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Sunday, July 14, 2013 Food Magic Daily PL THOMAS JOINS FORCES WITH WELLMUNE WGP Consistent with its history of providing scientifically supported, natural solutions for manufacturers who want to develop products targeted at key consumer benefits, PL Thomas has proudly announced its representation of Wellmune WPG. This ingredient for immune support has undergone a rigorous, peer-reviewed, clinical research published program―unmatched in the functional food and nutraceuticals industry. Wellmune WGP is beta 1,3/1,6 glucan derived from a proprietary strain of baker's yeast that is clinically proven to prime key immune cells that serve as a first line of defense to keep the body healthy. Nine clinical studies provide scientific support for health claims related to maintaining immune health even during times of physical or lifestyle stress. The body of research demonstrates reproducible physical health benefits along with correlating biomarkers. One area of exciting innovation around Wellmune benefits is in sports nutrition. It is well known that high-intensity exercise can compromise the body's defenses. Staying healthy is critical for effective training for athletes, and studies consistently demonstrate that Wellmune can help support the overall health of an athlete by pro- GRACELAND FRUIT CELEBRATES 40 YEARS OF INNOVATION Located in the heart of America's largest tart cherry growing region, Graceland Fruit is one of the largest single providers of infused dried fruits in the world. The company primarily produces infused dried fruits such as cranberries, cherries, wild and cultivated blueberries and apples. Graceland's products are sold in the United States and over forty other countries around the world. None of this would have been possible without the vision that grew out of the orchards surrounding the tiny northern Michigan village of Frankfort. Nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Michigan, Graceland Fruit Co-Op was founded in 1973 to serve area growers with fruit processing that at the time primarily consisted of canning and freezing. In 1976, company founder Don Nugent began research and development of dried cherries. The first commercial production of dried cherries rolled out in 1989, and the rest, as they say, is history. Today, Graceland Fruit is known for its outstanding research and development, the breadth of its product line, and for continually offering innovative and quality products based on customers' needs. The fresh, flavorful taste of Graceland's dried fruits is produced with patented drying, freezing, and processing technologies. The company has expanded its product lines through innovation and customer service and has earned the prestigious Edward R. Madigan U.S. Agricultural Export Excellence Award. Graceland has garnered a number of other awards, including National Ag Marketer of the Year, Michigan Manufacturer of the Year, and has twice been named Michigan's Agricultural Exporter of the Year. After some challenging years, Graceland completed a major turnaround effort in 2010. The effort paid off with a remarkable comeback year for fiscal year 2011, and despite the 2012 cherry crop loss, Graceland posted strong sales FRUIT AND VEGETABLE INGREDIENTS BY FFH POWDERS: BETTER THAN FREEZE-DRIED Earlier this year, Food for Health International (FFH) launched the Powder Division, or FFH Powders for short, for the sole purpose of helping businesses meet growing consumer demand for convenient, whole-food products. Among FFH Powders' premium offerings is a line of organic, nonGMO fruit and vegetable powders that deliver the original nutrition, real color and full flavor of whole foods. Created using the proprietary technology of PowderPure, these fruit and vegetable powders far surpass the quality of freeze-dried powders. Instead of relying on the intensive heat of traditional freeze-drying, the PowderPure process dehydrates whole foods using only wavelengths of natural light. While heat degrades water and nutrients indiscriminately, the natural light used in the PowderPure process targets and evaporates only water mole- cules, leaving the bioactive nutrient compounds fully intact. In 2011, PowderPure presented research at the International Berry Health Benefits Symposium showing that freeze-drying freshly pureed strawberries resulted in a 12 percent loss of vitamin C, whereas the PowderPure process, using the same raw material, showed no noticeable loss of vitamin C. Thanks to PowderPure's pioneering technology, mere teaspoons of FFH fruit and vegetable powders deliver the same nutritional content as one ½-cup serving of their original whole foods. Although easily formulated into a variety of products, our powders can also be resold in bulk as a 1:1 replacement for fresh produce. FFH fruit and vegetable powders deliver the purest, most authentic color and flavor found on the market today without needing a single artificial color or flavor. Freeze-dried products, on the 25 viding immune benefits. Wellmune offers a unique approach for athletes to maintain health and optimize training. This unique food, beverage and supplement ingredient has regulatory approval around the world, including GRAS status in the United States and novel foods approval in Europe and China. It is also patented, Kosher, Halal, non-allergenic and GMO-free. In addition to receiving an IFT Innovation Award, Wellmune has received a SupplySide West Scientific Excellence Award, a Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Research Award and the 2013 Nutraceutical Business & Technology Award. To learn more about Wellmune WGP, please stop by P.L. Thomas booth 924. For more information, visit www.plthomas.com, email plt@plthomas.com or call 973-984-0900. growth with its diverse product line in fiscal year 2012. "Our people are what have made this company successful for 40 years," said Graceland President and CEO Alan DeVore. "We certainly wouldn't be here, much less seeing this kind of success, without the talent and effort put forth by every person at every level." Looking ahead, Graceland's focus is on increasing brand awareness as a key part of its growth strategy. The effort kicked off last year with the rollout of a new website, tagline (Super Fruit. Super Good!™), and a company mascot known as "Super Cherry." The new marketing tools are a big boost to efforts aimed at repositioning the Graceland Fruit brand by expanding beyond traditional markets, said Brent Bradley, VP Marketing and Sales. "As consumers focus more on nutrition and healthy foods, we're well positioned to bring more niche products to the marketplace to occupy that space. We're very excited about the next 40 years." For more information, visit www.gracelandfruit.com or call 231-352-7181, and visit Graceland Fruit at the IFT Show, booth 2219. other hand, tend to change color during the freezing process and flavor during the heating process, requiring artificial ingredients to help the product mimic the original whole food. Due to their consistent particle shape and low porosity, FFH fruit and vegetable powders are highly flowable and soluble and can be easily formulated into a variety of products including dietary supplements, foods, beverages and even cosmetics and dyes. By contrast, the high porosity and irregular shape of freezedried powder particles impede flowability and solubility, making multiple applications difficult without high percentages of carrier. Due to their low porosity, FFH fruit and vegetable powders carry less than three percent moisture, allowing them to retain their original quality for years without the use of a single preservative. FFH carrot juice powder, for example, has shown a stable shelf life of at least eight years. For more information, visit booth 1986 at IFT, go online to www.ffh powders.com, call 801-854-9399 or email ift@ffhpowders.com.

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