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Construction Marketplace 2 1 Wednesday, January 22, 2020 Kooltherm K9 Internal Insulation Board from Kingspan Kingspan Insulation has introduced the new Kooltherm ® K9 Internal Insulation Board that is ideal for basement, crawl space, attic and habitable space wall applications. It is suitable for both new build and retrofit projects and is fast and easy to install. Insulating interior habitable space walls can improve a home's energy effi- ciency, provide substantial energy cost savings, keep rooms more comfortable and prevent moisture problems. The materials you choose are very important to prevent mold in habitable space walls. Kooltherm K9 Internal Insulation Board can help you build a better basement or finish an existing basement and can help stop the conditions that promote mold growth. It is a cost-effective alternative to spray foam and in colder climates, installing interior basement wall insula- tion will almost always result in lower energy bills and a healthier, more com- fortable home. Kooltherm K9 Internal Insulation Board is installed directly to interior space concrete walls and can provide reliable long-term thermal per- formance over the life- time of the home. Its high R-value allows for increased internal floor space, and unlike other rigid insulation, it is NFPA 286 compliant; for exposed inter- nal applications and does not require a protected layer of drywall. The core of Kingspan Kooltherm K9 Internal Insulation Board is a premium performance rigid thermoset fiber-free, phenolic insulant, manufactured with a blowing agent that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and low Global Warming Potential (GWP). It offers an R-value of 17 on 2 inches, outstanding fire and smoke performance, and is unaffected by air infil- tration. Kingspan Kooltherm K9 Internal Insulation Board has a glass tissue based facing, adhesively bonded to the insu- lation core during manufacture. It is available in standard sizes or can be ordered in custom lengths and comes in R-values ranging from 10 to 33.5. For more information, visit www.kingspaninsulation.us or email info@kingspaninsulation.us. Boral Roofing Showcasing Innovative Options Boral Roofing brings its beautiful, high- performance roofing solutions back to the Las Vegas Convention Center as the residential building industry's iconic annual event, International Builders' Show, takes over Las Vegas. A national leader in durable and energy-efficient new and retrofit roofing systems, Boral Roofing is showcasing all four core segments of its roof solutions product line – clay, concrete, stone-coat- ed steel and composite – onsite on the show floor. Visitors to the Boral booth will learn about current color trends as well as the influence of architectural movements and the roofing options accompanying them. Boral is heavily promoting its all- new CEU course, New Clay Roofing Trends: Emerging Directions & Future Applications. Designed for architects, the course explores the marketplace for clay roof tile, emerging utilizations of clay roofing in the new era of contemporary architectural influence, as well as cre- ative applications in the forward contem- porary design segment. The newly launched Vista Collection, a concrete tile roof collection offered within the state of Texas, is also on dis- play. The result of research conducted on architectural, lifestyle and color trends in the region, the newly intro- duced hues are featured in the region's most popular Boral roof- ing tile profiles: Saxony ® Country Slate and Shake. Booth attendees can also delve into innovative and weather resistant solu- tions. Boral is displaying its new tile design for concrete Saxony Slate applied with foam, which is notable for its ability to help prevent damage caused by severe wind conditions. Boral is also showcasing the Class A fire rating of its popular concrete tile. Boral's lightweight Stone- Coated Steel solutions on dis- play are ideal in both new home construction and roofing retrofits. Boral Steel is a roof- ing option which helps protect from hail impacts. New Cool Roof Rating Council colors in both steel and concrete are also in-booth. Composite roofing options are also available for vis- itors to view, touch and learn about. Visit Boral Roofing in the Central Hall at booth #C4519. For more information, go to www.boralroof.com. ProServices from Lowe's An interview with Chris Beck, Manager Merchandising Marketing, PRO. CM: Tell our readers about Lowe's PRO National Accounts. CB: ProServices is the arm of Lowe's that works with builders, repair remodel- ers, specialty tradesmen and residential and commercial property management