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Food Magic Daily July 14, 2013

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4 Sunday, July 14, 2013 Food Magic Daily GENESIS R&D SIMPLIFIES THE COMPLEX Time and money are in increasingly shorter supply these days, so many companies are looking for ways to save both. Unfortunately, taking a shortcut in one area may result in spending more money over the long run. R&D Product Genesis ® Development and Labeling software assists users in every aspect of food product development, from an idea's inception through to government-compliant labeling. The extensive food and ingredient database lets you virtually experiment with unlimited possibilities. Plug your ingredients into the program and it will automatically analyze it for up to 160 nutrients, including the basics (calories, fat, sugars, etc.) and the more obscure (amino acids, fat exchanges). You can tweak ingredients on "paper" before formulating them in the lab. The program lets you scale your ingredients to large batches; adjust for processing losses and gains in fat or moisture; Genesis R&D even has a data check in place so you can instantly see where values may be off. Then when you're ready to present the nutrient analysis information, you have a variety of reports to choose from. The Bar Graph, Spreadsheet, Dairy Density report and many others graphi- cally display information so you and your peers can quickly evaluate your products and keep a record of the process. Nutrition Labeling Genesis R&D provides you with the tools to create camera-ready, NLEAcompliant nutrition facts panels from the recipes and formulas entered. One click and you can see how the label for your item will look. You will start with the basic label (adult, child, dual declaration and more) and fine-tune the options until the configuration is exactly right. Included in the labeling feature are all of the necessary extras: ingredient statements, allergen statements and nutrient content claims. These, too, can be easily modified to fit any circumstance. Your finished Nutrition Facts label and its elements will conform to government regulations. Modules are available to create labels for Mexican and Canadian regulations as well. Supplement Labeling For companies whose primary concentration is on nutritionals, supplements, teas and other wellness items, Genesis R&D has supplement labeling options. Again, the label formats comply with government regulations and a variety of layout WOODLAND FOODS: BRINGING A WORLD OF FLAVOR TO IFT Woodland Foods, a premier importer and supplier of more than 1,100 specialty natural food ingredients under the Woodland Foods and D'Allesandro labels, is appearing at IFT in Chicago this year. Woodland Foods' product line, featuring high-quality, all-natural ingredients, has been sold direct to the food service and industrial food industries since 1989. Most products are all natural, completely free of additives, artificial flavors, or coloring. "We specialize in product innovation by offering the highest quality, most flavorful, natural products to provide unique food choices through global sourcing and custom blending," said Aram Karapetian, VP of Sales and Marketing for Woodland Foods. "We're very excited and proud to be a part of the IFT and we can't wait to show you our complete range of on-trend natural ingredients." The family-owned and operated team at Woodland Foods is passionate about finding the most fascinating and delicious ingredients available. DISCOVER DECERNIS: BEHIND THE SCENES OF A GLOBAL COMPLIANCE INNOVATOR Have you ever wondered how companies manage to stay compliant with rapidly changing global regulations? Have you ever wished there was a multi-language library of compliance documents specifically tailored to your products? Look no further than Decernis LLC, an innovative company that provides research, content, and customized systems for the management of global compliance. Decernis clients include government agencies, food and consumer product manufacturers, raw material manufacturers, law firms, and laboratories in more than 66 countries. By tracking global developments related to product safety in more than 160 countries, Decernis products and services reduce delays, increase speed to market, and increase the customer's capability to make decisions in a global marketplace. Decernis provides: a regulatory reference system for complex global compliance issues (gComply); an alert system to track emerging issues before they go viral (News & Issue Management); a red light/green light evaluation system that integrates with client applications (gComply Plus); a supplier management platform (Supply Chain Management) and an advisory service to fit your personalized needs. In addition to a variety of patents for variations are available, including proprietary blend options. Database