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Wireless World Thursday, October 24, 2019 8 Optical Zonu Streamlines Base Station Hotel Connectivity with ZONUConnect By Gary Grimes, Director Sales RF Solutions, Optical Zonu Corp. With the U.S. wireless service providers moving towards centralized network architectures, connecting to in-building and outdoor distributed antenna systems in the area often becomes a challenge. Base station manufacturers can offer only a CPRI fiber connection to Remote Radio Heads (RRH). However, available fiber can be scarce and expensive. Remote Radio Heads have a fairly large footprint in both space and power consumption, which costs money. This approach also puts the service providers' base station RRHs at a remote location to which they do not have free access. With ZONUConnect™, Optical Zonu offers a streamlined connectivity between any base station configuration and any DAS that minimizes the fiber count as needed with much higher effi- ciency than any other solution, including CPRI-to-RRH. It minimizes the total equipment needed, which results in the lowest cost and rack space. The RF- Over-Fiber solution allows the service provider to keep all its base station equip- ment in the centralized facility with 24/7 access and a common, battery backed-up power plant. This universal, efficient connectivity greatly simplifies the work for network maintenance engineering. This also ensures a clear system respon- sibility demarcation point for the service provider and the DAS owner. The economy of ZONUConnect becomes more dra- matic as the num- ber of bands sup- ported increases. The rack space and fiber required to support three bands is the same as for five bands, and the price tag is much the same. All other solutions become bigger and more expensive for every new service added. This makes ZONUConnect the choice for future-proof interconnections. In addition to transporting multiple bands and sectors over a low fiber count, ZONUConnect includes an Ethernet data connection between the sites over the common fiber. This permits full system self-discovery during computer set up and remote SNMP monitoring and con- trol. The Fiber Transport also features an optional optical switch feature. This per- mits the carrier to route the services to an auto-redundant fiber path. The ZONUConnect Ethernet connection incorporates Optical Zonu's digital SFPs with built-in micro OTDR. If the data path is lost, the unit immediately reports the location of the break in the fiber, enabling a short service outage time. Optical Zonu's ZONUConnect is the only base station-to-DAS intercon- nection truly optimized for any network. It has a proven track record in every service provider's network to every DAS with connections from one sector to large DAS deployments in stadiums, are- nas, convention centers, hotels, race- ways, hospitals and government build- ings. Its efficiency has been exploited for connections from 250 feet to over 10 miles. For more information, visit www .opticalzonu.com. Genovation Cars: The Green Car Company By Steve Keyes, Communications Director, Centigrade for Genovation Cars Genovation's long-term goal is to be a premier provider of high performance sustainable automobiles. Genovation is committed to advancing the state of the art in EV technology with the knowledge that performance EVs will accelerate the delivery of sustainable products for future generations. The Genovation GXE Corvette all electric supercar has broken several significant world records on mul- tiple occasions while reimagining an American icon. Genovation is raising the bar in energy storage, propulsion, com- posite and suspension technologies. We ask our customers to join us on this jour- ney. In recent years, several issues have converged to create a demand for the kind of vehicle Genovation builds: Climate change, due to high carbon dioxide emissions, is now a widely accepted fact. As a global community, we must all take whatever actions we can to reduce harmful greenhouse gases. A recent draft report from the US Government titled Climate Science Special Report finds it "extremely likely that more than half of the rise in temper- ature over the past four decades has been caused by human activity." There has been an increase in the awareness of the negative effects of air pollution, especially on the young and old. The World Health Organization has estimated that up to 2.4 mil- lion people a year die from causes directly attributed to air pollution. Research has shown a correlation between air pollution and the inci- dences of asthma, particular- ly among children. As atmospheric CO 2 lev- els rise, the gas dissolves into our oceans, causing the water to become more acidic. Ocean acidification negatively impacts biodiversity and is par- ticularly damaging to shellfish and kelp, putting fisheries around the globe at risk. The Genovation team is comprised of a small and capable group of engineers and automotive experts that are commit- ted to building world class products. In order to achieve this goal, Genovation has teamed with one of the world's preeminent contract manufac- turers, The Prefix Corporation, to make the GXE a reality. Steeped in Detroit and European automotive know how, Prefix is helping make the GXE a stylish, robust, world class elec- tric supercar. At the same time, we have teamed with a num- ber of smaller technology companies, like Stafl Systems, that bring a fresh approach to innovation in the automotive sector. The combination of large and small, of traditional and new organiza- tions, has resulted in the creation of the world's fastest certified street legal elec- tric supercar, the Genovation GXE. For more information, visit www .genovationcars.com. R.L. Drake Highlights Two Drop & Add Solutions The EH244 Encoder Host Series is a 2RU platform ideal for MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/H.264 video encoding due to its many flexible configurable output options. Each unit is designed to house any combination of R.L. Drake's popular HD or SD encoder modules. The EH244 has a total of six input bays, and has an internal multiplexer that allows users to construct custom program multiplexes, and output them in any combination from RF QAM, ASI or IP – based on the out- put configuration order. EH244 Module options include HDE24A: HD Video Encoder; SDE24A: SD Dual Video Encoder; SDE24EAS: SD Encoder with EAS Support; and SDI24A: HD/SD-SDI Encoder with Closed Captioning. Any of these module options can also be used in the R.L. Drake MEQ1000B Hybrid QAM Modulator. The MEQ1000B Multiplexing Hybrid QAM Modulator fulfills the need when a single QAM output is required. The 1RU platform pro- vides the convenience of local or remote web- based management for any of the input module options to drop and add programs to existing multiplexes to optimize band- width. MEQ1000B Module options include ASII: ASI Input Module; DTD1000: Digital Tuner and Demodulator Module; IPI1000: IP Program Acquisition Module; and SDM1000: Satellite Tuner and Demodulator Module. Each MEQ1000B hosts two bays allotting for a customized combi- nation of input module options to build custom QAM channels from up to two diverse sources. Video content from both mod- ules enters the main chassis where it may be MPEG program-filtered, multiplexed and groomed. Any number of program streams can be sent to the QAM modula- tor for output and/or exported via the platform's additional ASI output. My Geko Gear – The New Digital Dash Cam Mirror Perfect for Trailer & Trucks My Geko Gear is an up-and-coming brand in the dash cam market. The brand strives to bring new and high-quality dash cams with a user-friendly experi- ence. When designing the dash cams, My Geko Gear takes every detail into consid- eration, from design to production to cre- ating a dash cam that fits the user's needs. My Geko Gear ensures that all the hardware and specifications of the dash cams are industry leading, and most importantly, affordable. There is no need to drive with an obstructed view anymore. The InfiniView is a digital dash cam mirror that also serves as a backup camera that will clip onto your already existing mir- ror. With this 9.7-inch fully touchscreen mirror, users will have easy access to see their rear. This rear camera will help with drivers who have blind spots caused by car pil- lars, dark tints or blind spots that naturally occur in large trucks. Once you put the car in reverse, the mirror will automatically change to backup view and users can scroll the mirror up and down to make sure nothing is in the way. Since it is very important to have a dash cam in this day and age, this mirror has a dash cam that slides out on the right side to always record when the vehicle is in motion. The rear cam is IPX7 water- proof, so users can place the rear cam outside and not have to worry about it malfunc- tioning or having visibility issues. Along with a standard 20-foot cable, a 65-foot cable is provided in this kit for an extension for large trucks and to hook up trailers. The Infiniview strives to give drivers peace of mind while on the road. For more information, email marketing @papagousa.com.

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