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Food Magic Daily July 14, 2013

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28 Sunday, July 14, 2013 THE MIGHTY LITTLE RAISIN PACKS A BIG PUNCH People often forget that raisins are simply dried grapes. And like all dried fruits, nutrients are concentrated into a convenient, high energy snack. Health benefits of raisins are well-documented, and raisins have been enjoyed for both the taste and nutrition since ancient times. Raisins contribute to the daily requirements of many essential nutrients like potassium, fiber, manganese, magnesium, iron and copper. They also provide a broad range of phytonutrients with antioxidant power. Raisins are fat free, cholesterol free, and contain virtually no salt. If they weren't so humble, raisins would call themselves the "perfect food." Perfect may be a stretch, but healthy they surely are. One mini box of raisins is less than 50 calories, and for folks who have a sweet tooth, they're a great choice to satisfy those cravings with natural sugar. The Heart of the Matter Diets rich in fruits and vegetables are one of the best ways to protect from heart disease. About 600,000 people die of heart disease in the Unities States every year – that's one in every four deaths. Furthermore, every year about 715,000 Americans have a heart attack. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States, SEE THE NEW STAR ACCUMULATOR FROM CADDY CORPORATION Caddy Corporation of Bridgeport, N.J., has been producing high quality food service conveyors for more than 65 years. The new custom design for Caddy's line of Star tray and plate accumulators takes the great bones of the industry-leading Caddy accumulator and combines it with a new fit and finish that provides necessary function with European styling. "Caddy has remained an industry leader for 65 plus years because we have always remained true to our core competencies, high level design and fabrication." said Craig Cohen, Caddy's CEO. "That goes for our clean and soiled dish conveyors, our ever growing PODs and carts, and our cutting-edge exhaust systems. We have always been particularly proud of the Caddy Star accumulator and now it's better than ever!" New cafeterias have become increasingly higher end and the look has become as important as the food. Businesses such as hospitals, corporate dining, and universities want to keep people from dining elsewhere. This was the motivation of Caddy redefining the look of the tray accumulator and the soiled dish drop off window. Working closely with food service consultants, Caddy found that they often struggled BERNER'S 'DRIVE-THRU' AIR CURTAIN INCREASES COMFORT, WELL-BEING OF EMPLOYEES Berner International Corp.'s Drive-Thru Window air curtain saves energy, creates comfort and keeps car fumes outside of open drive-thru windows. Employee turnover and energy costs are both issues for Quick Serve Restaurants (QSRs). Berner recognized that they had the expertise and technology to help address energy loss and two of the contributing factors to employee complaints: discomfort from outside temperatures and carbon monoxide entering via the drive-thru window. Rather than taking an existing air curtain designed to cover 6-foot to 8foot-high man doors and converting it to "work" for a 2-foot to 3-foot-high window, Berner stepped back and looked at the many different styles, widths and heights of pass-thru windows, the needs and concerns of the interior spaces, and spoke with employees and managers of QSRs. With the information gathered, Berner designed a brand new air curtain specifically for the drive-thru window. To protect the opening without blow- MICROGREENS PACK BIG CULINARY IMPACT: FRESH ORIGINS FINDS SUCCESS BY THINKING SMALL Microgreens―small, young edible greens produced from vegetables, herbs or other plants―have been popular in fine dining restaurants for more than 15 years. Their delicate, fresh appearance adds beauty, dimension, and a range of distinct flavor profiles to both savory and sweet dishes and beverages. By specializing in these small but flavorful greens, the Fresh Origins family farm offers a vast selection of varieties and flavors to accent any culinary creation. With more than 400 items, including the unique and versatile Micro Basil Nutmeg™, Micro Mint Lavender™ and Micro Tangerine Lace™, Fresh Origins has been providing chefs and restaurants with small botanical innovations for Food Magic Daily crossing all ethnicities. Many factors contribute to a healthy heart, however diets high in fruits and vegetables, low in saturated fat and cholesterol and as low as possible in trans fat, may reduce the risk of heart disease. Diets low in sodium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Raisins have no trans fat and virtually no salt. From Pyramid to Plate For years, the "Food Pyramid" was recognized as the government's guide to healthy eating. Today, that symbol has been replaced with "MyPlate." The United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA's) new