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Kitchenware News & Housewares Review Show Daily Saturday, March 14, 2020 1 6 Pawcet: Preventing Salty Dogs Since 2019 Viatek Consumer Products Group contin- ues to provide consumer goods for all members of the family, including pets. One of its hottest new items is the Pawcet Dog Water Fountain, an easy, mess-free way to keep parched pets hydrated during hot weather. The Pawcet connects to any standard garden hose, and at the press of a paw, emits a steady stream of thirst-quenching water. No matter how big or small your dog is, the Pawcet is easy to activate and get a drink from. The paw-activated design also keeps the device from wasting water, as well as eliminating the risk of a dog knocking over or dirtying their own water bowl. The connection to a home's water supply further guarantees that your pet's water is as clean as yours. The unit is small, lightweight and constructed from plastic that can stand up against the heat of the summer. The water pressure can also be adjusted, allowing the perfect amount of water to be given to your dog. Pawcet was spawned by inventor Tony Lytle, who had noticed how dehydrated his dogs were becoming throughout the gruelingly humid dog days of summer. Deciding that dogs needed an easy way to get water whenever they needed it, Tony conceived of a device that would connect to a home's water supply and give pets a drink without human supervision. From there, the Pawcet was born. Since its recent introduction, the Pawcet has been a huge hit for Viatek. The product has seen immense success in TV shopping and online retailers, and with the summer months coming up ahead, the demand for Pawcet is increas- ing by the day. Visit Viatek's booth at the show to check out the Pawcet, as well as the company's other exciting new items. For more information, go to www.viatekproducts.com, call 423.402.9010, email cs@viatek.com or stop by booth #L11147. Spyderco Kitchen Knives The Spyderco knife company of Golden, Colorado, has a long, proud history of producing world-class kitchen cutlery. While fostering manufacturing relation- ships in Japan during the early 1980s, a highly regarded Japanese company offered Spyderco the chance to produce a series of kitchen knives. Spyderco eager- ly embraced the opportunity and ulti- mately introduced a full line of kitchen cutlery, including the first commercial santoku (a versatile Japanese knife pat- tern similar to a cleaver) ever offered to the U.S. market. Four decades later, Spyderco's Kitchen Classics line is still going strong and has been joined by many new knives specifically designed for food preparation. From the scalpel-like precision of the Mini Paring Knife through the impressive cutting capability of the long- bladed Bread Knife, Kitchen Classics include a broad range of sizes and pat- terns optimized for food preparation tasks. All the knives in the family feature blades crafted from MBS-26 steel – a high-carbon stainless steel that is ground exceptionally thin and meticulously heat treated for optimal cutting performance. Depending upon their purpose, most are available with either a conventional PlainEdge™ or fully serrated SpyderEdge™ with a unique serration pattern that reduces dulling when used on a cutting board. Their handles are made from durable polypropylene plastic and feature a dis- tinctive "stepped" texture that offers both comfort and control during use. Injection molded directly onto the blade tangs for strength, they are also available in sever- al different color choices. In addition to time-tested classics, Spyderco recently bolstered its kitchen knife line with a unique take on the offset kitchen knife called a Z-Cut™. Its dis- tinctive "Z-shaped" profile places the han- dle above the blade, aligning the edge with the finger knuckles while providing ample clearance when work- ing on a cutting board. Available with either blunt-tipped or pointed blades and a choice of plain or serrated edges, Z-Cuts are full-flat- ground from CTS BD1N stainless steel and have durable polypropylene handles. The pebble-textured handles are injection molded directly onto the blade tangs and come in a choice of black, green, red and yellow. Proudly manufactured in Golden, Colorado, from American-made materi- als, Z-Cuts are perfectly suited for both home and commercial use. Spyderco's newest culinary knife offering is the Counter Puppy™, which gets its name from its uniquely shaped handle. Injection-molded from high- impact plastic, Counter Puppy handles are shaped like the styl- ized body and legs of a puppy. This allows them to stand upright on a counter or tabletop, keep- ing them handy while ensuring both the counter surface and their blades remain clean. In the din- ing room, they can be used to create a truly distinctive table-set- ting presentation. Counter