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Thursday, October 17, 2013 Produce Show Daily Hellmann Perishable Logistics (Cont'd. from p. 1) MF: Hellmann Perishable Logistics (HPL) is a division of Hellmann Worldwide Logistics. We are committed to providing expertise and quality, ensuring the best conditions for transporting and handling perishables across major countries and global routes. Our mission is to provide our customers with world class perishable handling proficiency. We are continuously enhancing our network and building strategic partnerships to meet the growing consumer demands for fresh and healthy commodities year round. Hellmann Perishable Logistics provides our customers with one reliable dedicated logistics partner from origin to destination, and complete management of the cold supply chain door to door. PSD: What is your current product emphasis? Klamath Basin Fresh Organics (Cont'd. from p. 1) offering a recyclable package, choosing a package with more print space to educate the consumer, and decreasing shrink at the grocery level with a substrate that prevents the potatoes from being exposed to light, which causes potatoes to green. The packaging allows the consumer to see the product from the back, highlights key nutrition information, provides varietal information, recipe suggestions, and information about the cooperative and the growing region. Products are offered in convenient sizes to cater to various consumer needs. The organic potato cooperative located in the Klamath Basin on the border of southern Oregon and northern California Sunsweet (Cont'd. from p. 1) convenient, versatile and yes, Amaz!ng, it can be tossed on salads, cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, muffins and more. It can be added to pancakes and waffles, cookies, muffins, side dishes, sauces – imagination is the only limiting factor. They're also great for straight snacking. Simply Amaz!ng. With the success of Plum Amaz!ns diced dried plums, we expanded the line to include Amaz!n Berry Blend & Amazin Cranberries. These Amaz!n blends offer better nutrition than other berry blends or cranberries, with less sugar and fewer calories. Amaz!n Berry Blend combines Plum Amazins diced dried plums, cranberries, blueberries and cherries to create a great tasting sweetand-tart blend. Amaz!n Cranberries combines cranberries with Amaz!n diced dried plums that add a sweet balance, creating the first true "snackable" cranberry. Thermal Technologies (Cont'd. from p. 4) expected volume." The chain selected a centrally located, million square foot distribution center serving nearly 100 stores as the site for their first installation. "The client knew the type and size of rooms they wanted, right down to capacities, temperature control zones, you name it," says Byrne. "When they asked us in, it was simply a matter of matching our patented technology to their exacting specifications." Eighteen three-tier TarpLess ripening rooms were installed at the facility, MF: Our current emphasis is on imports and exportation through numerous methods of transportation. These include air, ocean and road transportation, to meet the needs of our customers. Due to the complex nature of the perishable industry, HPL has a dedicated team ready to add value to the supply chain of our customers, and be an extension of your business. At Hellmann Perishable Logistics, we strive to innovate and think outside the box. We are always looking for new directions in which we can expand our service. PSD: What distinguishes your products from your competition? MF: Hellmann Perishable Logistics deals in especially delicate cargoes like fresh and frozen goods which must be carefully shipped and constantly monitored. To ensure safe handling of temperature-sensitive shipments, we offer state-of-the-art was known as Klamath Basin Fresh Direct for 12 years. In 2012, the growers made the decision to change the cooperative name to include the word "organic." This was inspired by the growers' commitment to increasing organic acreage in the Klamath Basin, which largely supports the sustainable growth of the vast agriculture community that is the Klamath Basin and to meet increasing consumer demand of organic produce. With the brand name change came the process of redesigning the company logo and product lines. KBFO grows nine different varieties of organic potatoes, and offers a total of 28 products including 1.5 lb and 3 lb papermesh packages, 5 lb poly-mesh packages, and 24 lb and 50 lb bulk boxes. The grow- Sunsweet completes the Amaz!n line with delicious, indulgent (and still healthy) dried fruit treats, Dark Chocolate PlumSweets and Greek Style PlumSweets. Our Dark Chocolate PlumSweets epitomize upscale gourmet appeal. The creamy, decadent gourmet dark covered diced dried plums will be favorites after just one bite. Greek yogurt is a growing market trend that is crossing into categories due to the perceived health benefits and delicious creamy flavor. With the success of our current Dark Chocolate PlumSweets and the success of the Greek yogurt category, we proudly introduce the first of its kind, the only Greek style yogurt covered dried diced plum on the market, PlumSweets Greek Style. This product gives the produce category a great opportunity to capitalize on a $1.6 billion dollar category and engage in a hot trend. The graphics are eye-catching and with a combined ripening capacity of 33,000 boxes per week. Thermal Tech handled the entire installation from start to finish including design, engineering, finished construction and on-site training of client personnel. "Our track record of experience was key to the project," says Byrne. "Having installed over 2,500 rooms representing over 100 million pounds of daily ripening capacity for many of the largest retailers in the industry, we were able to help them seamlessly transition their operation from one that does not ripen to one that does. That's a huge shift in procedure." 