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The Cheese Guide, spring 2020

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14 The Cheese Guide A S P E C I A L A D V E R T I S I N G S E C T I O N FEATURED PRODUCTS Le Gruyère AOP does not follow trends, but sometimes the trends follow Gruyère AOP. Following the trend toward all-natural foods without additives, consumers now want to know where these foods come from. Fortunately, this has always been an essential part of quality control for Gruyère AOP, and is built into the producers' specification. During production, each wheel is marked with its sequential num- ber of all wheels produced in that dairy and the code of the cheese dairy that produced it along with the day and month of production. In the example pictured, the cheese is the 11,168th wheel pro- duced by dairy number 4167, which was produced on March 13. These black markings are made with casein, the milk pro- tein. The name "Le Gruyère AOP" and the code of the production fa- cility is also on the mold, so that from this point on, this information will also appear on the heel of each wheel. This is an effective way of preventing fakes and guar- anteeing authenticity. Tracing the cheese's origin can even be taken a step further. Using the dairy's unique code, www.gruyere.com/ en/zone-production will reveal more in- formation about who produced the cheese. Only the real Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland is hand- made, in 170 small batches, from a recipe that has been passed down for centuries. Its inimitable, savory flavor starts with the raw milk of cows that are sustained in local fields, and the maturation is com- pleted in local cellars and caves under strict supervision. The know-how of the produc- ers, combined with the terroir of the region, makes Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland truly incompara- ble. The AOP denomination, as well as the asso- ciation of milk p r o d u c e r s , cheese makers and refiners, are tasked with pro- tecting this fla- vor – and ensuring that it maintains con- sistency with its origins, now and forever. Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland is 100 percent natural and 100 per- cent additive free, with 100 per- cent great taste. And, of course, it's also naturally free of lactose and gluten, as it has been since it was first produced in 1115 AD. Le Gruyere AOP Switzerland www.gruyere.com Le Gruyère AOP Switzerland: Traceable to its Origin Klondike Cheese Company's new Buholzer Brothers™ brand is crafted by six Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers and dedicated staff and includes four flavorful va- rieties of Muenster, Brick, Havarti and Dill Havarti. Brick cheese has a deli- ciously complex, earthy flavor with a touch of nuttiness when young but turns pungent and tangy when aged. Try Brick cheese on a Detroit-style pizza or slice to top a juicy ham- burger. Buholzer Brick comes in a 6-pound loaf, 2-pound slices, 8-ounce chunk and an 8-ounce retail slice pack. Muenster is an orange rind cheese that is semi-firm with a creamy texture that gets even creamier with age. It's perfect for grilled cheese, scrambled eggs or pizza. Buholzer Brothers Muen- ster comes in a 6-pound loaf, 15- pound long john, 2-pound slices, 8-ounce chunk and an 8-ounce retail slice pack. Havarti is a great melting cheese with creamy, rich buttery flavor. Slice for grilled cheese, cube on salads or serve on a char- cuterie platter. Buholzer Brothers Havarti comes in 4.5-pound and 9- pound loaves as well as 15-pound long johns, 2- pound slices, 6-ounce chunk and a 7-ounce retail slice pack. Dill Havarti is available in 4.5-pound and 9-pound loaves, 6-ounce chunk and a 7-ounce retail slice pack. Klondike Cheese Co. is a fourth-generation cheesemaking family, crafting award-winning cheeses in the same location in Monroe, Wisconsin, since the late 1800s. This year's accolades include sweeping the flavored Havarti category at the 2019 Wisconsin State Fair. The secret to Klondike's excep- tional quality is the combination of state-of-the art equipment, propri- etary recipes and time-honored tradi- tions of cheesemak- ing. The recent 20,000 square foot plant expan- sion at Klondike Cheese Co. demonstrates a commitment to providing high quality, authentic and consistently flavorful prod- ucts. Klondike Cheese www.klondikecheese.com Buholzer Brothers Brand from Klondike Cheese Founded in 1978 by René and Pasquale Caputo, Caputo Cheese, in Melrose Park, Illinois, crafts award-win- ning fresh Mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses using Old World tradition and recipes. Natale Caputo, the s e c o n d - g e n e r a t i o n President of Caputo Cheese, introduces the newest addition to the Caputo portfolio, Ele- vated Cow. Made with the same high-quality milk and with the same attention to detail as Caputo's other cheeses, the Elevated Cow line of fresh cheeses is infused with organic, independently tested and verified CBD. Each batch of Elevated Cow is then sent out to be tested at an independent lab to ensure accu- racy in product and to provide accurate label- ing for you and your customers. Use the Elevated Cow line of cheeses on pizza, caprese salads or any dish that high- lights fresh mozzarella. Caputo Cheese 708.450.0074 www.caputocheese.com CBD-Infused Cheese from Caputo Primosale with Pistachio is a fresh sheep's milk cheese stuffed with dried and shredded pistachios, which add a slightly salty taste to the Primosale's deli- cate and sweet fla- vor. I Siciliani, pro- duced by Biopek and imported into the U.S. by Savello USA, creates au- thentic and tradi- tional cheeses from Sicily following the centuries-old experience of the shepherds and safeguarding the rich gastro- nomic, environmental and cultural heritage of the region. The com- pany sets itself apart with its en- thusiasm and desire to create new solutions and bring value to all of its customers through its experi- ence in the development of part- nership projects. The company cherishes its prod- ucts, and remains faithful to its stan- dards, while continu- ously trying to improve. The fresh Primos- ale cheeses com- bine a delicate taste with a surprising ver- satility that makes them heroes of the table in all dishes, either alone or in combination with other ingre- dients. Savello USA Inc. www.savellousa.com I Siciliani Primosale with Pistachio

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