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Wireless World Thursday, October 24, 2019 1 2 launch event in Washington, D.C. "Since joining the Alliance, MultiTech has been an active advocate for CBRS and OnGo," said Alan Ewing, Executive Director of the CBRS Alliance. "The eCell Ethernet to OnGo bridge device is hitting the market just in time to support initial commercial deployments, just approved by the FCC." The MultiConnect eCell cellular to Ethernet Bridge enables plug-and-play CBRS connectivity for existing smart assets as primary connectivity or as a failover, should wired connections become compromised. Its rugged alu- minum chassis protects the eCell from harsh industrial environments, while DeviceHQ secure lifecycle management, provides IT with the tools needed to monitor and manage asset performance remotely. Samples have been shipping since May and are already in use by many CBRS Alliance members. Applications leveraging the MultiConnect eCell include: JMA Wireless XRAN virtual baseband enabling CBRS OnGo for video, internal communications and digital displays at MultiTech (Cont'd. from p. 1) major venues and CBRS trial sites; Geoverse Private LTE, monitoring com- mercial building entrances in real-time; Commscope working with its customers to connect vital sign monitor carts in hos- pitals as they roll from room to room with superior reliability and secure CBRS con- nectivity; and Syniverse Innovation Lab, using video surveillance to monitor its smart IoT-based parking lot. "Liberalization of mid-band spectrum pol- icy in the U.S. and abroad has made way for a paradigm shift in the way cellular networks are deployed: from thousands of wireless operators to millions of sites with their own cellular network, including sports venues, airports, malls, hotels, mines, manufacturing facility and enter- prise office spaces," said Daniel Quant, Vice President, Strategic Development of MultiTech. "Ours are among the first hardened IoT devices that offer securely managed after-market Private LTE and CBRS connectivity to a broad range of assets to accelerate industrial enterprise digital transformation today." Learn more at www.multitech.com or Stand #5002. networks launched already in high- and mid-band spectrum and networks in low- band to follow soon. The big upside comes from being able to leverage the best spectrum for a given scenario, selected among three distinct options: low-band for exceptional coverage – tak- ing the mobile broadband experience fur- ther away from radio towers, and cover- ing large population areas; mid-band for phenomenal capacity in metropolitan areas – covering 575 square miles (about 1,500 square kilometers) and 1.9 million people in a single city already; and high- band for revolutionary creativity beyond what other wireless technologies can deliver – an option introduced at specific locations. Use Places are Easier to Nail than Use Cases The task to define and predict use cases will remain daunting. But a complemen- tary approach around use places provides relief. Use places are well-defined small geographical locations where 5G can provide premium values – often based on a strong launch use case. We believe more use cases will appear as soon as we have the basic infrastructure in place. This scenario is similar to how app stores were introduced first: Think use place. A Ericsson (Cont'd. from p. 1) myriad of innovative applications fol- lowed in a second wave: Think use case. Five Areas to Master for Millimeter-Wave Builds To master the game of radio network densification at new sites close to users, you want to: interact well with local authorities – FCC has defined permit and permission handling nationwide in the fall of 2018; select the best pole option for each location – with five different options in play; secure access to primary and secondary power for each site; embrace the best possible mobile trans- port option; and make sure your enclo- sures and wiring look attractive. Users Become Customers in Their Late 20s or Early 30s One exciting area to explore is where new customers will come from – espe- cially the part of society rolling off their parents' family plans – to become fixed and mobile broadband customers on their own. This customer group often finds more value in a 5G dual play than their parents' quad-play. Join us in South Hall, booth #S1724 for further insights on this exciting journey. For more information, go to www .ericsson.com or stop by South Hall booth #S1724. a sales boom for SmartWitness. The robust performance, secure design, integration capabilities and affordability of SmartWitness' devices and cloud platform have attracted the attention of insurance and telematics providers. SmartWitness' product line-up of connected cameras with REST API enables video and data to be seamlessly integrated with GPS tracking, telematics and fleet management software, thus ush- ering in a new era of video telematics. SmartWitness offers a wide array of reseller partnerships and white label opportunities for this exciting new mar- ket. SmartWitness (Cont'd. from p. 1) While leading the industry in safety technology that has produced exceptional results and solutions for its partners, SmartWitness