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26 Tu e sd a y, Ja n u a ry 7 , 2 0 1 4 PHOTONIC CONTROLS PROVIDES ADVANCED ENGINEERING DESIGN SERVICES By Richard Grzybowski, Chief Technology Officer, Photonic Controls In the rapidly-advancing field of technology, we at Photonic Controls know it is often crucial to a product's success that it be the fastest, smallest and lowest power device on the market. Our job is to make that happen for our customers. We see change as opportunity, challenges as fun and learning as a chance at advancement. As an engineering design services company, Photonic Controls partners with you to turn your idea into reality. Our team is comprised of experienced and talented engineers who excel in a variety of disciplines, including electronic, software, hardware, system, mechanical and optical design, supported by layout designers, program managers and technicians, working together to develop innovative solutions for your specific design needs. As a team, our engineers have completed over 160 product designs. Our company offers a unique, versatile combination of technical skills and design experience to help you leverage the benefits of the latest highspeed technologies. We specialize in the design of intelligent photonic products and high-speed embedded systems, and most recently, silicon microphotonics. This latest technology leverages the high bandwidth, lowpower capability of micro-optics with the high-density, low-cost attributes of silicon chips. Our staff includes pioneers of this field who maintain active involvement in the advancement of this groundbreaking technology. Photonic Controls' broad range of engineering skills is exemplified by SPAREONE IS YOUR EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION LIFELINE One of the most basic, yet extraordinary functions of human nature is the ability to communicate with one another. We thrive on and seek communication – without it, we are lost. Since the early days of man, communication has come a long way. The fact that we can pick up a phone, call across the entire world and in an instant talk to someone 5,000 miles away is a wonderful treasure. However, it's a treasure many of us take for granted. As long as we have electricity to power our phones and tablets, and our ingrained need to quickly communicate is met, we're fine. If the power goes out for too long or we accidentally leave our phones at home, we feel trapped, stranded, cut off. Every blackout, every natural disas- ter, every time we're stripped of electricity, we realize just how vital and necessary communication is and how important it is to have a backup plan for connecting with the people in our lives. SpareOne Phone is your communication backup plan. By creating the only phone that runs on a single AA battery, SpareOne Phone gives back to the world what no human should be without – the ability to communicate. Created in 2012, SpareOne Phone is stripped of apps, games, even a screen, and is the most essential, simple, no frills, functional emergency phone available today. Not requiring a contract, but needing a SIM card, SpareOne is unlocked and operates just as a normal cell phone. SpareOne also enables you to APPLY FLEXIBLE DISPLAY PANELS ON ELECTRONIC DEVICES By Austin Oh, CEO of SmartSound Case Incorporation At CES last year, SmartSound Case Incorporation's product SmartSound Case received the Innovation in Engineering and Design Award, and has also received massive interest and publicity on major networks such as ABC, CNN, FOX, Popular Science and more. Since then, the company has been continually developing innovative ideas into products. This year, the company is introducing new flexible display technology and innovative ideas that will shape the industry. The company is introducing ways that flexible display technology can be fully adopted now for immediate production, rather than in a few years. The following is a list of innovations: First, the company introduced a smartwatch with flexible display that can act as a whole smartphone on the user's wrist. Steve Wozniak, CoFounder of Apple, once said, "I want the entire smartphone, the entire internet, on my wrist. I want a larger display than they're starting with." Now, the company is providing the simple idea that enables a whole smartphone to be applied in smartwatch without sacrificing functionality or the size of its display. The flexible display panel can be curved to contour around the device or straightened up so that the full flat display can be viewed with a single touch. Support bars in between the bottom of the display panel and the body of the smartwatch prevent bouncing when touching the opened flat screen. Second, the company applied a flexible display panel to the smart- C o n su m e r Ele c tro n ic D a ily N e ws our track record of proven designs. Past projects include embedded controllers, sensors, Bluetooth and WiFi devices, medical devices, high power fiber laser products, USB devices, motor controls, optical computer interfaces, optical image measurement systems, industrial equipment and more. Our services include all levels of interaction, from full turn-key development to just a few hours of consulting and everything in between. We offer fixed price projects, time and materials projects and variants of both, depending upon the level of documented requirements and the clarity of design goals. Although primarily a design services company, Photonic Controls additionally boasts full lab and testing capability and is able to support low-volume manufacturing, or act as a liaison between customers and high-volume manufacturers. The benefits of outsourcing your design needs to Photonic Controls are numerous. We have the relevant experience, resources and relationships to ensure your project is a success. Our team is flexible, experienced, innovative and always looking for a new challenge. Founded a dozen years ago, Photonic Controls was formed from a core group of scientists and engineers from Corning Incorporated's Photonic Applied Research Directorate. Since 2002, our company has grown in capabilities, size and reputation, expanding along with the innovative ideas of our customers. Ideally located in New York's Southern Tier, in close proximity to Corning, Cornell and the Rochester Photonic Cluster, our cutting-edge facility is in a key area of photonic and optic technology and growth, placing a wealth of experienced resources at our fingertips. Contact us to learn more about a true value-added partnership for your project needs. Visit Photonic Controls in South Hall 4 at booth 35169. For more information, call 607-562-4700, email info@photoniccontrols.com or visit www.photoniccontrols.com. insert your SIM card from your smartphone, and will even call 911 without any SIM inserted, in almost every country. SpareOne's greatest feature is its use of any single, replaceable, AA battery. Found in nearly any home or store across the world, an AA battery means that even with no power outlets around, you can still stay connected with the people you care about. Also, with SpareOne's use of an AA battery, it won't lose its charge. It actually lasts, unused, with the battery isolator tab in place, for a remarkable 15 years. SpareOne Phone also comes with lots of other practical features, like a torchlight and a dedicated emergency button, among others. In 2013, SpareOne pushed communication technology even further when it created the Alert and Location Services for the SpareOne PLUS. Based on a tri- angulation system via cell towers, the device is able to locate a person carrying the SpareOne PLUS through a web interface. Also, when someone pushes the Phone's large, red Emergency Alert button, it sends a text message and an email alerting designated contacts, making it extremely useful for locating someone in distress. SpareOne is working hard to bring communication worldwide, uniting friends and loved ones and delivering the most advanced, useful tools in the field of communication. phone. When the top component of the flexible display panel is released, the panel will be slightly rolled or curved toward the lower part of the phone so that the user can easily reach the top portion of the screen with their thumb. After using the flexible curved screen, with one touch the panel will return to its original flat position. Flexible display of the smartphone can be viewed in flat screen or curved angled view. There are support bars between the bottom of the display and the body of smartphone to prevent bouncing when touching the opened flat screen. Without sacrificing the shape of the main body of the smartphone, the flat phone is easy to carry around and provides a secure grip in one's hand and is secure to place on flat surface. Furthermore, this flexible display panel design is especially beneficial for people who use smartphones with bigger screen sizes. Third, the company has applied flexible display panels to TV monitor screens. The angle of the flexible display panel of the TV can be controlled from a flat position to the desired angle with a remote control. Both the right and left side of the display angles can be adjusted according to viewer's desired position. The mechanism of control is operated by helical gears connected to motors. Single or both sides of angle of the viewing area can be controlled freely. When it is in auto detection mode, the display will automatically follow and face in the direction of the viewer. When the power of the TV is turned off, the display will retreat to original flat screen position. Visit SpareOne at Suite 1810 LVH. For more information, visit www.spareone.com, email maly@xpalpower.com or call 949-491-3090. For more information, visit booth 49004, go online to www.smartsoundcase.com, call 855-410-7790 or email info@smart soundcase.com.

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