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GOURMET NEWS DECEMBER 2019 www.gourmetnews.com BREAKFAST 1 7 Bellwether Farms offers organic, full fat yo- gurt, made with milk from pastured Jersey cows. Jersey cows have more digestible A2 protein than the Holstein breed. This higher quality milk pro- duces a richer, creamier yogurt, without straining, added thickeners or added cream. Naturally creamier. Naturally more protein. Naturally more digestible. Bellwether Farms is introducing this de- licious snack as a four-pack of 3.75-ounce cups. The yogurt is available in plain, vanilla, strawberry, blue- berry, blackberry and spiced apple. Bellwether Farms is a family-owned farm and creamery located in west- ern Sonoma County. Since 1990, it has been producing award-winning whole milk dairy products. Bellwether Farms 707.763.0993 www.bellwetherfarms.com Organic, Full Fat Yogurt from Bellwether Farms Jams for Cheese by Quinta de Jugais, im- ported directly from Portugal, is The French Farm's newest addition to its prod- uct range. Quinta de Jugais was born in the beautiful landscape of Serra da Es- trala, a fertile land of rich soil that pro- motes the growth of healthy fruits and vegetables. For generations, Quinta de Ju- gais has crafted jams with the same savoir-faire and respect for the earth. The company's mission is to create products utilizing the wisdom of the local farmers, who have been passing their tra- ditions down through generations. All the steps of the production are cared for, from hand-picking the best ingredients to hand- packing each jar. The result of this love and care is wonderful blends full of sweet flavors that you will enjoy every day. This dis- play box offers four d e l i c i o u s flavors made especially to be paired with cheeses: Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon; Pumpkin & Chestnut; Berries & Vanilla; Fig, Orange & Anise. This beautiful packaging will be a wonderful addition to your shelves. The French Farm 713.660.0577 wholesale.frenchfarm.com Jams for Cheese Boxed Set Headquartered in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, Jumping Bean is an in- dependent premium coffee roaster and café franchise sys- tem, offering unique blends and the richest single origin coffees available in market. The brand has grown exponentially in Canada and has now moved into the United States, with its 2- pound whole bean and 100-count single-serve products now available for purchase online at Sam- sClub.com. Jumping Bean selects the finest raw coffee beans from around the world, roast- ing them with a unique Eco2Roast[R] sys- tem. This process recovers 85 percent of the heat produced during the roasting process, saving a pound of carbon per pound of coffee. In addition to this, Jump- ing Bean's single serve coffee pods are manufactured with 100 percent compostable materials. That's not just biodegradable – compostable means that the whole pod, ring and all, can be dropped directly into the kitchen waste or compost bin, or dropped off at a local commercial com- posting facility for easy disposal. Jumping Bean Coffee is proud to offer certified fair trade, organic, compostable products. Jumping Bean Coffee 709.754.4538 www.jumpingbean.ca Jumping Bean Coffee Signature Blends Why are chefs snapping up an award-win- ning craft cocktail mixer to kick up their recipes? It's the same fresh-tomato good- ness that inspired one food-industry magazine editor to say, "It's the best Bloody Mary mix I've ever had…" Smokin' Mary, the medal-winning craft-cocktail mixer, is also winning food awards by infusing chilis, marinades, rubs – it has even medaled as a shrimp cocktail sauce straight from the bottle. Chefs love the sassy, saucy blend for kicking up seafood, beef, pork and chicken. Of course, Smokin' Mary also lights up all kinds of liquor. From a classic, vodka- based Smokin' Mary Bloody Mary to a tequila-based Smokin' Mary Bloody Maria, the possibilities are vast. The reason it's so popular is because Smokin' Mary starts with only fresh, whole tomatoes – never re- constituted juice. Why? Because cocktails mat- ter. Better cocktails mean more sales. And if Smokin' Mary can bring that same magic to the kitchen, even better. Smokin' Mary www.smokinmary.com/freshtomato Smokin' Mary Bloody Mary Mix La Perruche crafts delectable white and golden-brown, coarse cut sugar cubes. They offer all of the flavor and appeal of authentic, 100 percent pure cane sugar. The white lumps are distinguished by their unique shape, and add a touch of ele- gance and originality to any coffee, tea or cocktail. The enthusiast seeking the fla- vors of raw cane sugar will likely prefer the warm golden-brown cubes with a delight- ful hint of caramel. An icon in sugar cane history, La Per- ruche is now part of France's gourmet and cultural heritage. Since the brand's recog- nition award almost 130 years ago, La Per- ruche has prospered in France and well beyond its borders, sharing the finest quality sugar around the world. The origi- nal shape, warm, g o l d e n - b r o w n color and unique taste of the coarse cut cubes make it the real emblem of the brand, which over the years has be- come the symbol of a highly sought after art de vivre; art of life. Show your customers and friends the finest sugar on the market, La Perruche. World Finer Foods 973.338.0300 www.worldfiner.com The Sweet Taste of Elegance Caputo's basket-drained Ricotta is made using a traditional recipe that focuses on using the whey left over from craft- ing other cheeses. Once the curds are formed, they are gently scooped into basket molds to drain. Pressing the cheese by hand or machine would damage the Ricotta, so it's gravity that does the job. Each layer of curds presses gently upon the layer below to gently press excess liq- uid out. The resulting cheese is light, delicate, and fully imparts the flavor of quality milk and experi- enced craftsmanship. Caputo Cheese www.caputocheese.com Hand-Dipped Ricotta from Caputo

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