69 reefer equipment backed by experienced teams offering specialist services in many major markets. We carefully tailor multimodal year-round transportation of temperature-controlled goods such as flowers, plants, fruit, vegetables and seafood. We operate a specialist network spanning 22 branches in 14 countries, in all continents. HPL is a market leader in time and temperature-sensitive shipments between the American continents. company, with financial stability and organic growth, which are some of the success factors for Hellmann. Hellmann's Corporate DNA defines what makes us stand out. It also ensures our heritage endures through successive generations by enabling new team members from around the world to share our values. At Hellmann, we see our Corporate DNA as being far more than mere words on a piece of paper. MF: Our employees are the foundation of our strength. By providing them with the best support, training and motivation, we honor our commitment to our customers to provide services of the highest quality. The core of who we are resides in the fact that we have always been and remain until this day a family owned MF: Readers can find out more about the company on our website www.hellmann.net/hpl. PSD: To what do you attribute your company's success? ers' cooperative has been growing organic potatoes successfully for over ten years. Hollis Baley, Director of Marketing for the co-op, says "KBFO is moving in an innovative direction with passionate farmers behind the product. Our growers are not only interested in supporting the sustainability of our growing region, but many are also involved in state-wide and nation-wide marketing organizations that help promote the sustainability of the industry as a whole. Our marketing is focused on educating the consumer, and that is exactly what we are doing with this package. We used our own ideas in addition to that of our national marketing organization, the United States Potato Board, to choose the educational elements provided on the new package. Our creatively designed to reinforce the decadent indulgence and rich and creamy Greek style yogurt. We used the PlumSweets current rich purple to reinforce the PlumSweets identity as well as added deep blue to tie in Greek yogurt. Tangy, creamy, chewy bliss, and once again, Amaz!ngly snackable. The entire Amaz!ng prune line is extremely innovative because of our amazing success at pit removal. No other company can dice prunes like Sunsweet without fear of pits or pit fragments in a fruit mix. The most Amaz!ng thing of all about our Amaz!ng lineup – they're good for business. There is unmatched innovation in the dried fruit category featuring Sunsweet's Amaz!ng Prunes in beautifully designed, resealable packaging, sold in display-ready cases that are easy to pop on the shelves. Sunsweet supports these items with a variety of marketing programs, such as national TV advertising, public rela- "The client appreciated our ability to help them understand the operational requirements of the installation, while we appreciated their exceptional preparation and professionalism," says Byrne. "Working as a team, we were able to ensure a smooth transition right through to final training of all personnel involved." Once the new rooms became operational, the chain quickly began to realize their goal of providing perfectly ripened fruit to each and every store while saving $1 per box. With 33,000 boxes of weekly ripening capacity, the rooms will pay for PSD: How can our readers find out more about your company? During Fresh Summit, visit Hellmann's at booth 3318. Go online to www.hell mann.net/hpl, call 305-594-4995, or email rates@hplgroup.com. growers are committed to growing a quality product and enhancing sustainability. Our investment in such an innovative package certainly portrays this commitment." To go along with the innovative theme, one KBFO farmer began producing a new, unique potato product in recent years. The product is called TaterPiks. TaterPiks are pickled potatoes and are made from Organic Klamath Pearl™ potatoes grown by KBFO farmers. You can see KBFO's new packaging for yourself and get a taste of the newest potato treat since the potato chip, TaterPiks, in booth 3922. Visit Klamath Basin Fresh Organics at booth 3922 during Fresh Summit. For more information, go to www.kbfo.org. tions, in-store displays, FSIs, in-store promos, website recipes, social media and nutritional information, and more. Be sure to stop by booth 5639 to learn more about our Amaz!ng items. About Sunsweet Sunsweet Growers Inc., established in 1917, has more than 95 years of experience and heritage in producing the highest quality dried fruits. The Yuba City, Calif. based cooperative of 300 grower/members is the worldwide leader in prunes and related products. Most recently, the product portfolio has been expanded to include a full line of dried fruit snacks and juices, all designed to fit today's need for healthy and convenient food choices. During Fresh Summit, visit Sunsweet at booth 5639. For more information, go to www.sunsweet.com or email jdriscoll@sunsweet.com. themselves in just under two years. After that, it's all profit. How much profit? When you include additional savings of thirty to forty cents per box in reduced weight loss and shrink, plus the sustained 8 percent increase in banana sales, the chain has enjoyed since they started using the rooms, well – you do the math! TarpLess is a registered trademark of Thermal Technologies, Inc. Visit Thermal Tech at booth 3057 during Fresh Summit, or check out www.gotarpless.com to find out more.

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