has redefined the way risk is analyzed. Encouraging safer driving video telematics solutions reduces cost and increases efficiency for all key stake- holders in fleet management, insurance and telematics to identify, record and report key driving information in real- time. Each SmartWitness customer reported 100 percent overall risk improvement and a 39 percent increase on Return on Investment (ROI) in the first year. This is "Video Telematics." For more information, go to www.smartwitness.com. passport, insurance or other identity doc- uments that you don't want falling into the wrong hands. Or, you have your grandmother's photo albums and want to ensure they are protected from harm. Maybe you have all the latest tech and need a place to securely store your cam- eras, tablets, external drives and other gear. No matter what you have to protect, Cannon Safe and Stack-On can help you safeguard it without putting a big dent in your wallet. Take the personal portable safe line from Stack-On. Sized just right, these fire-rated safes deliver outstanding per- Alpha Guardian (Cont'd. from p. 1) formance against theft and fire, but fit right into any area of your home. The electronic keypad lock makes it easy to use, but prevents unwanted access. Or, if you are a renter or have room- mates, the new Edge Safe may be the choice for you. Offered in a wide variety of sizes and bright colors, the Edge Safe blends right into any modern design but provides cutting-edge security. Safes from Cannon Safe and Stack- On should be a part of every home, pro- viding secure storage and peace of mind no matter what you want to protect. To see the lineup of safes and secure stor- age devices, visit www.cannonsafe.com and www.stackon.com. GAEMS Introduces the Sentinel Pro XP 1080P Personal Gaming Environment GAEMS unveiled Sentinel, the latest evolution in its award-winning series of personal gaming environments. The ulti- mate combination of console gaming portability and performance that GAEMS has become critically acclaimed for is now wrapped in a new sleek and patented design that provides a bigger gaming experience in a smaller, lighter hard-shell case. Paired with your favorite console, GAEMS Sentinel with its new IPS panel transforms any space into your own esports arena or premier Personal Gaming Environment. "We've redesigned Sentinel from the ground up to fit today's gamer. Sentinel's market is just as likely to be gamers com- peting in esports or creating online con- tent related to games they play as they are to be casual gamers meeting up with friends to game together in the same room," said John Smith, co-Founder of GAEMS. "Because of this, we packed the most performance possible into our TSA-friendly design. Players can now spend their time focusing on increasing their gamer scores and achievements instead of worrying about downtime." Total immersion begins with a high quality, low-latency IPS panel and Sentinel's integrated 17.3" FHD Anti- Glare IPS panel delivers the 1920 x 1080 Full HD experience at 60HZ. Plug your favorite headset into the Sentinel's 3.5mm audio output jack or just crank up the sound with GAEMS onboard sound- stage which includes individually cham- bered 3W stereo speakers specifically tuned for great gaming audio. TSA- friendly dimensions means Sentinel fits overhead carry-on requirements for most airlines. Customizable Touchscreen Display Who's in charge? You! That's right, Kenwood is introducing a new user cus- tomization feature, touted as the "cus- tomizable multi-widget," to six of its new Kenwood and Kenwood eXcelon line of multimedia receivers. Now, the choice is yours! Widgets were first introduced in 2016 to Kenwood's "S" series of multi- media receivers, allowing for user selec- table displays on the home screen, such as a clock/date, visual EQ, compass and more, with enhancements added each year since. What's interesting about many of these widgets is that you can touch the widget to be taken to the corresponding screen's settings or function (visual EQ will display the actual EQ adjustment menu, compass will display the Garmin navigation map on DNX models, etc.). On DNX Garmin navigation models, the compass will actually morph into turn-by- turn lane guidance during an active route. Users can now choose exactly what they want displayed on their Kenwood multimedia home screen. Your choice of four widget panels can be displayed on the Home screen. You can save different multi-widget pages to display exactly what you want, when you want. Depending on the model, widget options can include album art of a current song, clock, com- pass, photo frame, visual EQ, weather, turn-by-turn Garmin navigation and more. When adding in an optional iDatalink Maestro radio replacement interface, addi- tional widget options can include climate controls, radar detector information, tire pressure monitoring systems and more. Further user customizations have also been added to these receivers, including the ability to change the text size, allowing for more artist/title/song information to be displayed if desired. New wallpaper selec- tions are also available, displaying in the background on select sources.

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