when you're working out – they're inconvenient and frustrating. The Neet Sleeve slips easily over wires and cords and prevents tangling. It's adjustable, giving you freedom and control and organizing the mess with NCI Technology (Cont'd. from p. 1) scales. The company also specializes in blood pressure monitors, digital thermometers and Bluetooth pulsometers. NCIT is headquartered in Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., and has an office in China. Both facilities have fully integrated research and development, production, sales and customer service departments. CEDN: What is your product emphasis for CES this year? WL: Our primary focus is our Accuro wireless scales. These scales utilize wi-fi connections to record user data and give them quick and easy access whenever they need it. This wireless scale is going to change the way people manage their HashFast (Cont'd. from p. 1) transactions. This crowd-sourced validation helps insulate Bitcoin from manipulation that can cause global currencies to become devalued. Because Bitcoin transactions are untethered from banks, transactions are free. In only a few years, Bitcoin has become a highly sought-after global currency. CEDN: Bitcoin is getting publicity in mainstream media. Why? JS: Over the past year, the value of Bitcoin has risen from $13 last January to over $1,000 USD. Many see Bitcoin as the future of online commerce. Because there are only a limited number of Bitcoins, many expect continued and dramatic appreciation. Major companies like Virgin Galactic, Etsy, OKCupid and Wordpress now accept payment in Bitcoin. Other large companies have made moves that suggest they may be heading in the same always been to provide thoughtful, inventive and creative solutions to packaging needs. While that intention initially focused on design, the company's goal to offer a complete packaging solution required a strategy that would enable it to deliver the wide range of manufacturing solutions its clients needed. Burgopak USA discovered that utilizing a worldwide manufacturing network would allow it to design without being limited by materials or methods. Through its broad network, one Neet Sleeve for wire management. CEDN: What has been the consumer response to the Neet Sleeve? PC: Everyone has the same response: "I wish I thought of this!" All of the technology we have is supposed to make our lives easier, but cords are a nuisance. The Neet Sleeve is such a simple solution to an annoying problem. You can easily store it in a purse or pocket, or wrap it around your wrist. Our customers love that we've made their lives easier. CEDN: Describe your company's current marketing strategy. PC: Right now we're concentrating on lifestyle effortlessly. CEDN: How and where can these wireless scales be applied? WL: Establishments such as hotels, fitness centers and insurance companies could benefit from this. For example, if you have a scan card, you can walk to the scale, scan your card, and it logs your information. This information lets the establishment use your information to record your BMIs, gains, where you did your tests or workouts, etc. If you were a member at a Gold's Gym, for example, it would log the information for Gold's Gyms everywhere. Currently this is all done manually, and the user has no instant access. Our wireless scales send information into the Cloud so it can be direction. U.S. Senate hearings in June helped legitimize the currency. Many investors now consider Bitcoin an important part of a diversified portfolio. In countries where inflation is a danger, investors may keep their money in Bitcoin to prevent devaluation. Many in the media see this as a new gold rush, and lots of entrepreneurs have become Bitcoin miners. CEDN: What is Bitcoin mining? How does someone get Bitcoins? JS: There are three main ways to acquire Bitcoin: by purchasing Bitcoin directly through an exchange, as you would gold or stocks; by accepting Bitcoin in return for goods and service, as a merchant; or by mining Bitcoin yourself. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin was purposefully designed as a limited and predictable resource. In order to keep a few people from grabbing all the Bitcoins at once, Bitcoin was designed as a controlled release Tu e sd a y, Ja n u a ry 7 , 2 0 1 4 13 Burgopak USA can provide the best production solution to any packaging problem. The company has people in every region who guarantee quality, while driving consistent and timely product supply. With warehousing facilities in New Jersey, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the company is able to offer JIT delivery with the cost savings of off-shore production. In 2012, Burgopak USA undertook a strategic merger with Jansy Packaging, a respected global packaging supplier. This partnership has not only Visit booth 71136 in the Venetian Ballroom. For more information, visit www.jansypkg.com, call 312-255-0827 or email info@jansypkg.com. CEDN: What would you say makes your company unique? Visit Neet Products at booth 74507. For more information, visit www.neet products.com or call 909-350-0010. getting the word out there. We're using social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. We're involved with trade shows like CES and other events, and we have a street team going out and demonstrating the product. In the future, we plan on offering more products and providing custom branding and designs. We don't have a set demographic – our product is for anyone who owns a mobile device. There's a huge market for consumer electronics, and all of those consumers are potential customers. Wire and cord management is an untapped market that isn't catered to or focused on, and we're changing that. accessed at any time via internet or phone app. CEDN: What distinguishes NCI Technology from the competition? WL: NCIT has wide-ranging experience in developing wireless technology that meets the needs of our customers. Our facility in China features an ISO 13485certified manufacturing facility that can produce wireless solutions such as wi-fi, Bluetooth and radio frequency identification (RFID). This wireless technology can be integrated into any original equipment manufacturer's private-label turnkey product at factory direct pricing. CEDN: To what do you attribute the company's success? program. Bitcoin mining is the process by which new Bitcoins enter the market. At a basic level, you might understand Bitcoins as currency locked by a series of intricate math puzzles, which require highly specialized computers to solve them. In Bitcoin mining, the fastest chip will win and earn that miner a Bitcoin. CEDN: What is HashFast's role in the world of Bitcoin? JS: Theoretically, anyone with a computer can mine Bitcoin. However, most machines can't solve the algorithms fast enough or efficiently enough to make Bitcoin mining profitable. Today, the most serious miners use mining computers, known as rigs, with specialized ASIC microchips. Speed matters, and HashFast aims to design the fastest chips and the most costeffective rigs. HashFast's rigs, the Baby Jet and the Sierra, are built specifically for mining Bitcoin, and strengthened Burgopak USA's supply base and given it access to extremely competitive and capable manufacturing partners, it has also added to its global lineup of designers and engineers. Jansy has emerged from that partnership as an award-winning global design and manufacturing firm dedicated to delivering complete packaging solutions. PC: Plenty of companies make accessories for consumer electronics, but not many are focused on the frustration caused by wires and cords. The Neet Sleeve is fully functional, visually appealing and stylish. Our goal is to provide a neat and clean solution for our customers, and we offer functionality, not just another snazzy accessory. Plus, our design team has over twenty years experience working in the product and packaging design industry. The team's designs have gained numerous international awards and recognition and bring that added dimension that will continually push the Neet brand to the next level. WL: We're taking wi-fi technology to a new level: new applications and new, simplified data. Nobody has really done something like this before. What can be done with this data is entirely new ground. We believe that any product should be easy to use and make life easier. The user should have access to their information with no effort. Step on the scale, swipe the ID card, close the scale and that's it. No waiting, no complications, no note-taking. This mindset has contributed to our success and will contribute to our future success. For more information, visit booth 73309, call 847-875-0223, visit www.ncitglobal.net or visit www.accuroweigh.com for more direct information on Accuro scales. contain incredibly fast 28nm ASIC chips that can help you beat the competition and mine your own Bitcoins. CEDN: Tell our readers about your trade show plan. JS: Our goal at CES is to de-mystify the world of Bitcoin, introduce HashFast and our products and help people to join the Bitcoin revolution. About HashFast HashFast is an industry leader in Bitcoin mining, and with the launch of its Golden Nonce chip, has become one of the most talked about Bitcoin mining companies of the past year. HashFast has been featured in Inc., Businessweek, Silicon Valley Business Journal and numerous industry journals. Visit HashFast at booth 70104 at Eureka Park. To learn more, call 800-609-3445, email sales@hashfast.com or visit www.hashfast.com.

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