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Broadcasters Show Daily 1 1 Wednesday, April 22, 2020 Brand Your Multi-Channel Digital Network on Platform 9 "You create the content and program- ming, and we'll deliver it, anywhere, to everyone, on every device," promises Stuart Bishop, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Katapy. "It will be on your branded network, with a fully white labeled agreement, giving you the ability to manage your and your affiliate offer- ings content with a single pane of glass, and employ multiple monetization options. Regardless of the industry, Platform 9 provides the most flexible and comprehensive digital media distribution solution in the marketplace today." Platform 9 is a turnkey multi-chan- nel video network offering that encom- passes onboarding via multi-cloud stor- age/MRSS/batch/drag-and-drop in a multi-affiliate archive offloading cura- tion across your distributed teams; multi- level curation and automated sub-brand- ing of channels within a single network offering; curate once – deliver every- where dashboard; and open monetization offerings. For almost two decades, Katapy has been working with and listening to broadcasters, content producers, net- work aggregators, studios, schools/uni- versities, religious organizations and marketers to not only understand their needs, but look ahead to what will be needed so they can most effectively leverage their video offerings in the future. The launch of the Platform 9 White Label offering is the culmination and manifestation of that vision and mission. Platform 9 reinvents digital media distribution. Platform 9 delivers video on demand/live/linear content as one simple offering to your viewers across mobile, OTT, web, smartTV and legacy satel- lite/cable/air offerings. No matter the screen your customers use, your content is there for them to consume. All of this coupled with advanced analytics rounds out the offering that you need to go digital with your con- tent on your own branded net- work. Platform 9 is the outcome of Katapy's global experience delivering consumer-facing digi- tal media streaming solutions. "Over the last five years, the team at Katapy brought together all our best practices and trade partners, and created the framework and architec- ture for Platform 9," said Bishop. "In fact, the product exists and is operating today. Naming the product Platform 9 simply makes it easier for clients to iden- tify and ask for the solution. And, with an implementation time of between 90 to 120 days, it's here now!" Company Overview Katapy is a division of Quantum Business Consulting, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee. Katapy provides consumer-facing digital media streaming solutions to any company with media distribution intent. Services include video hosting and stream- ing as well as application and channel build-out for all platforms including any internet addressable device. Katapy is dedicated to delivering the best possible media experience for your audience while making the process of getting your video content online as easy as possible for you. With Katapy, you get an extensive end-to-end onboarding, curation and delivery process that simplifies your digital dis- tribution workflow. Katapy fully inte- grates into your existing media asset management system, offering both live and stored media workflows from con- tent to consumer, on all screens. Katapy is unique in its ability to offer an all- inclusive media distribution solution to any company with an unparalleled qual- ity of service. For more information, go to www .katapy.com or www.p9network.com or call 615.431.1809. Your Trusted Source for Sound in Picture, Post and Broadcast Since 1993, Vintage King Audio has brought customers the best in analog and digital technology to create the ultimate audio experience. From the iconic gear of Neumann, Neve, Telefunken and SSL to the best of the modern era in Dolby Labs, Avid, Digico and Dante, the Michigan- based company offers a world-class selection of gear. This premium customer experience extends beyond just product offerings. Vintage King Audio is home to a one-of- a-kind tech shop that restores vintage items and ensures all new-to-you gear is serviced before leaving for its destina- tion. Its best-in-industry warranty and return policy ensures that shopping with Vintage King Audio means avoiding the hassles of other online retailers. With a staff of Audio Consultants who are experts in their fields, Vintage King Audio is always ready to help apply its knowledge to your specific needs. With locations in Detroit, Los Angeles and Nashville, one of its Audio Consultants is never too far away. Whether you're starting from the ground- up, redesigning your room, or ready to integrate a new system into your facili- ties, the company is happy to help you every step of the way. ATC Loudspeakers is a British man- ufacturer of speakers and complete sound reproduction