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Construction Marketplace Wednesday, January 22, 2020 1 8 Build a Better Remodeling Business with NARI Accreditation By Dan Taddei, MS Ed. BCA | Director of Education and Certification, National Association of the Remodeling Industry The NARI Accredited Remodeling Company program was developed with one goal in mind: support remodelers to help them build a better remodeling business. The accreditation is founded on the first – and only – consensus- based management standard outlining the primary characteristics of a suc- cessful, quality remodeling organiza- tion. It focuses on the essential man- agement elements a remodeling busi- ness must have in place to operate effectively and efficiently. Governed by an independent Accreditation Board, the Accredited Remodeling Company designation is also a first for the industry. While NARI Certifications apply to individual industry professionals, NARI Accreditation is designed to apply to a remodeling business as a whole. Business Management Essential Elements NARI's Code of Ethics is foundational to the principles of the organization. As such, Ethics is the first of the five sec- tions of the Accreditation Standard. The other four include Business and Financial Operations; Marketing and Sales; Quality, Compliance and Training; and Production / Field Operations. Each sec- tion outlines additional com- pliance elements and provides specific guidelines a remodel- ing company must comply with to become accredited. The accreditation compli- ance process can assist remod- eling companies in under- standing and implementing business management best practices designed to make organizations more efficient, effec- tive, responsive, flexible and financially resilient. A Thorough Vetting Process Accreditation is awarded only to those organizations which demonstrate compli- ance with the comprehensive require- ments set forth by the NARI Accredited Remodeling Company Standard. An assessment of a company's financial health and management best practices is conducted by the NARI Accreditation Board, which awards accredita- tion upon a thorough vetting of company documentation to assure compliance with the Standard. Stand Out from the Competition With an ever-growing number of lead referral companies and websites, homeowners are challenged to find a pro- fessional, qualified and trustworthy remodeling company. Becoming a NARI Accredited Remodeling Company pro- vides another way to demonstrate to con- sumers your company's dedication to excellence. Learn more at www.NARI .com/Accreditation. Remodeling Done Right™. For more information, visit IBS booth #N1173, go to www.nari.org, call 847.298.9200 or email info@nari.com. The Home Builder's Guide to Integrated Management Solutions (ERPs) Companies are striving to become more efficient, improve customer service and stay competitive by more effectively uti- lizing resources. Luckily, there's a solu- tion to help accomplish all of these objec- tives. Integrated Management Solutions, otherwise known as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), refer to systems that automate and integrate a company's core business elements to increase efficiency and simplify operations. ERPs are com- prehensive systems that include all the software pieces you might need to man- age all aspects of your construction oper- ations. For a deeper understanding of what ERP does, it's helpful to take a step back and think about all of the processes that are essential to build- ing new homes, includ- ing accounting, pur- chasing, construction, sales and beyond. The purpose of ERP soft- ware is to have one complete system that supports and inte- grates all of these functions, in order to streamline processes and information across an entire organization. By creating a smooth flow of information that is always in sync, employees across all divisions (for example, accounting and sales) have access to the same, consistent information. Most ERP systems also offer real- time reporting and automation tools. Instead of relying on separate databases and spreadsheets that employees need to consistently update, and then putting someone in charge of manually merging them all to generate reports, some ERP solutions give you the ability to pull reports from one central system. For example, with schedule approvals flow- ing automatically into the financial sys- tem without the need for the additional step of manually signing and entering new invoices, builders can not only build homes more quickly and accurately, but the accounting department can close the book faster. ERP software helps to eliminate redundant processes and systems, dra- matically lowering the cost of doing busi- ness overall. ERP imple- mentation is where plan- ning and profitability intersect, allowing you to streamline your back office processes with soft- ware that helps you achieve a more controlled, paperless build. With ERP, you can rid yourself of duplicate data entries in disparate sys- tems, unpredictable cost, quality and accuracy, and scheduling delays, all of which cost you time and money and hin- der your company's potential for growth. In conclusion, ERP is a comprehen- sive solution essential for modern home builders. You may wonder if an ERP real- ly can work for your business and deliver on all that the vendor promises. The fact is that an ERP can do all this and more. ECI has seen it happen time after time, and witnessed some builders reach their goals by implementing an ERP solution firsthand. ECI has over 30 years of experience providing home builders with MarkSystems, the home building indus- try's leading single-platform ERP. It is a completely integrated, easy-to-use cloud- based solution that maximizes business efficiency for home builders and property developers. Visit ECI at booth #SU1041. For more information, go to www.ecisolutions.com/ home-builders-land-developers. Cook Pro Stainless Steel Roaster with Accessories Cook Pro makes it possible for home cooks to create family feasts and magnif- icent entrees for dinner parties with this heavy gauge roaster set. The 16.5-inch by 12-inch by 4-inch roaster features a mir- ror polished exterior and riveted handles to conveniently transport a turkey or lasagna from countertop into the oven and onto the table. Its V-shaped roasting rack is designed to provide a roast with the perfect amount of ventilation. The set also includes two stainless steel turkey lifters, carving knife and carving fork. Baster set is perfect for mar- inating your roast in a variety of flavors. An included tool swaps out its attachment head to make either a brush for swabbing butter or a barbecue sauce or an injection needle, and there's a baster as well as a cleaning brush. Swap out the attachment head to coating brush or to an injection needle to get the flavors into your meal. Cook wonderful meals such as an oven roasted ham, savory seafood platters, a filling lasagna, and much more in this roaster. For more information, call 951.686.8282, email sales@cook- pro.com or go to www.cook-pro.com.

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