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Chain Drugstore Daily Saturday, April 25, 2020 6 Ascend Continues to Push Ceiling Upward 2019 was a milestone year for Ascend. Construction was completed on a dou- bling of capacity at its Indian Damon facility and the first phase of construction at its new Indore facility was also com- pleted. The completion of these projects will serve both Ascend and its customers well over the next decade by creating enough capacity to remain in existing molecules and accommodate up to anoth- er 100 plus. Besides the existing 55 mol- ecules Ascend is currently marketing, it has another 56 fully developed and awaiting FDA approval and another 100 or so at various stages of development. Ground has also been broken on phase 2 at Indore, which will accommodate planned new dosage formats and more specialized molecules. The results of these investments are that Ascend continues to grow in a diffi- cult environment and at a pace above industry averages. The goal of being viewed as a trustworthy and reliable sup- plier continues to be the company's main goal. John Dillaway, the company's Executive Vice President, says, "We want customers to know that if they favor us with their business that we will take care of them. We are expanding our expiration dating on as many molecules as possible, which allows us to hold more inventory on hand, so when customers come to us looking for help, we can say yes right away. This, coupled with what we believe is the best prepared and service attentive group of account executives, positions Ascend as an attractive option for customers." By combining serv- ice, knowledge, capaci- ty and responsiveness, Ascend believes it can stand out in a crowded field with many com- petitors. Since its emergence in the industry in 2008, Ascend has continued its impressive year-over-year growth every year since and appears to be well positioned to have that trend continue in 2020. For more information, go to www.ascendlaboratories.com. DuPont: Investing in Breakthrough Microbiome Science to Expand Frontiers of Probiotics The rapid proliferation of knowledge about the role of the microbiome in human health has created a need for com- panies capable of translating break- through science into sought-after prod- ucts. DuPont is rising to that challenge by combining a startup-like ethos with its unrivalled microbiome expertise. In recent years, the tens of trillions of microbes found in human bodies have become the focal point of some of the most exciting research in the health sec- tor. A fast-expanding body of evidence shows the makeup of these microbial communities, known collectively as the microbiome, influences many aspects of human health, creating new opportunities to improve millions of lives. Those opportunities are underpinned by evidence that taking probiotic prod- ucts that contain certain strains of bacte- ria and prebiotics such as human milk oligosaccharides can positively influence the interaction between the microbiome and other parts of the body. The idea of modulating the micro- biome to improve wellbeing is best estab- lished in the digestive and immune health realms. Yet, having proven themselves in those realms, prebiotics and probiotics are now gaining traction in other fields and parts of the human body. Researchers have linked conditions as diverse as autism, cancer and diabetes to the micro- biome, creating a plethora of opportuni- ties. As a leader in probiotic and prebiotic science technology, DuPont has been at the forefront of efforts to seize those opportunities. The result is a portfolio that has expanded out from digestive and immune health to incorporate prod- ucts for weight management, cog- nitive health and oral health. To continue pushing the frontiers of the probiotic and prebiotic field, DuPont has established the Human Microbiome Venture, a small, focused entrepreneurial team tasked with developing science- based solutions for health and wellness. In pursuing that goal, the Human Microbiome Venture partners with lead- ers in academia and industry to ensure DuPont has access to the best science and brightest minds, wherever they are found. The Human Microbiome Venture lists APC Microbiome Ireland among its partners. Together, the organizations are running a multi-year program that will focus on maternal and infant microbio- mes, which play a critical role in infant development and long-term health. The goal is to develop solu- tions for establishing a healthy microbiome in early life. Other projects run by DuPont have already led to scientific advances. Early in 2020, DuPont scientists published a paper describing their work to identify strains of bacteria that address stress-associated anxiety and depression-related behaviors in animals. The preclinical study uncovered three strains that may be effective in address- ing similar conditions in humans. The early stage nature of the stress research is indicative of DuPont's will- ingness to invest in science that is years away from commercialization. In doing so, DuPont is leveraging and adding to the latest understanding of the microbio- me to lay the groundwork for health breakthroughs for their ingredient brand HOWARU ® , in the future. Learn more at www.dupontnutritionand biosciences.com. Be the Sewing Star of the Galaxy: Brother LB5000S Star Wars Edition Get ready for a sewing and embroidery machine that is absolutely out of this world! Now you can express your love for Star Wars with three interchangeable classic character faceplates and a Star Wars logo faceplate. Repositionable adhe- sive lets you switch between the Darth Vader, Princess Leia and Droid faceplates with ease. Plus a Star Wars Design Pack code is also included for downloading 10 embroi- dery designs on www.ibroidery.com, along with a code for download- ing 10 additional galactic- inspired designs. This 2-in-1 sewing and Continued on Page 17

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