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38 Thursday, October 17, 2013 PEAKFRESHUSA CONTINUES ADVANCES IN SHELF LIFE PACKAGING By Greg Ganzerla, PEAKfreshUSA President of Customers today are most concerned with supplying fresh produce with longer shelf life. PEAKfresh is one of the pioneers of modified atmosphere products for the produce industry, without the need for using CO2 gas. Our all natural minerals and permeable packaging extract the damaging gases that shorten the shelf life of produce and vegetables, therefore giving our customers a product that their buyers will be satisfied with and will help them decrease rejections. At PEAKfresh, we continue to advance our technology with improved packaging that will keep produce fresh during long distance transportation. We realized the need for products that will be able to withstand the breaks in cold chain, whether it's the heat of summer or long lines at border crossings where inspections can be lengthy. Our new and improved box liner products will now keep high humidity levels and withstand temperature breaks without creating condensation. We are also finalizing the testing of a sealed pallet cover system for the berry industry that will give shippers an oppor- FLORIDA AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY OFFERS FRESH PRODUCTS Florida farms are filled with a variety of agricultural products that look good and taste great. Each season brings its own bounty to the table. With the advent of fall, growers begin harvesting the fruits and vegetables that we love. Winter is a major growing and harvesting time in Florida, and the spring brings with it even more delicious products. In the summer, harvests slow down as our farmers gear up for another start to the amazing cycle of Florida agriculture. Florida's 47,500 commercial farms span over 9 million acres, and are contin- BUDDY FRUITS INTRODUCES PURE FRUIT JIGGLE GEL TO LINEUP OF ALL-FRUIT OFFERINGS Buddy Fruits offers a range of seven innovative lines of product that are an ideal healthy snack. Containing 100 percent fruit, these vegan and gluten-free snacks are all natural with no preservatives and the whole product line comes in at, or less than 100 calories. Since the first product launch, Buddy Fruits has always followed the same commitment: reinventing the way we eat fruits by offering healthy snacks you've never seen before. The team at Buddy Fruits strives to simplify your everyday life, with a belief that healthy food is essential for a good and balanced life. The quality of the fruits in Buddy Fruits products is central to all the recipes and a fundamental commitment of the company and its founder. That's why the team at Buddy Fruits selects fruits from trusted farmers all around the world, according to Jerome Lesur, CEO and co-founder of Buddy RABBIT CREEK PRODUCTS PERFECT FOR YEAR-ROUND ACTIVITIES After the winter we had, few things are nicer than looking out and seeing green leaves instead of endless expanses of snow like staring north of the wall (sorry, Orchard Valley Harvest (Cont'd. from p. 1) HB: Our products cater to consumers who appreciate the unadulterated characteristics of Orchard Valley Harvest as much as we do. Our target consumer is looking for nuts that are picked at their peak, minimally processed and have no artificial ingredients. They look for snacks that help support a healthy lifestyle. Our consumers believe the pure and simple goodness of Orchard Valley Harvest products is what makes them so incredibly delicious and satisfying. PSD: Are you introducing any new Orchard Valley Harvest products? Game of Thrones reference), feeling as if it will never end. Now though, there are flowers, farmers markets, old men wearing too short cut- HB: We have more than 30 products overall, ranging from nuts to dried fruits to trail mixes to dark chocolate-covered fruits and nuts. We are very excited for the launch of two new product types to extend our current line. Our new stand up multipacks will include eight 1-ounce pouches that are perfect for those who love the pure taste of Orchard Valley Harvest and want a convenient stash of single servings ready to go. We are also thrilled to introduce our new Wellness Mixes, which add even more great taste and variety to our product line and continue to help support a healthy lifestyle. PSD: How is packaging important to Produce Show Daily tunity to transport their fruit across the country without the need for high concentrations of CO2 gas and large, energy consuming-equipment. Together with the natural minerals impregnated into the pallet bag, this new MAP system will rely on the CO2 that is naturally produced by the fruit to help its shelf life, while extracting damaging ethylene. We are also producing a PEAKfresh bubble pack pad that can be used for an assortment of products for clam-shell packing. Not