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Frid a y, Ja n u a ry 1 0 , 2 0 1 4 C o n su m e r Ele c tro n ic D a ily N e ws MHL (Cont'd. from p. 1) CEDN: What types of products have MHL? JC: MHL-enabled products include smartphones, tablets, DTVs, PC monitors, projectors, AVRs, Blu-ray Disc™ players, adapters, automotive receivers and MHL accessories. Several SoCs have integrated MHL into their chipset, which shows confidence in the longevity of the standard. To-date, the MHL ecosystem has grown to an installed base of more than 400 million products. CEDN: You recently announced your MHL 3.0 specification. What does that mean for the industry? JC: MHL 3.0 marks major advancements in the areas of audio and video transmission over an MHL link. Our latest specification features: 4K (Ultra HD), support of 4K formats up to 2160p30; power charging up to 10W; simultaneous high-speed data channel, which allows you to quickly transfer files between different devices (e.g. phone to PC); improved Remote MYME (Cont'd. from p. 1) ing role for us to know that our products will have a positive impact on consumers around the world. It's a rewarding experience for everyone involved in the creative process and we share a sense of accomplishment in our combined results. CEDN: What do you anticipate to be your greatest challenge in the year ahead? HM: I would say our greatest challenge of 2014 is diversifying our supply channels to include big-box retailers. MYME products have so many competitive advantages that they should be on every retailer's shelves. However, keeping your product on a buyer's radar until you have Medi-Rub (Cont'd. from p. 1) the underlying tissue, your muscles, tendons and ligaments. The Medi-Rub massagers, operating at 3700 rpm, will do what no human can – customers will drag themselves in with all the strength they have left, and walk away with a spring in their step. The results and effects of Medi-Rub demonstrations are immediate. With stimulated blood flow, your body gets the oxygen and nutrient rich blood it needs to heal as quickly and completely as possible. Imagine, if you can, bringing trillions of cells in your body to life. Giving the body oxygen is the main focus of Medi-Rub massagers. yurbuds (Cont'd. from p. 1) call control with a wind-blocking microphone that allows users the ultimate freedom to move. The smart battery and Bluetooth® sport connectivity ensures optimal sound with no strings attached and yurbuds' TwistLock™ technology keeps them securely attached no matter where you go. "We've cut the cord so users can Control Protocol (RCP) with support for peripherals such as a touch screen, keyboard and mouse; support of Human Interface Devices HID such as a USB Mouse, keyboard and built-in support for external touch screen displays; the latest HDCP 2.2 content protection; enhanced 7.1 surround sound with Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; support for simultaneous multiple displays; backward compatibility with MHL 1 and MHL 2; and connector agnostic, which uses as few as five pins to fit within a micro-USB connector, does not need a dedicated connector and can share existing connector reducing cost without sacrificing quality. CEDN: Do you need MHL on both sides of the link to use it? JC: No. All you need is an MHL mobile device, and you can connect to any display or receiver through an adapter. This allows you to connect to legacy ports such as HDMI®, VGA, DVI or even DisplayPort. CEDN: Does an MHL adapter require an external power supply? the opportunity to make your pitch is often a large challenge for any prospecting vendor. Luckily with MYME, our persistence always pays off. CEDN: To what do you attribute your company's success? HM: Our people. From top to bottom, MYME is comprised of team members that are passionate about the work we do. Our collective skills and knowledge are invaluable to our success, and we invest in our human capital every day. We embrace open communication, and learning resources and continued education keep us on the cutting edge of our industry. JC: The power supply needed for use with an MHL adapter is first and foremost used to deliver power to the phone or tablet. Secondarily, some brands use this power to operate the adapter itself. However, several brands of adapters now offer the ability to use the adapter without an external charger, although this configuration will not deliver power to the phone. The benefit of having an MHL TV (or receiver) is that power can be delivered from the TV itself. CEDN: How does MHL compare to other screen sharing solutions? JC: MHL is the de facto standard for video-out with more than 400 million devices on the market and an interoperable open standard, so we're not limited to a specific brand ecosystem. Our adoption rate has surpassed other standards and proprietary solutions. Unlike proprietary solutions that are limited to one supplier or brand, we are truly the most accessible technology to the consumer. CEDN: What types of activities can you ucts from the competition? HM: First, I would say that I don't believe in competition. I believe in collaboration and on a larger scale, that we are all connected. MYME products veer away from the conventional