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Food Magic Daily July 14, 2013

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AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH IFT Sunday, July 14, 2013 Oser Communications Group HUNTSMAN PIGMENTS' TIOXIDE PURITY 71 MAKES DEBUT APPEARANCE Chicago ARTISAN INDUSTRIES, INC. INTRODUCES THE ROTOTHERM C FOR PILOT PLANTS Perry Alasti, CTO of Artisan Industries Inc., talks with Food Magic Daily about his company's approach to process solutions. Huntsman and its new TIOXIDE Purity pigment brand are making a first-time appearance at the IFT 2013 Expo at booth 3859. "Our customers want reliable and consistent product performance," said Doug Nelson, Marketing Manager at Huntsman Pigments in North America. "We perform over 100 different sample tests on our colorant, TIOXIDE® Purity 71 pigment for the food industry." "We're very excited to be here in Chicago," Nelson continued. "We've got so much that we'd like to share with people at the show." At a show attracting so many food science and technology professionals, Nelson believes there will be lots to discuss besides product performance and process control. He thinks product stewardship, formulation support and regulatory matters will provide plenty of talking points. Huntsman's TIOXIDE Purity 71 pigment was launched last year and is already selling in the North American market. The pigment is used to achieve opacity and color in food products ranging from frosting and ice cream to savory sauces and cheese. Huntsman Pigments, part of the global Huntsman Corporation, has been PA: At this conference, we are happy to introduce the latest model of Rototherm® Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 29 EMERGING MARKETS RIPE FOR GANEDEN BIOTECH'S RESILIENT PROBIOTIC FMD: Tell our readers a little about your company. What's your main line of business? PA: We are a process development and solutions company. We design and build complete process systems for separations in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. At this conference, we highlight our vast experience with foods and nutraceuticals. We have experience in dehydration of fruits, deodorization of essential oils and oleochemicals, drying strategies for food and flavors, aroma/essence recovery, concentrating beverages and extracts, purifying natural flavors, and recovering glycerin. FMD: Are you introducing any new products? NDC PROVIDES ON-LINE AND AT-LINE MEASUREMENTS FOR FOOD INDUSTRIES Today, 90 percent of consumers are aware of the term probiotics and associate it with a health benefit. Clearly, probiotics would be a go-to ingredient if the friendly bacteria's survivability weren't such an issue. Ganeden Biotech's unique probiotic strain is changing that. GanedenBC30 survives extreme temperatures and processing so that it can be used in many foods and beverages where other probiotics fail. As mounting research demonstrates that probiotics' health benefits go beyond digestion, the $28 billion probiotic market is poised for continued growth as more consumers demand healthy options. GanedenBC30 is a resilient, FDA-GRAS probiotic with 17 research studies proving its safety and efficacy. In addition to supporting digestive health, recent research demonstrates that the strain may support protein absorption and immune health. These findings have implications in several emerging markets: Sports and Nutrition Expected to reach $67 billion by 2017, this category is wide open for new products. NDC is a global company that develops and manufactures measurement and control systems for a wide range of industries. It has enjoyed a long association with the food industry and has pioneered a number of key food measurements in partnership with its customers. NDC's products are designed to maintain and enhance product quality, process performance and profitability, while promoting enduser loyalty. The value-added parameters that NDC can measure for the food industries include moisture, fat, protein and collagen. NDC product range of near infrared (NIR) instruments are designed for both on line and at line food product applications. For example, NDC's InfraLab provides atline measurement with its non-contacting NIR based instrument. With the ability to measure a sample in just five seconds, InfraLab improves process visibility and provides a viable alternative to gravimetric and laboratory chemical methods. For on-line measurement, NDC's MM710e Foods Gauge provides continuous measurement for many different foods including meat, chips, candy and dairy products to name a few. Its unique electro-optical system uses multiple measurement channels Continued on Page 29 Continued on Page 29

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