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AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH ASIS Thursday, September 26, 2013 PURETECH SYSTEMS DELIVERS NEW GEOSPATIAL SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM Oser Communications Group BRICKHOUSE SECURITY PROVIDES PROVEN EMPLOYEE SURVEILLANCE By Todd Morris, CEO, BrickHouse Security Chicago TYMETAL CORP: WE CLOSE OPENINGS PureTech Systems, specializing in geospatial video surveillance software, has announced the release of the latest version of its PureActiv® system including a new Spanish language GUI. The new version, recently deployed for maritime border protection in Northern Africa, marks the first deployment of the Spanish version of the company's map-based command and control. The installation is a coastal deployment and is intended to provide border protection for both landside and waterside intrusions. The system also provides for monitoring and response to Your clients depend on you to watch over their businesses, their property, even their homes and families. And you do your best to hire great people— employees you trust to serve your customers with the professionalism and respect they deserve. But every security professional knows that no matter how carefully you screen your people, situations arise that can compromise your organization's reputation. If you are looking for an experienced manufacturer to assist with your security gate system needs, Tymetal Corp., headquartered in upstate New York with additional locations in Texas and Iowa, should be placed high on your list. Tymetal gates fill the perimeter security needs of the most discerning architects, security consultants, fencing professionals and facility owners worldwide. The markets Tymetal serves include airports, railroads, border patrol stations, power generation facilities, chemical plants, refineries, government facilities, Continued on Page 30 Continued on Page 30 Continued on Page 30 LP SOFTWARE RELEASES NEW SYSTEM FIRETIDE: SUPPORTING THE RISE OF VIDEO By John McCool, President and CEO, Firetide, Inc. LP Software, Inc., a leading provider of incident management and audit software, is releasing its newest product: The Service Request Management System (SRMS). The new SRMS solution allows location personnel to submit tickets for service and repair requests. SRMS will support tickets for broken equipment such as CCTV, EAS, POS, computers, cameras, etc., manage all equipment in one centralized system, and report and analyze vendors response time, costs, and equipment reliability. Visit booth 1995 for a detailed In the beginning there was data. From this humble start, we saw IP networks evolve to be resilient and reliable vehicles for carrier grade voice. And finally, in the past few years, video – and really, that's HD video – has joined the triumvirate. This "triple play" is driving change, big-time. With all the latency issues of real-time voice combined with continuous transfer rates that make storage backups look like a cake walk, video forces a rethink of current network designs. Continued on Page 28 Continued on Page 28 EXCELSIOR COLLEGE: EDUCATING FOR CYBERSECURITY An interview with Dr. Jane LeClair, Chief Operating Officer, National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College in Washington, DC. OSSI FULFILLS SECURITY NEEDS An interview with Dean Novak, President, OSSI Corp. OSD: Tell the readers about OSSI. What is your main business? DN: We are a security solutions provider that offers access control hardware as well as integration software on multiple Windows platforms. With the recent addition of our entry level solution ReadyAXS to our portfolio, we now offer industry leading solutions for the full spectrum of security needs, from Continued on Page 30 KBC NETWORKS DELIVERS HIGHER WIRELESS THROUGHPUT By Hazel Sturgess, Head of Marketing, KBC Networks JLC: We are all very excited. We are looking forward to beginning research on issues related to cybersecurity and using Launching at ASIS 2013, KBC Networks' new wireless HT range is promising to deliver simplicity, reliability with even greater performance. The communications provider has announced that its latest generation of wireless ethernet products will enable customers to obtain even greater throughput over their wireless links. KBC's new wireless HT products have been demonstrated to provide in excess of 230 Mbps across a wireless Continued on Page 28 Continued on Page 8 OSD: You must be very excited about the opening of the National Cybersecurity Institute here in Washington DC. Can you tell us a little about it?

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