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Chain Drugstore Daily 1 5 Saturday, April 25, 2020 Pink Focuses on Empowering Women An interview with Kimberly Vigliante, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. CDD: Can you tell our readers why you launched Pink ® and what makes the brand stand out? KV: Today's woman is many things: an on-the-go mom, a student, a professional – the one thing they all need is a brand they can trust. We created Pink, a wellness brand designed by women for women with a cause, to do just that. We want all women to be the best that they can be. If we can share some good along the way – even better! We are truly dedicated to leading through kindness and sharing our passion for wellness by empowering all women to live their best life, which means supporting her, her family and her com- munity by partnering with charities that focus on women's causes. We had a lot of fun launching this brand. Watching the women share and support each other's ideas and seeing the Pink brand evolve into what it is now was truly amazing! CDD: What makes Pink's products so unique? KV: At Pink, we put women's health at the forefront by not only delivering high quality nutritional products, but also providing her with the simple solutions she is looking for. Specific products for her! So, she can keep up with the demands of her busy life. We developed targeted wellness solutions with a pur- pose: great tasting gummies to give a sweet moment of self-care, on-the-go single serve stick packs for her fast- paced life and delicious, naturally fla- vored fast dissolves that drive results. We have focused on the trending ingre- dients she is asking for such as mela- tonin, collagen and B12 to address her key needs, such as sleep, beauty and energy. What woman do you know that isn't concerned with at least one of those areas? We also wanted to address the stress of everyday life, so we developed a unique formula to provide her with support when she needs it most, our instant favorite: Calm Caps! This tran- quil blend of L-theanine, chamomile, ashwagandha and passionflower is designed to provide calm in the chaos. (These statements have not been evalu- ated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or pre- vent any disease.) I mentioned quality earlier. I want to go back to that. All of our Pink products are non-GMO, gluten free and free of common allergens and chemical addi- tives, guarantee- ing a clean well- ness experience so she can conquer her health goals. From ingredient formulation to pro- ducing the final product, every aspect of Pink has been carefully crafted by women, including our beautiful and unique pink colored packaging with its eye-catching design. With a sleek, cus- tom-made pink bottle and satiny pink label, our Pink products are sure to be the center of attention on shelf and a favorite in her wellness cabinet. CDD: Supporting women's causes is a pillar of Pink's identity. Can you expand on that? KV: Empowering the daily lives of women goes beyond just vitamins and supplements. Our hope is that we can help share our passion for wellness with others by supporting the women who purchase Pink, their families and their communities. When consumers purchase Pink, a portion of sales is given to chari- ties that support women's causes. The world can use a little more TLC in it, and if Pink can help influence positive change in someone's life then we should all feel proud. At Pink, we believe that when women support each other, incredi- ble things will happen! For more information, go to www.pinkproducts.com. LUMIFY Committed to Meeting Eye Health Needs of Consumers, Physicians Before spring 2018, redness relief was known as a traditionally sleepy retail cat- egory, declining at a rate of -1.4 percent annually. With the launch of LUMIFY ® , Bausch + Lomb changed the game by bringing more than 1.1 million first-time users into the category (about 26 percent growth) and achieving the No. 1 dollar share among redness relievers (at 42 per- cent year to date). LUMIFY contains a unique formula- tion that works differently than other red- ness relievers (low dose OTC brimoni- dine selectively constricts blood vessels). It selectively targets redness and in clini- cal trials, had a low risk of the common side effects associated with other redness relievers, including rebound redness and loss of efficacy over time, when used as directed (McLaurin E, et.al. Optom Vis Sci. 2018 Mar;95(3):264-271). The company believes that the ongo- ing success of LUMIFY is the result of its strong efficacy and safety profile, fast results, excellent retailer support as well as its "surround-sound" integrated con- sumer campaign which is focused on driving trial and awareness of this amaz- ing product. The campaign spans mass media, social media, event collaborations, and influencer and retailer promotions. Celebrities, models and makeup artists have also been declaring their love for LUMIFY through their social chan- nels and articles. In addition, LUMIFY has gained new fandom and exposure from beauty boxes including Allure, PopSugar and New Beauty, and sample events where consumers are encouraged to share a photo on Instagram show- ing their radiant eyes after using LUMIFY (the LUMIFY challenge). "We're extremely proud of the positive response we've received on LUMIFY, which con- tinues to be a hit in stores, at home and in the media," said Chris Marschall, Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Consumer Health Care, Bausch + Lomb. "Since day one, we have taken a fresh approach with our national marketing campaign, which in part, has helped bring new interest to the segment – more than two thirds of LUMIFY users are new to redness reliev- ers, with nearly half new to eye drops" (IRI UNIFY: Total U.S. Panel – All out- lets: 52 Weeks Ending 01-26-2020). LUMIFY continues to be popular among eye care professionals. Within two months of launching, LUMIFY became the No. 1 eye doctor recommended redness reliever brand and today has approximately 84 percent of doc- tor recommendations. "Before LUMIFY, there were only products that con- stricted both arteries and veins in the eye, causing many patients to develop a tolerance or loss of effectiveness with the products over time as well as rebound redness," Marschall continued. "With its strong efficacy, safety profile and unique formu- lation, LUMIFY is filling an unmet need in the marketplace and represents our commitment to meet the evolving eye health needs of consumers and physi- cians." For more information on LUMIFY, visit www.lumifydrops.com. New Deviled Egg Seasoning Mixes from The Negg The Negg ® – which stands for "naked egg" – makes the tedious task of peeling eggs easy, fast and fun. Cracking the code on one of food prep's biggest pain points made the Negg the No. 1 hard- boiled egg peeler on the market. A little cold water and some shaking are all it takes for the hardboiled egg's shell to slide off like butter. The Negg retails for $14.95 and is proudly made in the USA. Among the many fans of the Negg are health and fitness advocates who find an easy-to- peel egg a perfect way to get their pro- tein. It's also a hit with parents who involve their kids in preparing food and older Americans who suffer from arthri- tis. The Connecticut-based entrepre- neurs behind the Negg recently launched four savory spice combination packets to help home cooks serve up delicious deviled eggs each and every time. The Negg Deviled Egg Seasoning mixes are available in four flavors: Classic, Cajun, Smoky Ham and Curry. Taking the guesswork out of measuring and prep, each packet provides enough flavor for 24 deviled-egg halves. The Negg spice packets retail for $2.50. The seasonings can also be used to spice up egg, tuna or potato salad. Season meats and fish or combine with with yogurt or sour cream for a delicious dip in no time. Business partners for nearly 20 years, co-inventors Bonnie Tyler and Sheila Torgan have a unique brand of entrepreneurial spirit. They developed the Negg, a simple solution to a huge frustration for many home cooks. Like most new concepts, the inspiration came from a moment of frustration. Bonnie agreed to bring a dozen deviled eggs to a party and was growing increasingly frustrated as she fought to remove the shells. After mentioning the issue to Torgan, the two simply wanted to prove the concept of peel- ing an egg in a hand-held device. Utilizing 3D print- ers at their local library, the two began testing prototypes with the intention of making two working models (one for each). What was initially supposed to be a part-time hobby turned into a booming business and the pair's full-time focus. For more information, go to www .neggmaker.com.

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