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Oser Founder Chain Drugstore Daily Saturday, April 25, 2020 4 Putting MarkeTouch at the Wheel By Matt Casserly, Marketing Manager, MarkeTouch In today's marketplace, it's not the strongest that survives or the most intelli- gent; it's the one that is most responsive to change. For nearly two decades, MarkeTouch has provided intelligent, actionable communications solutions to numerous pharmacies throughout the country without utilizing third-party con- tractors all while developing and main- taining our services within the United States. Our primary responsibility is to the patients, pharmacy team members, clients and all others using our products and services. We consistently ask our- selves: what is driving you? Every cent is valuable. Every second counts. Every patient matters. Every experience is significant. What is driving your pharmacy business goals this year? Do you want to increase revenue? Increase your prescription count and ancillary sales. Do you want to increase profits? Decrease your cost to fill and the impact of DIR fees. Do you want to improve out- c o m e s ? Increase your patient edu- cation and a d h e r e n c e . Do you want to give your customers a greater experi- ence? Improve the pharmacy workflow and patient's in-store experience. Put MarkeTouch at the wheel to Aurobindo Focuses on Customer Service, Honesty, Transparency Aurobindo is an Indian USA headquar- tered generic pharmaceutical company founded in 1986. Its first product approved by the U.S. FDA was in 2004, and since then Aurobindo has been con- sistently growing. Its vision is to become a consistent top five generic pharmaceu- tical supplier and have a reputation for superior customer service, honesty and transparency. With a total of 1,353 employees employed across all U.S. divi- sions at the close of 2019, Aurobindo continues to add to its headcount with even more expansion and growth. Aurobindo actively achieves this expansion and growth by striving for 100 percent accuracy in all customer related activities including orders, shipments and correspondences. It has established long- term relationships with customers based on integrity and trust. The national account managers are available 24/7 to its customers, and the rest of the team. Aurobindo is committed to resolve all pending regulatory issues and continu- ously improve quality. The customer accounts services team is top notch, and has over 25 years of experience in the field combined. Through open communication and daily meetings, customer accounts serv- ices is able to tackle any obstacle that comes its way. The distribution center is located walking distance from customer accounts s e r v i c e s and the s u p p l y c h a i n team in the U.S. corporate office, granting acces- sible face-to-face conversations and observations. Aurobindo prides itself in this layout, making the daily grind seem more like a close-knit family that just so happens to be extending lives by provid- ing affordable generic medications. If you have any questions or con- cerns about Aurobindo's products, con- tact the customer accounts services team at 866.850.2876, or via email at custom- erservice@aurobindousa.com. For more information, visit www.aurobindousa.com or call 732.839.9400. Continued on Page 17 The Sponge for Sponge Haters Sponges are gross and consumers deserve better. That's where DishFish comes in. DishFish stands up to other household cleaning tools with a line of powerful, multipurpose sponges, and non-scratch scrubbers that's preferred by 92 percent of sponge users. Along with its GoFish product line that's ideal for cars, boats and motorcycles, these sponges are designed to clean cleaner, while staying fresh and odor-free longer. Engineered by cleanrooms specialists, DishFish and GoFish are made with PowerCell Technology™, which attacks grease and grime without scratching sensi- tive surfaces, and ForeverFresh Foam™, which allows for greater absorbency while resisting bacterial odors, mold and mildew. The flow-through cell design yields a pow- erful scrubber sponge that's up to 10 times stronger than the leading scrubber sponge, and the unique patented fish shape allows it to stand on its tail to dry quicker. "We had consumers who typically don't use sponges try the DishFish," said Jim Kordenbrock, the DishFish Founder. The results were surprising – the sponge haters actually liked the DishFish. The rev- olutionary DishFish is changing attitudes about sponges for several reasons. The shape is functional and the DishFish will not smell like a typical sponge as it stands on its tail to drain. It is also designed to drain and release excess water, preventing bacter- ial odors you get from typical sponges. This is the first consumer-product line from Foamtec International, a leader with more than 22 years of expertise in manufacturing high-tech foam. This product is perfect for your sponge-hating consumers looking for a cleaning tool that won't stink, and will save time and effort to clean their home and vehicles. For more information, visit to www .dishfish.com and www.getgofish.com.

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