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NOVEMBER 2013 n SPECIAL SHOW ISSUE BIALOE SHOWS PROMISE IN ALZHEIMER'S PATIENTS UNIQUE PRODUCTS FROM STRATUM NUTRITION In January 2013, the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease published a landmark study that brought hope for humanity with the results of the recent study conducted by the University of Miami using a BiAloe® nutrient blend. University researchers published promising results of an Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex (APMC) on advanced Alzheimer's disease patients. The study, "The Effect of an Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex on Cognitive and Immune Functioning in Alzheimer's Disease," (J Alzheimer's Dis. 2013;33(2):393-406.) showed statistically significant improvement in almost half of the patients completing the year-long protocol. The patients consumed four teaspoons of an APMC powder for 12 months where BiAloe was the primary active ingredient. The very favorable results were measured using the ADAS-cog cognition score. The researchers also measured the stem cell production at baseline, three, six, nine and 12 months. At the one year conclusion of the study, the average ADAS-cog cognition score had improved dramatically in An interview with Heather Thompson, Global Marketing Manager, Stratum Nutrition/ESM Technologies. HT: Stratum Nutrition works upstream with ingredient discovery and manufacturing partners, and downstream with finished product partners to "Empower Product Innovation." Our upstream partners include our parent company, Novus International (manufacturer of specialty ingredients for animals), ESM Technologies (Missouri manufacturer of NEM® and ESC® egg-derived ingredients), Anagenix (New Zealand developer of ACTAZIN™ and other kiwi ingredients), BLIS Technologies (New Zealand developer of BLIS® oral probiotics) and KitoZyme (Belgium manufacturer of ARTINIA®). Stratum Nutrition helps to further the science and marketing of these specialty health ingredients, and in most cases, is the exclusive global distributor of those ingredients into foods, beverages, pet foods and dietary supplements. Continued on Page 10 Continued on Page 12 SUPPLY!: What would you say makes your company unique? MTC INDUSTRIES COMMITTED TO WORLD-CLASS INGREDIENTS ANDRITZ SEPARATION OFFERS COMPREHENSIVE APPROACH An interview with Jimmy Wang, CEO of MTC Industries. An interview with Mike Matthews, Industry Manager Food (North America), ANDRITZ SEPARATION. SUPPLY!: Tell our readers about your company. What is your main focus of business? SUPPLY!: What are the products ANDRITZ SEPARATION offers to the expanding food and nutraceutical market in North America? JW: MTC (Molecular Technology Corporation) Industries, Inc. is a science-and-technology-based company established in 1994. We focus on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of diverse, niche ingredients. Our mission statement is: "Science is our foundation and quality is our commitment." MM: With more than 100 years of experience in the food industry, ANDRITZ SEPARATION is one of the world's largest suppliers of mechanical and thermal solid/liquid separation and automation. JW: The ingredients include joint, brain, skin, heart, energy and muscle enhancements, and weight loss control active ingredients. The ingredients are used for the food, beverage, MM: As developing successful food products becomes more complex, we believe it's time SUPPLY!: What products will you be showcasing at Supply Side West this year? SUPPLY!: How does ANDRITZ SEPARATION approach the food and nutraceutical market in North America? Continued on Page 12 Continued on Page 10 ALPHA PACKAGING UNVEILS NEW GROWLER THE REVOLUTION WILL BE DIGITIZED By Marny Bielefeldt, Director of Marketing, Alpha Packaging By Todd Runestad, Editor-in-Chief at New Hope Alpha Packaging has expanded into the beverage packaging industry in a big way with a new 64-ounce PET growler that was designed with the craft beer lover in mind. After testing several designs in consumer focus groups, our patented, grippered design offers a functional, attractive and lightweight growler to meet consumer demand for convenience, portability and performance. This plastic growler is a great option for on-premise or off-premise draught beer sales as a substitute for traditional glass bottles. It allows consumers to take fresh draught beer directly from the tap to places that glass is not allowed. In addition to traditional amber growlers, Alpha will be offering clear PET growlers, and can also incorporate up to 30 percent post-consumer PET (PCR) for orders of 50,000 pieces and above. The 64-ounce growler is manufactured in our Cleveland, Ohio plant, and will initially be stocked in both Cleveland and Salt Lake City. Based on geographic demand, we The new reality in the media world is that people are consuming information on screens, not pages. Productivity warriors are using smartphones, tablets and laptops to access the news, data and insights they need to stay ahead in their jobs and in front of their competition. Across all age groups, digital technology has triumphed in its penetration of the modern consumer lifestyle. By 2017, research firms expect 64 percent of all computers purchased will be tablets, with digital media accounting for 43 percent of all media spending. Readers are shunning the static ads of yesterday and are increasingly attracted to interactive ads. This sea-change in reader consumption habits from print to mobile devices is creating opportunities for companies looking to differentiate themselves by utilizing multiple platforms to reach prospects and serve their customers. Continued on Page 10 Continued on Page 8

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