items currently on the market. Our creative staff always looks beyond industry norms to think outside the box bringing highly functional and fashionable items to the market. MYME's engineers scrutinize each step of the creative process to provide optimal products at the lowest possible cost. Additionally, every product has a positive message to inspire, motivate and promote a better life. CEDN: What distinguishes your prod- CEDN: What is the strategy behind the positive imagery of your products? What makes Medi-Rub unique is that we bring the product to the people, let them try it and experience the results firsthand. The customer has a chance to realize that Medi-Rub massagers are a great service to the employees in their company, as well as for themselves. This human need to survive the body's ordeals proves to us that when it comes to our body, we are very vulnerable individuals. We all experience a lot of pain, stress and fatigue. Our product will not only decrease anxiety and stress and enhance sleep quality, but will improve your concentration and reduce fatigue symptoms. Medi-Rub massagers may help reduce the symptoms of depres- sion. They also release endorphins, the body's natural painkiller. The natural high everybody loves can be found with Medi-Rub massagers. Deep tissue massage has become a popular treatment in this age of holistic medicine. Soft tissue release, a form of deep tissue massage, has been reported to be about 90 percent effective in improving lower back pain when using MediRub massagers. Massage therapy continues to be a popular and comforting form of both relaxation and healing. The leaders of the company must take the responsibility and recognize that this equipment is vital to people if you are looking for efficiency and productivity. That's right: we need to unleash their inner athlete and experience total freedom on the go while listening to music and making calls," said Daniel DeVille, Director of Marketing for yurbuds. "Designed based on fan feedback, we are excited to deliver best-in-class earphones that meet the technology needs of today's consumer." Known for their key qualities including TwistLock Technology, FlexSoft™ comfort fit and ambient noise awareness, each pair of Wireless yurbuds comes with sized enhancers, providing the perfect fit for all users. The model also includes a lifetime warranty, microphone and call control, volume and track control and a charging cable. About yurbuds yurbuds was founded in 2008 by Seth Burgett, President and CEO, an active triathlete and Richard Daniels, COO, a 24- 53 do with MHL? JC: MHL is perfect for mobile gaming, since we bring all of your favorite games to the big screen without any lag. It makes working easy: with MHL, your office is where you make it. Connect your smartphone to your TV and pair a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work anytime, anywhere. With MHL, you can interact with your smartphone applications through your car's infotainment system while charging your smartphone, and send movies to back seat displays for real entertainment-on-the-go. MHL allows you to share all life's moments from pictures to videos with your family and friends on your big screen TV. You can also stream the latest music, videos, movies and favorite TV shows from your smartphone directly to the big screen with MHL. Stop, rewind, pause and play all of your content using your TV's remote control. Visit MHL at booth 25910. For more information, visit www.meetmhl.com, call 408-962-4280 or email info@meetmhl.com. HM: We're confident that MYME will become the worldwide leader in the creation and distribution of a wide array of self-improvement products that positively condition our minds to attract and achieve the lives we want. These positive themes are daily reminders that energize and help maintain focus on the things we truly desire. We look toward a world transformed by joy, love, peace, diversity, harmony and oneness. Our products nudge humanity toward universal principles that unleash our potential and our ability to unite as a global family. Visit MYME at booth 80324. For more information, call 305-592-7906, fax 305-5927908, or go online at www.mymeworld.com. take care of our instrument, our body. What are you gaining when people are distracted by body aches? Our marketing strategy is to storm the castle. Through demonstrations at trade shows, we meet the leaders who are only too happy to provide relief for their employees. Advertising in trade show magazines is a huge presence for us. TV interviews and game shows are also helpful in putting out the word. And as always, word of mouth about this wonderful product and service has proven to be invaluable. For more information, visit booth 20225 at CES, call 949-369-6900 or go online to www.medirub.com. time marathoner. Burgett and Daniels left their corporate roles and joined forces to improve personal performance. They have been joined by Craig Ceranna, CFO and Managing Director, to realize the company's mission: transform the athlete's experience through personalized service and exceptional audio products that integrate ergonomics and emotive design. Visit yurbuds at booth 20436.

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