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Chain Drugstore Daily 1 5 Monday, April 27, 2020 Let MarkeTouch Drive Your Pharmacy Goals By Matt Casserly, Marketing Manager, MarkeTouch In today's marketplace, it's not the strongest that survives or the most intel- ligent; it's the one that is most respon- sive to change. For nearly two decades, MarkeTouch has provided intelligent, actionable communications solutions to numerous pharmacies throughout the country without utilizing third-party contractors all while developing and maintaining our services within the United States. Our primary responsibil- ity is to the patients, pharmacy team members, clients and all others using our products and services. We consis- tently ask ourselves: what is driving you? Every cent is valuable. Every sec- ond counts. Every patient matters. Every experience is significant. What is driving your pharmacy business goals this year? Do you want to increase rev- enue? Increase your prescription count and ancillary sales. Do you want to increase profits? Decrease your cost to fill and the impact of DIR fees. Do you want to improve outcomes? Increase your patient education and adherence. Do you want to give your customers a greater experience? Improve the phar- macy workflow and patient's in-store experience. Put MarkeTouch at the wheel to drive these pharmacy goals. We have a solution that delivers quantifiable results. Our services are proven to increase prescription counts by an aver- age of 2.5 incremental fills annually. Increase your ancillary sales with greater patient interaction. MarkeTouch provides over a 99.9 percent uptime for the entire platform while receiv- ing and delivering over 300 million communi- cations annually. If you're still dodging your IVR hardware station in the pharma- cy, drop the box, and get with our 100 percent hosted Central IVR. Our out- bound notification service reduces return to stock by an average of 40 per- cent. Provide real-time refills of 20 per- cent with less than 1 percent opt-out. MarkeTouch solutions have a docu- mented increase of over 5 percent in PDC scores with over 50 percent enrollment using our MedSync service. Up to 50 percent of patients are con- verted from voice to text, and MarkeTouch has over two million active users enrolled in mobile and web appli- cations. 4.5 million appointments are scheduled annually either via a mobile device, website or in person using the Health & Wellness Scheduler. Talk to MarkeTouch today, and find out how our intelligent, actionable, targeted communications solutions have result- ed in more effective campaigns that have increased patient adherence, sat- isfaction and pharmacy revenue since 2001. Allow MarkeTouch to take the wheel and drive your pharmacy goals this year. For more information, call 512.495.7111 or visit www.marketouchmedia.com. Uniweb Offers 'Tilt-Up' Style Modular Rooms Does your store need a new room? A manager office, consultation room, ship- ping and receiving station, secure cash room, complete pharmacy center, tempo- rary space, reception area or a work/mail station? Regardless of its purpose, insist on a room that meets or exceeds your specifications cost-effectively and effi- ciently. A room that enhances your com- pany's function and style! Uniweb's "Tilt-Up" style modular rooms provide the answer. Quick and Cost Effective Uniweb modular rooms are designed, completely factory built and UL factory wired prior to arriving at the construction site. Precision engineering and assembly- line productivity generate savings in installation labor, needed materials and construction time. With minimal in field variables when installing a Uniweb room, materials costs are contained and fewer installers are required to achieve top-quality assembly. The speed of the room's set-up allows other subcontrac- tors to begin and complete their work faster than in other construction methods. The rapid construction phase helps to maintain your budget, while maximizing your operating and investment dollars. Uniweb rooms depreciate as a fixture as opposed to a capital or lease-hold improvements. Under present tax laws, typically, every third or fourth room purchased gives you one free! Innovative Uniweb Tilt-Up facilities reflect the design and production of innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing rooms at costs that challenge the devel- opment of traditionally constructed rooms. Uniweb recog- nizes how crucial your retail, consult or pharma- cy space appearance is to you and to your cus- tomers. Uniweb's design team works alongside your personnel and archi- tects to craft and create a welcoming ambiance for the customers. The components will meet your company's specific aesthetic requirements, including surface options, materials, custom colors and finishes coordinating with your store's interior. Column-free uprights with continu- ous channels allow for an integrated and flexible clutter-free functional working environment with unrestricted merchan- dising or storage space. Modular shelv- ing, cabinets and accessories are easily interchangeable and exceptionally practi- cal. Every Uniweb room can be custom designed to meet exact requirements, both in function and appearance – feel free to dream and design! Durable and Safe Uniweb products will not rip or tear and are more fire resistant than tradi- tional wood shelv- ing and drywall. You will have a productive room that will last and continue to be a supporting member of your retail team for years to come. Since most of the fabrication and wiring is completed in the factory, and install starts at ground level, Uniweb's Tilt-Up rooms allow for a safer working environment for installation crews than traditional drywall builds and the reduced construc- tion cycle decreases the opportunity for accidents. Uniweb modular rooms pro- vide attractiveness, efficiency and longevity. Imagine the goal; Uniweb will help you bring it to reality. For more information, call 800.486.4932 or visit www.uniwebinc.com. Why the DishFish? In an extremely competitive category with little innovation and a plethora of brands, why create a new sponge prod- uct? According to Jim Kordenbrock, Founder of the DishFish family of prod- ucts, "there is an amazing love-hate rela- tionship among sponge users and their sponges, yet we found it's a topic con- sumers love to discuss. This is not sur- prising as sponges are a product we use virtually every day. We found that con- sumers were looking for a sponge that would last longer, stay clean and not smell. Our solution was the DishFish!" The process began when Foamtec International hired Kordenbrock to create their first consumer product after 22 years in the B2B market. "We were able to leverage the expertise of Foamtec International, an industry leader in high tech specialized foam applications within the automotive, electronic, cosmetic and medical industries. Foamtec's clean room solutions provided the foundation for the real science behind the DishFish materi- al. It's the material inside that makes the DishFish truly revolutionary. Kordenbrock's team set out to create the "perfect" scrubbing sponge. They lis- tened to hundreds of customers and test- ed dozens of products in order to create the final DishFish product. The first and most important differentiator of the DishFish is the patented design. It's shaped like a fish to ergonomically fit in your hand, clean tight spaces and most importantly, stand on its tail to drain and stay fresh. As a result, the DishFish does- n't smell. "A rectangle sponge provides cost savings and a round sponge is novel, but neither of the two options are func- tional. Plus, a round sponge will roll off the table. We wanted something unique, fun and functional," said Kordenbrock. The DishFish addresses many of the issues consumers have with sponges. Compared to the competitors, the DishFish is stronger, stays clean longer and is more absorbent. Additionally, the DishFish won't scratch sensitive surfaces and avoids those horrible bacteria odors by standing on its tail to drain. Remarkably, when con- sumers try the DishFish, nearly 92 percent prefer it over their current scrub sponge. According to Kordenbrock, "When you create a product with this high level of acceptance, it means you listened and delivered a product that consumers love! This is amazing to me and it's also what I am most proud of!" In fact, during the extensive consumer research, consumers actually used the word "perfect" to describe the DishFish. This strong prefer- ence fits the new DishFish tagline: "Other Sponges Don't Stand Up!" According to Kordenbrock, "Our best sales tool is to simply have people try the DishFish. Once you try it, you will understand why we created the DishFish family of products and why 'Other Sponges Don't Stand Up!'" For more information, email sales@dish fish.com or go to www.dishfish.com and www.getgofish.com.

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