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Tu e sd a y, Ja n u a ry 7 , 2 0 1 4 C o n su m e r Ele c tro n ic D a ily N e ws Accusoft (Cont'd. from p. 1) Just as more customers are moving up from 3G to 4G, everything traveling through those networks has gotten bigger, keeping performance at a standstill just when mobile user patience is reaching an all-time minimum. Messages from mobile devices are getting bigger, with more multimedia content attached and carrier limits on MMS file size expanding. Apps are doing more, so their program files are getting heavier, as well. Fat Photo Files Crush Networks Worst of all, digital photo file sizes are exploding, thanks to the manufacturer battle for the title of "Most Megapixels." Photos snapped by early smartphones rarely topped a few hundred kilobytes. Today's typical 12-megapixel phone can Kika Enterprises (Cont'd. from p. 1) RS: KIKA Enterprises has been specializing in wireless data devices for the past eight years. In fact, we are one of the only companies in the U.S. that specializes solely in Aircards, MiFi Hotspots, embedded cellular modules, cellular antennas, amplifiers and other nonmobile phone connection devices. KIKA has become the leader in secondary market wireless data devices. We are the supplier for mid-size providers, including MVNOs, rural carriers, M2M solutions, wholesalers, carrier retail stores, and we often work directly with the major wireless carrier sales reps to supply their customers with 3G data Everik International (Cont'd. from p. 1) office and warehouse facilities in Toronto. Currently, Everik's product lines are sold nationally through sales agents who span the entire country. Their mandate is to expand sales and distribution to the U.S. and international markets. The company sources a complete line of LCD/LED/Plasma brackets for industrial, commercial and residential applications. To complement its LCD/LED/Plasma brackets, the company also carries a complete line of home theatre furniture, and more recently, mobile media accessories. During its 29 years, Everik has Liquipel (Cont'd. from p. 1) KB: Liquipel has already developed a process to safeguard smartphones and other mobile devices from accidental exposure to water and other liquids. We're continuing to refine and improve our proprietary technology, but we also wanted to address other dangers that keep us from having a limitless lifestyle free from boundaries. One of those is the simple risk of dropping your phone, or dropping something on to your phone. To that end, we've developed Skins, which protect iPhones from not only scratches but also from physical blows. CEDN: What is the science behind Liquipel's Skins? KB: Liquipel's Skins have a unique crank out 2.5-megabyte photo files, and the 41-megapixel Nokia Lumia 1020 can generate single images approaching 5 megabytes. Smartphone shutterbugs now pile up half a gigabyte of photo files in a single day at the beach, and run out of mobile storage long before the trip is over. When users transmit these giant photo files as email attachments or social media posts, the delay is excruciating, and costly 4G data plans burn up in a hurry. Devices short on disk space, like the non-expandable iPhone, reach their "storage almost full" status in record time. The solution is simple: make the files smaller, so they move through the network faster and take up less space. The trick is shrinking the files without degrading the image quality—and that's when you need an expert. devices. KIKA purchases, collects, reuses and recycles all our devices responsibly. CEDN: Can you share with our readers what is new in 2014? The Answer: Better Compression Accusoft's imaging scientists have developed and patented some of the best, fastest JPEG compression technology in the world. Accusoft markets that technology in tools for building sophisticated applications that compress and edit images, in software and services for boosting website performance by making page images small (and fast!), and even in a mobile app for everyone, ThinPic (www.thinpic.com), that shrinks digital photo files on iOS and Android devices. The JPEG files produced by ThinPic and other products based on Accusoft's technology are as little as one-third the size, but retain the resolution, full display/print dimensions and quality of the original, even if you zoom in close. They look just as good as the originals, but move through the network in less than half the time, and take up two-thirds less new business processes so customers receive an awesome experience. His fundamental belief is that it is everyone's job to save and grow customers and you should treat every customer as if it is the only one you have. 53 storage space. Drop those pictures in a web page, and that page displays far more quickly than it could have with pre-ThinPic photo files. (There's a free cloud service, www.prizmimage.com, where you can tap Accusoft's technology to shrink photo files for your website, no phone app required.) Send them to subscription storage, like Dropbox, and you can fit far more photos in far less space, saving cash every month. The mobile space race may never end, but you don't have to take part in it. With Accusoft's compression technology, you and your quicker photo files can jump ahead to the finish line. Visit Accusoft