only will it keep the product from bruising through its cushioning, it will increase its shelf life. PEAKfresh products will always be easy to use. Our box liner bags only need to be folded over at the top for closure, and our unsealed pallet covers can be used for a variety of commodities. Simply place the cover over the pre-cooled pallet ually producing a wide variety of safe and dependable food products. In 2011, Florida ranked first in the U.S. in the value of production of oranges and grapefruit, and first in value of production of fresh market snap beans, cucumbers for fresh market, bell peppers, squash, sweet corn, fresh market tomatoes and watermelons. Florida ranked second in value of production of Fruits/Ouhlala Gourmet Corp. The latest addition to Buddy Fruits' product offerings is its revolutionary Jiggle Gel pouch, the first ever squeezable gelatin in the market, made of 100 percent fruit ingredients. It is an ideal anywhere snack, which offers all the nutritional values of the fruits. The addition of the Jiggle Gel pouch to Buddy Fruits' line further demonstrates the company's originality in developing products that are portable, healthy and fun to eat. "Jiggle Gel is advancing away from traditional gel products, which typically require a bowl and a spoon, all the while making it fun again. Kids will really enjoy this product as it maintains the exciting, jiggly consistency that is often associated off shorts and the humming of the air conditioning. So, now that those are all here, you're looking for some kind of snack to take to ballgames, road trips, camping or waiting on the ice cream maker. Anticipating this, Rabbit Creek Products is coming out with a bird seed snack mix to go along with any summer activity. Next time you need some energy Orchard Valley Harvest? HB: We make sure our products are packaged for all types of people. Our large bags are perfect for grabbing a wholesome handful of nuts, trail mix or dried fruit at home. The bags stand up and reseal for easy snacking, scooping and storage. We also have individual serving stand up mini-bags, which are essentially compact 2-2.5 ounce versions of the large stand up bags. These mini-bags are an ideal snack for the on-the-go consumer or for the first time buyer. PSD: What is the mission and vision of Orchard Valley Harvest? and ship away. Your shipment will arrive at their destinations in harvested condition. Another benefit at arrival: your customers will be able to pull the cover up for inspection and lower it back into place for even longer shelf life all the way through distribution. Our PEAKfreshUSA website provides detailed commercial packing instructions showing ideal post harvest temperatures, packing methods, storage and transportation for each commodity. At PMA, you may visit with one of our technical experts to help you improve and adapt a method of packing using our PEAKfresh products. For more information, visit booth 4220 at Fresh Summit. After the show, visit www.peakfreshusa.com, call 877-5373748 or email sales@peakfreshusa.com. cucumbers for pickles, strawberries, tangerines and sugarcane for sugar and seed. During Fresh Summit, visit Florida Department of Agriculture at booth 1028. For more information, go to www.freshfrom florida.com, call 850-617-7330 or email Yolanda.Roundtree@freshfrom florida.com. with gel snacks. Parents will love it, because it is 100 percent fruit!" said Lesur. Available in three flavors – raspberry, strawberry and orange – the Jiggle Gel pouch contains only 70 calories and it's dairy-free. Identical to Buddy Fruits' existing products, Jiggle Gel is made with no high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavorings, colors or genetic modifications. Remaining lines of Buddy Fruits products include: Pure Blended Fruits, Smoothies, Coconut Milk & Blended Fruit, Superfruit, Pure Fruit Bites and Apple Chips. For more information, head online to www.buddyfruits.com, call 786-515-0591 or email broch@buddyfruits.com. for battling the ants for your picnic or for that double header, Rabbit Creek has your back. All-natural ingredients make not only great to eat, but also good for you. For more information about Rabbit Creek Products, call 800-837-3073, visit www.rabbitcreekgourmet.com, or email rcreek@mokancomm.net. HB: Our mission is to offer people a tasty way to eat healthier and enjoy the simple goodness of nuts and dried fruits from our orchards' harvests. PSD: How can readers and show attendees learn more about Orchard Valley Harvest? HB: We're very proud of Orchard Valley Harvest and would love to share more. Come visit us at booth 375 to chat and grab a sample. Or, of course, visit orchardvalleyharvest.com. Visit Orchard Valley Harvest at booth 375 during Fresh Summit, or visit online at www.orchardvalleyharvest.com.

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