Puppy blades are crafted from 7Cr17 stainless steel and are full-flat ground for optimal cutting performance. They are available in two handle colors – blue or purple – and with a choice of either a plain or fully serrated cutting edge. Offering the best of both innovation and time-honored tradition, Spyderco's kitchen knives are sure to enhance every cooking experience. For more information, visit www .spyderco.com/culinary or stop by booth #S1675. Listening to Customers Drives Successful Product Development at Regency Wraps In 1985, the founders of Regency Wraps ® made a huge departure from manufacturing complex fashion fabrics to manufacturing single-use products for the foodservice industry. They suc- cessfully marketed Regency Lemon Wraps™ to the top chefs the world over. Reacting to requests from chefs, Regency Wraps expanded the line to include cheesecloth, cooking twine, steamer bags, pastry bags and stem wraps and rapidly became one of the largest suppliers of these items to the foodservice industry worldwide. In response to consumer demand for the products seen in restaurants and on cooking shows, Regency Wraps pack- aged its chef-grade products for resale. Eventually, it ventured beyond textiles, adding paper, polyethylene and nylon film products in the line, and the business quickly evolved from five products for the foodservice industry to include over 300 SKUs for the gourmet retail trade. Today, Regency Wraps products cover a wide range of categories such as cooking and meat preparation, baking, seafood, indoor and outdoor entertaining and Regency Naturals. Regency Wraps' in-house manufac- turing capabilities give it the flexibility to easily respond to customer needs and changing trends in the marketplace. Providing exceptional customer service and quality products remain its number one priority. So, in this day and age of automated customer service call centers, Regency Wraps does not have voicemail! Every call is answered by a trained team member who is excited to respond to every phone call or email inquiry. "Made in USA" means a lot to Regency Wraps. It makes every effort to source and manufacture its products domestically. Every single product is packaged and inspected in its Dallas facility and indeed, 85 percent of its products are wholly "Made in America." This not only ensures quality, but also ensures that there is never a disruption in on-time deliveries. Listening to the needs of customers, Regency Wraps continually creates sim- ple, innovative and useful products for food preparation and presentation. Baking Dish Buddies™ were developed as the solution for making casseroles without the caked-on mess. They don't leak or tear like paper or foil liners and are great for glass, porce- lain and metal baking dishes. They are the only liners that can handle recipes with liq- uid, sauce or oil. Another chef-inspired product is Roast Socks™, for forming and trussing meat. Unlike hand trussing, they provide even pressure, which results in uniformed cooking and better taste. Tea-riffic Tea Bags™ were introduced in response to demand for compostable teabags by a large coffee house chain. Regency Wraps is making these durable, high quality tea bags available to consumers in small bulk quantities. To see the entire line, stop by booth #S822, visit www.regencywraps.com or email mail@regencywraps.com. OEM Cleaning Products by Blitz Blitz ® produces many OEM products for a variety of major brands throughout the world. If you are a manufacturer or branded accessory company, stop by the Blitz booth at the show to discuss how it can customize a program for your com- pany. Since 1912, Blitz Manufacturing Company, Inc. has manufactured nontox- ic and environmentally friendly cleaning products. Today, it is one of the leading producers of polishes, polishing cloths and cleaners for the housewares, jewelry, firearm and music industries. All of its cleaners and polishes are made in the USA. Blitz also produces OEM products for many leading brand names. Its prod- ucts are sold by major retailers, distribu- tors and thousands of independents glob- ally. Its perceived value, high quality and innovative spirit has enabled Blitz to sustain an upscale image for over a century. This brand equity translates to quality at all levels. Blitz's quality products, cutting-edge packaging tech- nology and small MOQs make private label items the perfect promotional item to advertise brick and mortar stores and drive additional sales. Visit Blitz at the show to discuss how your compa- ny can be more profitable, order "just in time" and pro- mote "Made in USA" along with the American flag on your products. Stop by booth #N6519 for a free sample and more information. See the complete line at www.blitzinc.com or call direct at 855.473.3260.

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