professionals. All 1,700-plus store loca- tions have a dedicated ProServices team to manage Pro customers' business from quoting, picking orders, getting you out of the store quickly and even dedicated loaders. PRO National Account team members can even meet you at your job- site, office or facility to help you with your business needs. Our Pro team is ded- icated to serving Pro customers whenever and wherever they choose to engage. CM: Tell our readers about your relation- ship with NAHB. CB: Lowe's partnership with the NAHB began in the 1950s locally with the North Carolina Home Builders' Association and has continued to grow through the decades. Lowe's is one of the largest sup- porters of the Association as well as the International Builders' Show. Lowe's is a sponsor of the Professional Women in Building Council and the Remodelers Council. Lowe's is also the exclusive sponsor of NAHB Education, because we believe if the trades remain up to date on new technologies and techniques, then homes and commercial buildings will continue to be built to the highest stan- dard. CM: What is new and exciting about Pro? CB: We continue to further build out our capabilities with our B2B ecommerce solu- tion, www.lowesfor pros.com, to be able to reach our Pro cus- tomers whenever and wherever they choose, by offering Pro exclu- sive pricing and pro- motions they can't get anywhere else. Lowe's continues to offer trusted Pro brands, including DeWalt, Spyder, Metabo, Fluke, HPT, SharkBite, Southwire, Marshalltown, Werner and A.O. Smith. Also, Lowe's continues to drive awareness of our volume savings strategy, where Pro customers can pur- chase bulk quantities of any products and receive custom pricing on orders of $1,500 or more. We also have bulk sav- ings discounts on more than 2,000 items that can save Pro customers between five and 50 percent when the minimum quan- tity is purchased, and carry job lot quan- tities of products you use most so you can get the product you need, when you need it. CM: What is one thing you want NAHB members to know they can get at Lowe's that they cannot get any- where else? CB: Lowe's ProServices has an exclusive program not offered anywhere else with members of the NAHB. Members can receive an addi- tional two percent off their billing state- ment via statement credit, in addition to the five percent everyday in-store and online discount, when they register their Lowe's Business Credit Account (LBA) or Lowe's Accounts Receivable (LAR). As an added benefit, registered LAR/LBA members also receive free delivery on all orders of $500 or more. See your local ProServices specialist to take advantage of this benefit. For more information, visit IBS booth #C4107 or go to www.lowesforpros.com. Garaventa Lift's New Luxury Fixture Line After months of concepting, gathering customer feedback, designing, testing and re-testing, Garaventa Lift recently launched the Luxury Fixture line, the new fixture line for its Elvoron Residential Elevator range. It elevates Garaventa Lift accessories to a whole new level. With a sharper and smoother design, graceful mirror curves and stylish dura- bility, the fixtures combine luxury and convenience without compromising style. The company focused on details that provide a solid and comfortable feel to both the Car Operating Panels (COPs), and the Hall Stations. Technology is at the core of the new design to preserve safety and security with the power of the I-Button, a vandal resistant electronic key switch and fobs that can be used to control access to the elevator by enabling or disabling the push buttons on the COPs and Hall Stations. Your choice of materials and shapes is now wider. You can choose from: Brushed Stainless Steel – Standard tier; Polished (Mirror) Stainless Steel, Polished (Mirror) Gold, Oil Rubbed Bronze – Premium tier; White Glass, Black Glass, Bronze Mirror Glass and Champagne Mirror Glass – Elite tier. Highlights of the new features include: I-Button and key fobs to enhance security, keys cannot be reproduced; hinges for all COP panels to assist with service and main- tenance; a new customizable display equipped with all upgraded COPs allowing you to showcase customized visual content (your photos, your company logo); the Achille buttons in all the COPs and Hall Stations with tactile lettering and a double light (white LED on back- ground and blue LED when a call is registered); Rated Load (Lift Capacity) labels and Garaventa Lift logo are now laser edged on the COPs' faceplates. Visit the Garaventa Lift team at booth #C9140. Download the accessories brochure at www.garaventalift.com/ brochures/accessory-brochure.

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