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PRIVATE 2019 Continued on Page 22 Continued on Page 22 In addition to plate appeal and exceptional taste pro- files, operators are also looking for multiple for- mats, innovative formula- tions and customized distinction in their ingre- dients. To fulfill their needs, operators are looking for man- ufacturers with the experience and passion to create authentic products that best fit their culinary visions. Founded in 1978 by René and Pasquale Caputo, many industry-savvy clients are choosing Caputo Cheese in Mel- rose Park, Illinois, as their manufacturer of choice. Caputo offers countless and diverse types of cheese from all over the world. Caputo offers customers authentic Italian cheeses, from the award-winning Mozzarella, Ricotta and Smitty Bee Honey: A Sweet Success Story Close to 100 years now, Smitty Bee has been passionate about producing and packaging high quality honey. That pas- sion has helped create one of the most respected honey packaging businesses in the industry. Louis Henkelman, who always had a love for honey, started producing honey from a single colony hobbyist kit from Sears and Roebuck. In those days, honey wasn't commercially produced and like most foods at that time, you needed to produce the food yourself. At that time, honey was a novelty item and not mass marketed like it is today. It wasn't until the 1940s, when sugar was rationed to support the war effort, that honey was turned to as an Caputo: Crafting Customized Distinction Continued on Page 22 Continued on Page 22 Stonewall Kitchen gives Maine attitude to a Mexican classic with its new Apple Blue- berry Salsa. The company has a history of expertise with fruit-inspired salsas, includ- ing its luscious Raspberry Salsa and smoky sweet Pineapple Chipotle Salsa. This new product is a perfect addition to the line, fea- turing tasty blueberries along with crisp ap- ples – always New England favorites. The recipe starts with a base of tomatoes, sweet red peppers and a touch of jalapeño. Apples lend a smooth texture to the mix, with mildly sweet undertones. In the finished product, the blueberries remain whole and impart a hint of blueberry flavor that is brightly sweet without being overwhelming. Dark red in color, this salsa is mildly spicy – a 2 on a scale of 1 to 10 (Stonewall Kitchen's flaming hot Ghost Pepper Complete Turnkey Program from Bazzini The Bazzini company is one of the oldest nut companies in the coun- try. Founded in 1886, its roots are strong in the New York market but span nationwide. As the Bazzini and Barton's retail brand line continue to grow, Bazzini has focused to invest in tech- nology and manufacturing capabilities. Among the initiatives that have seen substantial growth in recent years are the com- pany's private label and contract manufacturing programs. Bazzini offers a complete turnkey program. Product devel- opment, design work, packaging, product fulfillment, and storage are available. Bazzini can offer any segment. Depend- ing on the customer, Bazzini can take full responsibility for the product development, or work directly with a customer's Apple Blueberry Salsa Delivers Full New England Flavor Booth #F3912 Booth #F2241 A SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT OF GOURMET NEWS Take Your Private Label Brand to a Higher Level with Seviroli Foods Seviroli Foods is your source for chef-inspired, artisan-filled pastas and sauces. Family owned and operated since 1960, Seviroli offers a full line of authentic and innovative filled pastas, including many shapes of ravioli, tortellini (meat, cheese and tri-color cheese), ricotta cavatelli, stuffed shells, manicotti (both crepe and pasta dough), potato gnocchi, pasta sheets and more. Seviroli uses only the finest semolina and searches the world for the best spices, herbs and other premium ingredi- ents that go into creating its delicious filled pastas. Seviroli's pasta is rolled very thin and tender, giving it the perfect "al dente" texture. Its fillings are unusually generous Continued on Page 22 Continued on Page 22 "Better-for-You" Products from Quality Candy An interview with Eric Holler, Vice President of Sales, Qual- ity Candy Company, LLC. Private 2019: Tell our read- ers about yourself. EH: I've been a sales and marketing professional in the consumer-packaged goods industry for over 25 years, with experience in both domestic and international markets. While I've worked with some of the world's most iconic brands throughout my career, my passion is working with mid-sized family-owned businesses to develop strategic sales and business development plans to drive organic growth in all channels of sales in retail, foodservice and in- dustrial segments. Booth #F9223 Booth #F7100

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