at booth 46006. For more information, go to www.accusoft.com or call 813-875-7575. We have been invested heavily in development of a cellular amplifier that we believe will be a game changer in the U.S. as well as international markets. One thing that is clear to me is that Internet access and cellular connectivity is a must-have for everyone. Carriers are working tirelessly to expand coverage, but there are still so many customers and businesses that are in pockets of very weak or no cell signal. Our new amplifier will be sure to have both consumers and businesses alike excited about KIKA M2M. RS: 2014 will be our ninth year in business. We have seen double-digit growth year over year, and 2014 will definitely be our best year yet! I am also very pleased to introduce our new CEO, Tom Mazerski. We brought in Tom to help strengthen our company and prepare for exponential growth in 2014. He is a seasoned telecom executive with over 35 years of experience. He is well known for his ability to build and support RS: There are several changes going on this year. We pride ourselves on being a dynamic company, and the vibe at KIKA is always to be looking forward into the market to see how we can prepare for what is coming next. Two major areas of emphasis are M2M and cellular amplification. For more information, visit booth www.kikaenterprises.com, call 800-3881160 or email sales@kikaenterprises.com. Why Lifesaver II™? Today's world revolves around constant contact and continuous accessibility, not only in our professional lives, but our personal lives as well. We are dependent on our smartphones, tablets or other portable devices. These devices run on battery power which requires us to recharge, and recharge often. This is where The Lifesaver II portable power pack comes to the rescue. Ask yourself: The Lifesaver II: Portable, Unique The Lifesaver II features a unique patented design that is sleek and stylish. Lifesaver II weighs less than your average smartphone because it's made from airplane aluminum, which is durable, strong and lightweight. Its sleek and ergonomic shape makes it extremely portable and easy to fit into a pocket or Visit Everik at booth 49035. For more information, call 866-604-6966, email sales@everik.com or visit online at www.everik.com. earned a reputation for delivering top quality merchandise at competitive prices. The company prides itself on service, and service remains its number one priority. ability to dissipate the force that leads to so many shattered screens. It is a film that is a hybrid of many of the best components found within other protective materials. CEDN: How does it work? KB: The Skins are created in a fourlayer process, and act as literal shock absorbers for the iPhone while also maintaining a smooth, glass-like surface. The top layer is an incredibly durable polyurethane that stems from military uses. To complement the abrasion resistance, there is another layer that adds the strength and rigidity necessary to keep corners from peeling. CEDN: Does it work on any device? KB: Theoretically, yes. Currently, we are CEDN: What changes do you see for your company in 2014? how many times have you been stuck with no power and needed to make that last call or send that last email? Daily? As devices get smarter and run multiple applications, they lose power much faster. The Lifesaver II portable power pack is your perfect solution. only able to offer it for Apple iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3. They come in a range of designer colors and patterns. CEDN: How can consumers get their phones protected? Do they need to send it to you? KB: Installation is an easy, three-step process that owners can do themselves, thanks to a new formulation of silicone adhesive that eliminates the need for solutions found with older-style films. Many screen protectors on the market require spray bottles and squeegees to be applied to devices. Skins make it easier for consumers by offering a tool-free, 100 percent dry installation—no spray bottles, no squeegees, no bubbles and no hassles. The adhesive is so advanced that it does most of the work for users during handbag. Most competitive chargers of this capacity are bulky, heavy and cumbersome. Within its class, the 4500mAh Li-polymer battery delivers 2.4amp output which allows for faster charging time. The Lifesaver II also has the capability to charge tablets. Everik's focus was to ensure that the Lifesaver series meets the consumer's top three criteria: fast charging, portable and affordable. The Lifesaver II portable power pack is your perfect solution. the application process. CEDN: How do consumers get Skins? Are they only available in the United States? KB: For now, you can order them directly from our website at www.liquipel.com/shop/impact-screenprotectors. If you happen to be in Edmonton, Canada, at the West Edmonton Mall—North America's largest—you can also visit our kiosk by the Ice Palace. And, of course, we're putting on live demonstrations for everyone attending CES at our booth, 36067. We invite everyone to come by and learn more about our company and the science behind Liquipel. Visit Liquipel at booth 36067. For more information, visit www.liquipel.com, call 855-478-4735 or email info@liquipel.com.

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