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Chain Drugstore Daily 1 7 Monday, April 27, 2020 looking for products that meet their needs. The majority of all HurryCanes are sold from retail store shelves. HurryCane nationwide advertising drives customers into stores to make their purchase. Their targeted destination shopping combined with higher-than-average spending power makes for a valuable consumer coming through store doors. More than 25 percent of HurryCane purchases are made by repeat customers buying addi- HurryCane (Cont'd. from p. 1) tional colors and accessories. Grow your HurryCane sales by offering all four col- ors on your shelves. HurryCane also has multiple display options. Standalone displays have been shown to increase sales by three times over the standard on-shelf or pegged inline products. Millions of customers love their HurryCanes and trust the HurryCane mobility brand. For more information, email hurryretail@drivemedical.com. The dynamic instability of the industry requires new approaches and solutions that can shift with the demands of re-imagining the future of pharmacies. "Impact is not a static plat- form. Our development team is con- stantly evaluating gaps and then filling them. We're listening. We build our technology quickly and efficiently because our clients can't wait. They need solutions now." One of the key components of the Impact tool is "Measure," an easy-to- read dashboard that offers a visual snapshot of how a pharmacy is actually performing. It allows users to prep for meetings in under three minutes and offers a 10,000-foot view. And when they hear pharmacies are struggling to evaluate and measure any specific met- ric, such as GER guarantees or DIR accruals, the XIL team works to enhance the platform and Measure tool within a short period of time. These additions allow users to quickly spot if their payer mix is shifting, or if their XIL Consulting (Cont'd. from p. 1) reimbursements are incorrect and then make critical adjustments. Arguably the biggest disrupter Impact offers is the "Negotiate" vertical. This tool allows pharmacies to under- stand and strategize when and how to react to new payer amendments and con- tracts. With Impact, what normally takes weeks to analyze and evaluate now takes minutes. This gives pharmacies more actionable data and confidence when addressing payer issues. "Technology coupled with deep insights from both clients and our senior team members is game changing for our clients," says McCall. "This is only the beginning. Pharmacies can join our user group to help prioritize next level devel- opments. This summer, we're launching a brand new DIR recovery product as part of the Impact platform. And while our next significant development is under wraps, I can say that it involves predic- tive analytics and it's about to revolution- ize this entire space." For more on XIL Impact, visit www.xilimpact.com. effectiveness of the immune system. Probiotics offer consumers a way to bolster their immune systems. Probiotics act on multiple features of the immune system, for example by enhanc- ing the defensive capabilities of cells critical to the fight against pathogenic invaders. A growing body of evidence sug- gests those effects on the immune system translate into reductions in the incidence and duration of illnesses. For example, a meta-analysis found probiotics reduce the risk of common cold infections by 12 percent. Given adults typically experi- ence several colds a year, at a cost of $25 billion to the U.S. economy (Hao et al. 2011; Kang et al. 2013), the impact of such an effect on individuals and society could be big. Recognizing the importance of this, DuPont introduced a premium probiotic strain to support immune health, Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04, also known by the brand name HOWARU Protect Adult. HOWARU Bl-04 is a robust strain that not only survives the conditions HOWARU (Cont'd. from p. 1) found in the gut, but also influences the secretion of important immune mole- cules. Those features of the strain have now been validated in clinical trials. One gold-standard clinical trial linked daily used of Bl-04 to a 27 percent reduction in the risk of common cold, as compared to placebo. The study suggest- ed supplementation with Bl-04 may save people from suffering one cold every year. That study, like others involving Bl- 04, also found the strain has a good safe- ty and tolerability profile (West et al. 2014). The evidence on safety and effec- tiveness of Bl-04 led primary care physi- cians to award the product the title of "doctor preferred probiotic for respirato- ry health." With consumers increasingly focused on their wellbeing, the availabil- ity of a strain that promotes a healthy immune response and helps maintain healthy respiratory function creates an opportunity for retailers to grow sales while supporting their customers' efforts to live healthier lives. Learn more at www.dupontnutritionand biosciences.com. moisture balance it needs. In a head-to- head comparison with a leading compet- itive moisturizing lotion, Remedy Dermatology Series significantly out- performed the competition 24 hours after application (complete study details available on request from Medline Remedy ® ). Remedy Dermatology Series prod- ucts come as an extension of Medline Remedy. Medline is the No. 1 market leader for skin care products in the Remedy Dermatology (Cont'd. from p. 4) healthcare industry. Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Lotion is its first product made specifi- cally for the retail market. Packaging is designed to stand out from other lotions on shelf, highlighting the effec- tiveness and gentle, botanical formula. It is available in 3-ounce, 8-ounce and 12-ounce bottles today, with a 16- ounce body cream tub launching in May of 2020. For more information, go to www .medline.com. Pragma Pharmaceuticals, LLC (Pragma). Trazodone Hydrochloride Tablets are a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor indi- cated for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD). Trazodone Hydrochloride Tablets has an estimated market size of U.S. $123 million for the 12 months ending December 2019 as per IQVIA. Oxycodone Hydrochloride Oral Solution USP, 5mg/5mL (1mg/mL) and 100mg/5mL (20mg/mL). Aurobindo's Oxycodone Hydrochloride Oral Solution USP, 5mg/5mL (1mg/mL) and 100mg/5mL (20mg/mL) are an AB-rated generic equiv- alent to the reference listed drug, Oxycodone Hydrochloride Oral Solution USP, 5mg/5mL (1mg/mL) and 100mg/5mL (20mg/mL), of Genus Lifesciences, Inc. Oxycodone Hydrochloride Oral Solution USP is an opioid agonist indicated for the Aurobindo (Cont'd. from p. 4) management of pain severe enough to require an opioid analgesic and for which alternative treatments are inadequate. Oxycodone Hydrochloride Oral Solution USP has an estimated market size of U.S. $33 million for the 12 months ending December 2019 as per IQVIA. Aurobindo Pharma USA looks for- ward to launching many more products as it continues to expand its portfolio. Aurobindo remains focused on strength- ening its existing businesses, and devel- oping a differentiated and specialty driv- en product portfolio. Aurobindo contin- ues to perform well across all of its key geographies, while providing excellent customer service. This is the key to Aurobindo's success. For more information, visit www.aurobindousa.com or call 732.839.9400. consumers trending toward consump- tion of more water and less sugary drinks. We thought we were catching a trend, but now, it looks like a move- ment. The hydration category is explod- ing, and our fruit infusion water prod- ucts give consumers a simple and low- cost way to enjoy healthy fruit infused flavored water," said Prodyne President Scott McArdle. The new 90-ounce Grand Fruit Infusion Pitcher is made from BPA-free crystal clear acrylic and comes in an assortment of attractive colors. The Grand is designed for daily use and includes a removable fruit infusion rod that can be filled with an endless variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs to satisfy the taste and thirst of the con- sumer wanting to replace sugary bever- ages or expensive artificially flavored seltzer water with fresh flavor-infused water. As a new generation of consumers abandons traditional sweetened sodas, Prodyne continues to tailor its fruit Prodyne (Cont'd. from p. 1) infusion collection to meet the genera- tional shift and craving for flavored waters. In 2009, Prodyne created the beverage infusion category with its first Fruit Infusion Pitcher and today contin- ues to expand with the growing hydra- tion category. The Grand Fruit Infusion Pitcher is the latest addition to a wide assortment of BPA-free fruit infusion beverage- ware that includes the Iced Fruit Infusion Pitcher. Other versions include The Flavor Jar, Flavor Bottle and Flavor Carafe, which have remov- able vertical sections that strain fruit while pouring. For serving and enter- taining, the elegant Diamond Cut Fruit Infusion Pitcher has an acrylic diamond cut design. The Big Fruit Infusion Pitcher features a generous 110-ounce capacity with larger infusion rod to accommodate more fruit. This year, Prodyne celebrates its 49th year in the industry manufacturing Dynamic Designs for Good Living. For more information, visit www .prodyne.com. home for their family and pets. A steamer's high temperature kills dust mites, germs, mold, bacteria and chemical film left behind from inferior cleaning products. The Reliable Steamboy Pro 300CU comes with a unique detachable head fea- ture, a hidden scrub brush for scrubbing bristles by loosening and removing tough dirt, not to mention cleaning your grout to a like-new shine. Also, use it on tile floors and hardwood floors. No need to soften hardened spills by soaking or spraying Reliable Steamboy (Cont'd. from p. 6) chemical cleaners. With 245-degree Fahrenheit steam, the dirt is dissolved quickly and wiped away with one easy motion. The microfiber scrubs pads are machine washable to be ready for the next clean up. Need to freshen carpets or your couch? Just click on the convenient carpet glide and you will be enjoying fresh fab- rics all across your home. Just add water to harness the power of steam for the health of your home. For more information, go to www .reliablecorporation.com.

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