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Construction Marketplace 2 7 Wednesday, January 22, 2020 Affordable Luxury: The NXR Range from Duro An interview with Stephan Halenbeek, Executive Vice President, Duro Corporation. CM: Tell our readers about Duro Corporation. SH: We are an American company from City of Industry, California, dedicated to delivering the finest quality professional style cooking appliances. Our parent company is a grill manufacturing giant, and we have continued that successful culture with the following mission: bringing to the average household that which was previously only available to the ultra-rich. Or as we like to say, 'affordable luxury.' CM: What does Duro sell? SH: Our flagship is the NXR Range, a beautiful professional-style range that has been reviewed to perform better than major brands at a fraction of the cost. We also launched new lines, including the NXR Culinary, NXR Pro, NXR LS and NXR Entrée. We also have a variety of stainless steel barbecue grills and tool chests, and we are in the works to introduce a line of NXR kitchen appliances. CM: What would you say makes Duro unique? SH: Even though we are an American company, our parts, such as our German burners, are sourced from all over the world and assembled in China in our own factories, and we have our own service center in California, making us a truly global com- pany. We are committed to excellence with our unbelievable price point. CM: What is 'affordable luxury'? SH: Luxury typically is associated with an extravagant lifestyle, and for kitchens, that means professional style appliances that are out of reach for most families. We believe in products that exude luxury in both form and function. CM: What are you doing this year differ- ently from what you did last year? SH: We have worked hard on development and establishing ourselves as a brand. Of course, this is something that we will continue to do, but we are continuing to expand, in terms of both our line of prod- ucts and our distribution and reach to customers. It truly is an exciting time as we explore our potential and continuous- ly strive to be better day after day. CM: Where can customers find an NXR Range? SH: We currently sell through Almo across the U.S. as well as big box compa- nies such as Costco, Sam's Club, Lowe's and Home Depot. For more information, visit booth #SL4220, call 888.909.8818 or go to www.nxrproducts.com. Add Compact Fingerprint Functionality to Your Product Line By Jeff Brown, Vice President of Sales, SecuGen Corporation What is the U10-SF? The U10-SF is an ultra-slim standalone fingerprint sensor module. It is designed for OEMs and developers to embed into a wide variety of compact hardware products that require fingerprint biomet- ric functionality. Examples include mobile devices, ATMs, POS devices, access control systems, lock boxes, safes and nearly anything that could benefit from the added security and convenience of bio- metrics. It comes preloaded with SecuGen's Fingerprint Management System soft- ware that allows it to be used right out of the box to capture fingerprint images, extract templates, enroll, search and match fingerprints all in one device. What is special about the U10-SF? The U10-SF provides the tools and tech- nologies that allow for the rapid and effi- cient development of a wide variety of embedded fingerprint solutions where high quality, rugged design, and afford- ability are key factors. It is the world's smallest program- mable optical fingerprint module of its kind and is FBI certified for image qual- ity set by the FIPS 201, PIV and Mobile ID FAP 10 specifications. With high image quality, you can be assured of greater accuracy and reliability which is especially needed for sensitive and secure applications. What's inside the module? The core of the U10-SF sensor module is the U10, a rugged, high image qual- ity optical fingerprint sensor. This sen- sor also features an integrated Single Board Computer that contains a 1 GHz CPU, a fully programmable Linux sys- tem, SecuGen's fingerprint matching SDK, and OpenSSL Cryptographic libraries. The template extraction and matching algo- rithms that run on the device are NIST MINEX cer- tified. All of this power and func- tionality is packed into an ultra-slim profile not more than 12mm in thickness. What does this mean for OEMs? We have always focused on delivering to our OEM partners the tools they need to compete successfully in this highly competitive industry. The U10- SF is a perfect example of this focus, as our team has worked long and hard on this product, to achieve three goals: to reduce the size of the sensor to our smallest ever; to merge a Single Board Computer with the fingerprint sensor module and embed an open Linux development environment; and to drive the final product down to the lowest price in its class. Altogether, this resulted in a world class OEM sensor that's unique in the industry and a major breakthrough that our OEM partners have been asking for and expecting us to deliver. About SecuGen SecuGen is a leading provider of optical finger- print recognition technolo- gy for physical and infor- mation security. For over 20 years, SecuGen has been a driving force committed to developing innovative, high quality, rugged and price-performing products including FBI-certified fingerprint readers, sen- sors, biometric software and developer kits. SecuGen products are used by financial, medical, government, edu- cational and corporate institutions and are sold through an extensive network of reseller partners including original equipment manufacturers, independ- ent software vendors and system inte- grators in North America, Latin America, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia. For more information, go to www.secugen .com or email sales@secugen.com. Dun Today Replaces Home Binders with Digital App Dun Today is a software company found- ed in 2015. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, the company specializes in rev- olutionizing builders' ability to create a positive customer experience through a state-of-the-art digitized process organ- ized into a mobile app. As society moves further into the "smartphone-first" mentality, the three- ring bulky binder given to homeowners by contractors is a deliverable past its prime. The new app Dun Today is high- lighting at the show offers builders the ability to deliver information and build process in an easy to use app. The app provides an on-demand solution for home builders, home war- ranty companies, professional services companies and ultimately, homeown- ers, and allows them to connect in real time. The company provides a solution set that digitizes the three-ring binder given to homeowners and turns it into a compact, easy to use native app for iPhone and Android. All aspects of the home can be included for tracking in the app, from appliances/components, paint codes, photos, documents, manu- als, builder-backed warranty items, manufacturer-backed warranty items to "after the build" vendor maintenance schedules. The app can be used as a social engagement tool during the build process, a warranty scheduler for builders during the builder-backed war- ranty period, a tool for homeowners to get non-warranty services scheduled after warranty periods via an in-net- work of service providers, and an ongo- ing maintenance schedule to keep homes in top shape. It integrates with Amazon for homeowners to purchase consumables such as refrigerator filters, air fil- ters and so on, in accor- dance with the many maintenance schedules required to keep a home in good shape. The app delivers a digital experience cus- tomers expect and gives builders a sim- plistic analytics tool to track quality con- trol all the way down to the sub-contrac- tor level. It eliminates the need to create cumbersome binders and manuals for each home while delivering a full home warranty scheduling platform as a digital service. It also offers builders a sales dif- ferentiator. Dun Today is attending the International Builders Show to gain exposure and grow its client base of builders, home warranty companies and service professionals. The company is proud to be able to showcase this first- of-its-kind digital binder solution that assists builders to be able to deliver a next-generation customer experience. The digital experience for builders optimizes workflow so they can focus on faster home closes and reduce the number of good-will warranty claims. The pro- gram has cloud-based stor- age, which makes it a strong mobile app not only for builders but also for sub- contractors, homeowners and service professionals. The Dun Today software app will enable buyers to easily handle warranty claims, track home maintenance activi- ties and consolidate all aspects of the home building experience into a mobile application which then offers a mobile wallet method for homeowners that will allow them to pay digitally for services rendered outside of home warranties. For more information, stop by booth #SU1225, go to www.duntoday.com or call 919.802.1077.

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