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Wireless World 9 Thursday, October 24, 2019 AcuRite Rolls Out Atlas Weather Station Chaney Instrument Co. has announced the release of a new weather station, the AcuRite Atlas. Built with high-pre- cision sensor technology, Atlas allows users to connect to hyperlocal weather conditions. Atlas has the ability to track UV exposure, light intensity and lightning, in addition to monitoring temperature, humidity, rainfall, baro- metric pressure, wind speed and direc- tion. Along with these new features, Atlas offers an enhanced accuracy rat- ing within one degree, improved dura- bility and more frequent readings. "AcuRite Atlas is the future of per- sonal weather monitoring and our most advanced weather station yet," said AcuRite Meteorologist Kari Strenfel. "Atlas provides consumers with a weather system they can depend on to accurately predict a variety of weather conditions in their exact location, rather than relying on a weather report that's generated at the nearest news station or airport." The launch of products like AcuRite Atlas is part of an increasing smart home technology trend provid- ing home and business owners with highly accurate, actionable, personal- ized information. Weather stations are sought-after by a wide variety of audi- ences from industry professionals like landscapers and farmers, to personal at-home users interested in outdoor activities and the latest technology gadgets. Atlas allows users to quickly and easily access their data, archive it so they can look back and analyze histor- ical information, and share it with fel- low weather enthusiasts. Consumers are able to choose how they view their information, either on a high-defini- tion touchscreen display or through remote monitoring, or both. The high-def- inition indoor touchscreen dis- play offers a quick snapshot of the day's high and low records and graphs for each measurement to track trends. The display features an SD card slot for long-term storage of weather data. Atlas can provide remote monitor- ing from any device – mobile or desk- top, including via the My AcuRite smartphone app. This feature lets users view data from anywhere, even at work or on vacation, allowing them to stay connected. Customizable alerts and notifications inform of changing weather conditions that might need attention. Atlas has the capability to integrate with Amazon Echo for con- venient, personalized weather reports from Alexa. AcuRite Atlas retails start- ing at $249.99 and is available at www.acurite.com. About AcuRite The AcuRite brand is owned by Chaney Instrument Co., a subsidiary of the Primex Family of Companies (PFOC) and a family-owned business headquartered in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Founded in 1943, Chaney Instrument Co. and its AcuRite brand are leaders in weather and home monitoring solutions. In addition to weather stations, AcuRite offers a broad line of home and environmental monitoring devices. The company is known for developing products with intuitive designs that fit seamlessly into day-to-day life, keeping people connected to the things that matter most. For more information, visit www .acurite.com. You.i TV Announces Release of You.i Engine One 4.6 Featuring Remote Asset Management You.i TV announced a new version of its You.i Engine One platform that includes remote asset management and other fea- tures that can spur faster, better and more monetizable video app experiences for media companies worldwide. Release 4.6 has been created to further increase the ability of develop- ers and designers to build and person- alize video interfaces across platforms, and to enable greater opportunities for branded content. A key new feature, Remote Assets, allows developers to configure applications to retrieve all UX elements, including layout, styling and motion, dynamically from a serv- er. Designers can export screen updates through the You.i Engine One After Effects Workflow and deploy changes to market without recertifica- tion. This provides brand leaders with the speed and flexibility required to deploy custom redesigns, branded moments or sponsorships consistently across all screens. In addition, source-code for flexi- ble cross-platform app accelerators, containing pre-built user flows and UX templates to support SVOD, AVOD and TVE business models are readily available. Developers will now have full access to the following features: Improved flexibility for native platform and web user interface inte- grations on mobile devices. Developers can now use native plat- form user interface controls within You.i Engine One interfaces and apply decorations to augment embedded webviews, providing end users with a natural experience for embedded native widgets, such as Twitter, or web based content. The most commonly used user interface components have been improved to give application designers and developers greater flexibility and control over app elements, including animations, focus and data modelling. A redesigned cross-platform build system that simplifies the management and inclusion of dependencies, and provides developers with additional flexibility to automate application pipelines and introduce more testing. Improved custom debugging tools for rendering performance, focus and layout. C++ 11 compatible libraries, giv- ing developers more flexibility around the kinds of technologies they want to include in their application, and greater design options. "The product enhancements announced today are a direct result of intense collaboration with our cus- tomers around a shared vision of the video landscape," says Jason Flick, Chief Executive Officer and co- Founder of You.i TV. "We're thrilled to help lay the groundwork for both app experience and business model innova- tion at pace. About You.i TV You.i TV is a privately held company whose You.i Engine One software plat- form enables TV and media companies worldwide to create fans, engage users and convert customers. You.i Engine One allows brand owners to build per- sonalized, profitable experiences quickly on all platforms – mobile devices, set-top boxes, game consoles and streaming devices – from a single code base. Brands such as Turner, Disney, Fox, National Geographic, NBA, Cartoon Network and the Canadian Football League are spear- heading direct-to-consumer and OTT strategies using You.i Engine One- powered TV applications. You.i Engine One has been licensed in major industry genres, including entertain- ment, kids, sports and news. For more information, visit www.youi.tv. W3C Launches Work to Improve Web Advertising Experience Large numbers of websites are funded in part or wholly by advertising. The largest web advertising company reports quarterly revenues of over $25 billion in U.S. dollars. Website owners receive a percentage of that revenue in exchange for carrying adverts. Commerce, advertising, financial transactions and the security and infrastructure needed to support them was not part of the original web design. The advertising industry has developed methods to track viewers, some of which many consider to be overly invasive, as more users run software to block advertising; howev- er, publishers of web pages see their revenue falling and have started to use more invasive adverts and in greater numbers, damaging users' perception of the web. The W3C invites participation in a business group on "Web advertising by design" for consideration of features and changes to the web platform that could better and more efficiently sup- port web advertising. Although the advertising industry has taken a number of steps to improve, including both guidelines for controlling the sizes of adverts and work on reducing click fraud, solu- tions need to be integrated into the Open Web Platform, including: mak- ers of web browsers, search engines and other technologies need to be able to offer good performance and a good experience; advertisers need reliable information about how many people saw their adverts, and control over audience to show them to people interested in the products and services offered; ad networks need reliable analytics for advertisers – to know what sort of ads to deliver to any given person on any particular webpage, without compromising identity or pri- vacy; website owners need to pay their hosting bills and to afford good quali- ty information and services for their visitors; organizations are still needed that can rate websites and provide aggregated visitors analytics, both for advertisers and website owners; adverts, like other web content, must be accessible, not least because of leg- islation requiring sites to be accessi- ble, but also because the web is for everyone; users need to be confident adverts are shown securely, without malicious code or viruses, even when interactive; and, third-party advert- blocking software needs to be over- come by a web platform basic facility letting users limit the adverts they see, have control over the subject areas, in a secure and private manner – although there may be a market for extended capabilities of third-party add-ons. In addition, there are new work opportunities at W3C, including: abili- ty for a webpage to report back when a particular region has been scrolled or swiped into view, optionally being vis- ible for a specific amount of time; anonymous, private, secure credentials held in user-selected third-party wal- lets; and, web payment methods allow- ing technologies for less intrusive in-ad purchase systems. For more information about W3C's web advertising work, see the W3C business group at www.w3.org/community/ web-adv/ or contact w3t-pr@w3.org.

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