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Tobacco Show Extra Jan 30-31 2013

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Tobacco Show Extra and Convenience Retailer are publications of Oser Communications Group, an independent publishing company not affiliated with the Tobacco Plus Expo. Jan u ar y 30-31 , 20 13 Oser Com municat ions Grou p MISSOURI MEERSCHAUM: KEEPING THE LEGEND ALIVE L as Veg as FRESHSTOR: PRESERVING TOBACCO PERFECTION To say that 2012 was a tough year for Missouri Meerschaum Company is an understatement. Since the company grows its own corn to make its legendary pipes, it is susceptible to the whims of the weather each year during the growing season. 2012 began with a precariously low inventory of corn cobs due to the insufficient size of the cobs produced in the last two growing seasons. Consequently, the company was dependent upon the 2012 growing season to build its corn cob inventory and "keep the legend alive!" After planting the seeds for the proprietary hybrid corn that produces the large cobs for Missouri Meerschaum's legendary pipes, the 2012 growing season looked to be off to a great start. Then the record-setting heat and drought began. If not for the irrigation By Doug Kennedy One question tobacco users ask over and over again is how best to keep their tobacco at its perfect moisture content. There are a number of fairly simple procedures that work well for doing this, but they can be time consuming, and they are often less than elegant in both effect and practice. Finally, a company named FreshStor has developed a series of tobacco containers that perfectly control humidity. FreshStor's CVault series uses new "62%" Humidipak® packages that fit into a built-in holder in the top lid of each of the CVault stainless steel canisters. The function of the Humidipak is to keep your tobacco around the ideal 13 percent moisture content. The "62%" figure on the packs themselves refers to the ambient humidity produced in any enclosed space. This 62 percent ambient humidity level in the CVault container produces the Continued on Page 6 Continued on Page 6 EAST WEST TRADING CORP.: HOUSE OF LIGHTERS OF DISTINCTION VAPOR CORP.'S KRAVE KING TAKES CENTER STAGE IN THE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE INDUSTRY East West Trading Corp. is fast becoming a household name among cigar and cigarette lovers. From its humble beginnings on Lawrence Ave. in Chicago 35 years ago, this company has now grown into a multi-million dollar giant in the industry. Lucienne®, Fujima ®, Cig-Mach ® and Diplite ® are the registered brand names of the products imported and marketed by this company. Lucienne, Fujima, Cig-Mach and Diplite products all stand for quality and are designed to meet and satisfy the toughest quality control tests in the world within their class of lighters and smoking accessories. Today, EWTC. is a multi-million dollar company which has grown manifold over the years, registering tremendous progress both within the United States and outside. The company's customer base includes wholesalers, jobbers, retailers, cigar shops, discount Vapor Corp., a leading U.S.-based electronic cigarette company, recently announced the successful launch of Krave King, the newest line of Vapor Corp. products. Krave King includes Vapor's innovative new soft-tip filter technology. In June 2012, Vapor Corp. filed a non-provisional patent for a soft tip filter said to have the same tactile feel of a traditional cigarette. "We believe the soft padded electronic cartridge is the most significant innovation to e-cigarettes since their invention and introduction to the U.S. marketplace," said Kevin Frija, CEO of Vapor Corp. Frija noted that the comfort of the new soft tip filter will offer their customers the most realistic experience akin to the filters of traditional cigarettes. "We are truly excited to offer this unique, remarkable advancement to our customers," Frija said. "We are constantly striving to enhance the user's experience of our customer Continued on Page 6 Continued on Page 6 STARBUZZ: "INVENTING AND DEFINING THE HOOKAH TOBACCO INDUSTRY" R.J. REYNOLDS LAUNCHING THREE NEW NICOTINE REPLACEMENT PRODUCTS There is a lot that goes into creating the magic that is hookah tobacco. Having pride in the age-old tradition and infusing it with modern flair is how Starbuzz® has come to develop this world-renowned brand. With almost 100 unique flavors to choose from, Starbuzz Tobacco is sure to leave even the most discriminating smoker satisfied. Since 2005, Starbuzz has been known for its exceptional quality, consistency and revolutionary innovation, which have enabled exponential growth around the globe. While there are many choices in the market, there is simply only one Starbuzz Tobacco. In recent years, Starbuzz has added premium hookah pipes, accessories, cigars, charcoal and even candles in to their production line, while continuing to maintain quality and in- R.J. Reynolds, the second largest tobacco company in the United States, recently announced the impending launch of three new nicotine replacement products set to take the tobacco cessation industry by storm. Zonnic, first released in select retail outlets in fall 2012, is a nicotine gum designed to help tobacco users curb cravings. Each Zonnic package contains 10 pieces, and it is available in both 2 mg. and 4 mg. varieties. The MSRP for each 10-count package is $3. The product is a distinct departure from other stop smoking gums that often come in significantly larger packages, a hindrance to many consumers. Zonnic will be primarily sold through the convenience channel. R.J. Reynolds is also launching its own electronic cigarette, Vuse. Vuse is a disposable e-cigarette, and the entire tobacco industry is anxiously eyeing its impending release, as the product exemplifies the growing interest by major tobacco companies in entering Continued on Page 6 Continued on Page 3

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