systems, including all rele- vant electronic equipment. ATC designs and manufactures loudspeaker drive units and systems to achieve levels of per- formance far in excess of the industry norm. This is achieved by adopting a thoroughly professional engineer- ing approach to the issue of basic design, materials science and production technology. The Audio Consultants at Vintage King Audio are proud to include ATC Loudspeakers in their immersive mix room design proj- ects, as seen in Studio C at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee. French innovators Trinnov Audio are revolutionizing the way that we hear what we record, mix and master. With the brand's innovative monitor controllers, metering systems and room correction technology, it's possible to analyze and test your studio for any problems plaguing your listening experience. The end result will be the most accurate and realistic sound field attainable in your given room and mon- itoring environment. Source Elements has been supporting the sound and film industry since 2005 with uncompressed audio workflows and a deep feature set, including built-in Remote Transport Sync for working with picture or back- ground material, discrete conferencing and much more. It offers simple, dedicat- ed client software, as well as integrated AAX, RTAS, AU and VST plugins, mak- ing remote workflows and collaboration possible for recording studios, voice actors, musicians, journalists and more. For more information, go to www .vintageking.com or call 818.237.9181. SecuGen's Low-Cost, Compact Bluetooth Fingerprint Reader By Jeff Brown, Vice President of Sales, SecuGen Corporation What is Unity 20 Bluetooth? The Unity 20 Bluetooth is the world's first elegantly designed, low cost, fully programmable Bluetooth fingerprint reader. It is sleek and small enough to be carried in your pocket as a mobile fingerprint reader or placed at a work- station as an ergonomic desktop read- er. It's a versatile scanner that can securely transfer fingerprint data wire- lessly to mobile devices and computers alike. But it can also process and store encrypted fingerprints within the device without having fingerprint data ever leaving the device. This can help ensure that sensitive biometric data stays secure within the users' possession at all times, which can be important for sensitive transactions. What's so appealing about it? Most Bluetooth products on the market are about as attractive as a deck of cards. The Unity 20 Bluetooth reader, on the other hand, is a stunning device with a simple but intuitive single button inter- face and three small LEDs. Our team has been able to achieve this while keeping the price of the product very low and suitable even for large-scale deploy- ments. With support for Android and iOS, the Unity 20 Bluetooth can be paired with most smartphones or tablets as an efficient solution for roaming enrollment and authentication of groups of people without having to deal with bulky machines. No longer requiring cables that can lead to clunky tethering, the Unity 20 Bluetooth was designed so that an administrator can hold it in one hand while presenting it to a user to place their finger comfortably to scan. What's under the hood? The Unity 20 Bluetooth can be used right out of the box using the pre- installed Fingerprint Management System soft- ware. Alternatively, it can be completely custom programmed to suit the needs of the tar- geted user base. Within the slim, sleek white case, the reader has a 1GHz CPU and complete Linux development envi- ronment, including SecuGen's finger- print capture and NIST MINEX-compli- ant template extraction and matching algorithms, and the OpenSSL cryptogra- phy library. What does this say about us? This product is the embodiment of our philosophy of listening to the voices of our partners and designing world class products to meet their needs. The Unity 20 Bluetooth is a breakthrough product that maintains our dedication to quality and affordability. As this is precisely what our partners have been asking for, we are excited to support and help them succeed with new prod- ucts that are attractive, powerful and economical. About SecuGen SecuGen is a leading provider of optical finger- print recognition technology for physical and information security. For over 20 years, SecuGen has been a driving force committed to developing innovative, high quality, rugged and price-perform- ing products including FBI-certified fin- gerprint readers, sensors, biometric soft- ware and developer kits. SecuGen products are used by finan- cial, medical, government, educational and corporate institutions and are sold through an extensive network of reseller partners including original equipment manufacturers, independent software vendors and system integrators in North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. For more information, go to www.secugen .com or email sales@secugen.com.

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