food guide resembles a dinner plate separated into four quadrants and is designed to help Americans make healthy food choices. Located at www.chosemyplate.gov, step one is a focus on fruit. "MyPlate" recommends that people make fruits and vegetables one half of their daily food intake. The USDA lists raisins as a commonly eaten fruit and one-quarter cup of raisins (about one ounce) is equivalent to one serving. Raisins are easy to pack, easy to eat and taste like a burst of sweetness. More than simply a snack food, raisins are one of the most popular ingredients in prepared foods, like confections, baked goods, and favorite recipes. For those who have a hard time getting enough fruits and vegetables in their diet every day, raisins are a healthy choice. For more information, visit booth 3951 at IFT, go online to www.sunmaid.com, call 559-896-8000 or email info@ sunmaid.com. with this area because it tends to be unsightly and the end user would often ask for it in a hard to design area. That's a challenge because not only does it need to be functional, but accumulators get as much use as the serving stations. The Caddy Star accumulator provides a reduction in labor costs, a reduction in space, and a cleaner, more sanitary environment. Plus it can be placed in area of the cafeteria that is not out of the way for patrons because of the fit and finish. The Caddy Star accumulator is made from heavy duty 12 and 18-gauge stainless steel. The tray rack towers come in four- and five-tray configurations and are easily removable for cleaning. The carousel takes soiled dishes from the service area to a dish room where they can be sorted, pulped, and cleaned, all without a backup in the service area thanks to the infrared and mechanical safety switches. The unit is also designed with a sight and sound barrier made from doubled wall deadening filler and 18gauge stainless steel. All of this can be customized with the customer's choice of cabinetry work, engraved elevator pattern steel in a plethora of colors, and even an added logo. In addition to the Caddy Star accumulator, Caddy offers a variety of other types of conveyors with custom drop off windows. Regardless of whether it is the easy and durable band/cord system, powered rollers, slats, or even the trayless option, Caddy can custom-design them to meet your dish room and front service needs. ing food off of the counter, Berner designed the air curtain to specifically protect a 2-foot to 3-foot-high opening, which allowed for a sleek, compact design. To allow installation into variable and often cramped drive-thru work stations, Berner came up with the "Mount Anywhere" bracket system, a simple, unobtrusive set of mounting brackets that are able to be easily installed into almost anywhere. These combined with its small size keep the air curtain out of the way of employee's heads. To address "greasy air" issues that affect kitchen equipment, Berner added a washable aluminum filter as standard that pops in and out with the release of the lever to increase the efficiency and longevity of the unit. The attractive design of the Berner air curtain for drive-thru windows also answers many other requests: It comes standard with a power cord and simple on/off control, and supplemental electric heat is available upon request. The air curtain comes totally assembled and ready to take out of the box: Mount it, plug it in and turn it on. Berner's approach of developing a brand new air curtain specifically for drive-thru windows based on input from the field has brought to the QSR industry a simple, effective solution to help decrease both employee turnover and energy costs. robust culinary differentiation for more than 18 years. "We work hard every day to provide products that are delicious, beautiful, wholesome, and inspiring," said David Sasuga, founder of Fresh Origins. "And it is an honor to see them truly come to life in the hands of the best chefs in the world." Fresh Origins prides itself on providing the most consistent supply available while also creating a steady stream of original MicroGreen and Edible Flower varieties to chefs and mixologists alike. The company's innovations also include PetiteGreens™, TenderGreens™, MiniCrowns™, MicroFlowers™, TinyVeggies™, Shoots, Crystallized Flowers, and Herb and Flower Crystals™. Fresh Origins products are available to professional fine dining foodservice venues through specialty produce and food distributors nationwide. In 2013, Fresh Origins will be also partnering with U.S. retailers to offer select products for home cooks to enjoy as well. Visit www.freshorigins.com for more information and recipes, and find the brand on Facebook and Twitter. For more information, contact Caddy at 856-467-4222 or online at www.caddycorp.com. To learn more about how Berner air curtains can save energy and create healthy, comfortable environments for your open doors, visit www.berner.com. For more information go online to www.freshorigins.com.

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