Our database is one of the most extensive on the market. The list of 47,000-plus foods is constantly updated and added to by a team of researchers who meticulously check and double-check the data. Program users enrolled in the support program will receive free updates to the database twice yearly. That said, no database could possibly house all of the foods in the world. So the program allows users to add their own ingredients and nutrients to the database. Once entered, the useradded items act like existing database items and can be used in all recipes and formulas. Support ESHA Research, makers of Genesis R&D, has a reputation as a customerfriendly company. The staff of customer support and technical support personnel answer questions and tackle problems by phone, email and online chat. For more information, visit booth 1637 at the IFT show, email scott@esha.com or call 503-585-6242. Woodland's product line has been enhanced when Woodland joined forces with renowned chef, Jeff Troiola. The new offerings include a broad range of 1,100 ingredients, showing an array of ingredients such as mushrooms, beans, chiles, gluten-free flours, and spices. In addition to the products themselves, Woodland Foods will be showing its processing capabilities at the IFT by presenting shiitake in all of its forms, including whole, sliced, sliced modified, large kibble, kibble, finely diced, large shake, small shake and powder. Woodland Foods will also be featuring the blending capability that makes Woodland stand out as a supplier of exotic international ingredients; they are its innovative compliance information systems, Decernis has a strong focus on external partnerships. Earlier this year, the company joined forces with Intertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide. The two are working together to deliver a systematic solution for global compliance based on the use of Decernis systems for enterprise management. This solution will coordinate the submission of all supplier documentation and generate compliance certificates. The most recent deployment of this service is by a leading cork manufacturer. Customers are deploying the latest solutions of Intertek Health's environmental and regulatory services using a Decernis platform to ensure global chemical and food contact regulatory compliance for food packaging materials. This solution manages the supply chain, submitting proper food contact compliance documentation. The scope of the service includes reviews for global compliance, AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH IFT Lee M. Oser CEO and Editor-in-Chief Lyle Sapp Senior Associate Publisher Director of Sales Kate Seymour Senior Associate Publisher Kim Forrester Jeff Rosano Associate Publishers Lorrie Baumann Editorial Director Hayden Neeley Senior Associate Editor Kristina Harris Associate Editor Hannah Hollins Assistant Editor Yasmine Brown Graphic Designer Ruth Haltiwanger Sam Micheletti Customer Service Managers Dave Chavez David Lopez Gary Blazek Lynn Hilton Account Managers Enrico Cecchi European Sales Food Magic Daily, is published by Oser Communications Group ©2013. All rights reserved. Executive and editorial offices at: 1877 N. Kolb Road, Tucson, AZ 85715 520.721.1300/Fax: 520.721.6300 www.oser.com European offices located at Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 11, 50125 Florence, Italy. GFSI Certified/BRC audited with an Alevel certification. Among the product offerings featured in the show, Woodland Foods will be showing some of its unique items such as yum berries, lupin flour, whole grain flours (teff, amaranth, millet, quinoa, spelt, and more), crunchy fruit products (dry like freeze-dried with a more natural flavor), nora chiles, tamarind powder, black garlic, and hemp hearts. Explore and delight your senses at the IFT Show with natural tastes fused together in balance and harmony. Woodland Foods shows you the way. For more information, visit booth 3100 or go online to www.woodlandfoods.com. including FDA as well as EU, China, South America and Canadian food contact compliance. Based on the Decernis system, an Intertek Certificate of Compliance is generated for each wine cork formulation. "The rapidly emerging market and therewith increasing regulatory requirements has led our customers to demand expanded and enhanced regulatory and compliance support" stated Naeem Mady, Vice President, Intertek USA's Health, Environmental and Regulatory Services. "The powerful combination of Intertek's regulatory expertise and Decernis' excellent platform and database helps our customers access unique skills and information as needed without needing to invest in capital and people." For more information, visit booth 4039 at IFT 2013, go online to www.decernis.com, call 240-428-1800 or email lodegaard@decernis.com.

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