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Broadcasters Show Daily Wednesday, April 22, 2020 1 4 X-keys: Create Mission Critical Reliable Control Systems By Miranda Gorte, Director of Marketing, P.I. Engineering X-keys are a family of USB programma- ble keyboards, keypads and controls. We can configure them to instantly trigger actions on a computer. This means you have one-button access to any complex function designed into the software you rely on to keep your workflow going. The dedicated keys are reliable and efficient, so you keep your mind on the project instead of the software. Precise, accurate and reliable X-keys controls have been helping people in studios, labs, offices and arenas worldwide since 1997. We will support you in every stage of your project. Using a standard X-keys footprint as a starting point, you can cre- ate a unique intuitive control surface for your application. With our free configu- ration software, X-keys can be quickly programmed to send simple or complex HID commands. After determining the best layout for your project, we have blank legend sheets so you can write or draw the key legends you want. Then we have templates available on our website for Photoshop or Illustrator, and you can design, print and cut the legends to fit under the lens cap. These two flexible methods are used when creating your ini- tial design and lay- out. Once you have finalized your design and you want to move to a professional fin- ished looking product, we are happy to create an OEM project for you. We can make a custom key set with our in-house industrial UV printer. The printer uses a durable acrylic UV cured ink to print key legends to your exact specifications – no extra setup fees for additional colors, text or icons. We can also put your logo on the device, program and test it, and lock the programming with 128-bit password protection, making a standalone control system targeted exactly at your software and your needs. Need something outside the box of one of the many X- keys footprints? We can take your concept from a napkin sketch to full production using the proven X-keys chipset, engineering and support, turning your idea into the exact custom control surface that you want. The great thing about X-keys is that you have a custom control product for your unique needs, with the reliability and cost savings associated with high volume consumer products. For us it is what we do every day. For you, it just works. For more information, go to www.xkeys.com or email sales@ piengineering.com. myGEKOgear Offers Peace of Mind while On the Road Car accidents can happen at any time, whether you're on your daily commute, on a road trip or simply out running errands. It's best to always be prepared for an accident no matter how great of a driver you may be. myGEKOgear aims to offer peace of mind for each car ride, knowing that the dash cam will have clear-cut evidence in case any situation occurs on your drive. In the occurrences of an accident, many do not want to take responsibility and quickly blame the other party. With a dash cam, it elimi- nates the headache of finding out the fault of the accident, possibly saving thousands of dollars on car insurance. myGEKOgear is dedicated to creating the most reliable quality of dash cams empowered with crystal clear imaging to protect the rights of drivers. myGEKOgear strives to bring a plethora of high-performance dash cams with its Orbit series to ensure that its dash cams fit all of your needs. When designing dash cams, myGEKOgear takes every detail into consideration, from designing to production, and the user-friendliness of each dash cam. myGEKOgear ensures that all the hardware and specs of its dash cams are on par, and most importantly, affordable. Find the Orbit line equipped with modern technology to make for a simpler ride each time, boasting WiFi capabilities, GPS logging, Sony Starvis sensors and many driv- er assist features to promote better driving habits. It has dash cams that fit any type of driver, from your daily commuter, safety conscious driver and even rideshare drivers. Don't wait until you get into an accident and then equip yourself with a dash cam. Be equipped today and always be pre- pared. For more information, email marketing @mygekogear.com.

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