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Produce Show Daily 3 7 Saturday, October 19, 2019 Matrix Bag and Pouch Machines Matrix Packaging Machinery is featuring flexible packaging solutions. The Morpheus servo-driven continu- ous box motion bagger form fill and seal machine is rated at up to 180 bags per minute and features automatic setup (AutoPro) capabilities that reduce changeover time and lead to higher pro- ductivity. The Morpheus offers high per- formance and a completely configurable solution for small and large bags. The high-speed jaw system allows for maxi- mum dwell time on sealing and allows for faster speeds and accuracy, making these units ideal for applications such as fresh cut and individually quick frozen (IQF) foods. The option of either a Beckhoff or AB control system offers a friendly, highly intuitive system and allows the user to quickly adjust for the perfect seal. With high performance vac- uum film pull belts and the continuous box-motion jaw, customers can run a variety of bag film types and bag sizes. The Matrix AutoPro™ seeks to reduce change-over time by using servo mechanisms to make critical adjust- ments, freeing up the operator to do the other needed tasks for change-over. The positions of the various adjustments are saved in the product recipe. All an opera- tor needs to do is replace the forming tube with the new one and load the cor- rect film. Each critical mechanical adjustment is then automati- cally returned to the position from the last time that job was saved. This system allows for a much faster change-over with greatly reduced film waste as com- pared to other continuous motion VFFS machines. The AutoPro system is an inte- grated part of the operating system on the Morpheus continuous motion machine. These settings are accessed from the HMI along with all the other machine settings, providing seam- less set-up. The Toyo Jidoki TT-8D-N pre-made pouch fill and seal machine is designed for stand-up, flat bottom and fifth-panel style bags. The TT-8D-N pre-made pouch filler sealer is rated at up to 55 flat, standup and press-to- close pouches per minute. This machine is widely flexible and can produce various pouch for- mats and product types; it is easy to clean with its wash- down design for sanitary opera- tion. The touchscreen controls are user-friendly for quick and efficient operation and mainte- nance. The TT-8D-N produces a precise and dependable seal. Options and acces- sories include: date printer, air squeeze device, nitrogen gas flush, liquid filling systems, zip open/close device, ultrason- ic sealing option and more. For more information, email matrix.info@promachbuilt.com. A Condiment that Comes with Community By Lorrie Baumann To make it in the U.S., you need either financial capital or intellectual capital, according to Gerard Bozoghlian, whose family emigrated from Argentina to the U.S. in 1991; "Mom's rich intellectual capital is an archive of Argentine culi- nary methods and traditions." Those recipes included authentic recipes for Argentinian chimichurri sauces that his mother, Azniv, had developed while she was cooking for the Bozoghlian family and friends. Azniv, herself of Greek descent and who had grown up in a Greek neighbor- hood in Argentina; the food she'd been served at home was what she knew. After she married Bozoghlian's father, Carlos, and settled into housekeeping, she felt the need to expand her culinary repertoire, so she took herself off to culinary school. "The running joke in the family is that Dad told Mom that he could eat dolmades and moussaka a couple of times a week, but that he wanted his dose milanesa, lasagna and empanadas as often as possible," Bozoghlian says. "She really has an ardent passion for food, to become one with the essence, the roots and eventual influences of Argentine culinary tradi- tions. Every family vacation was grounded and planned around culinary excursions. Visiting the Rosa Mosqueta harvest in Bariloche or the tomato har- vest in Rio Negro. As a family, much of our time spent bonding revolved around the discovery of ingredients and the overall appreciation of food and wine." After the family moved to the U.S. when Gerard, the youngest of three brothers, was 15, the older boys went off to college, one to UCLA and one in Pasadena, and the whole family focused on finding a sense of community for themselves in West Hollywood. "In Argentina, everyone was home for dinner at 9 p.m. In the States in the '90s, honor- ing a nightly family dinner schedule was a challenge. There was an increasing feeling of separation," Bozoghlian says. "In Buenos Aires, extended family gath- erings were the norm on the weekends. Here, we just had the five of us, and the Los Angeles work/university travel times and distances were spreading us thin. Maintaining our strongly bonded family unit meant everything." The family worked hard to turn Azniv's recipe collection into the basis for a menu for an authentic Argentinian steakhouse that began attracting other Argentine emigres. "Slowly we devel- oped the community we dreamed to have," Bozoghlian says. Today we're blessed to have guests who have been dining with us for 22 years. Families that discovered us when their children were toddlers are now hosting their college graduation celebrations at Carlitos Gardel." Eventually, Max Bozoghlian, the oldest of the three brothers, became one of an early wave of professional somme- liers in Los Angeles, Rodrigo went off to law school, and Gerard, at 21, graduated from his apprenticeship under his mother to become the restaurant's general man- ager. A couple of years later, Azniv decided that she'd laid enough of a foun- dation for the restaurant's kitchen that she could take a step back from working a regular shift at the restaurant – although she is still very much in charge of the desserts there. Somehow, Gerard decided that he wasn't busy enough just operating the restaurant, and he began working on the development of recipes for the sauces so they could be preserved as shelf-sta- ble products while still maintaining their authentic character. He found mentors in Freddy Carbajal, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dotta Foods International, Inc., and Eliot Swartz, co-Founder and co-Chair of Two Chefs on a Roll, Inc. "Freddy real- ly took me under his wing. Introduced me to some of the top food scientists," Bozoghlian says. "He wanted to see me succeed. Even with his and others' help, it took five years to formulate the first product that's shelf-stable, authentic in terms of composition: staying true to authentic ingredients found in chimichurri; and also authentic in terms of consistency. We don't produce an emulsified paste. We produce a hand- crafted, free-flowing sauce, and it goes into the jar that way. There's never a time when the full integrity of the sauce is not honored." "Argentines respond to Gardel's Chimichurri because they recognize it as what they've always known chimichurri to be," he continues. "That was my goal – to stay true and honor our traditions." Some of that story is now on the label of each of Gardel's Fine Foods' chimichurri sauces. All made with 100 percent extra virgin olive oil and no added sugar, they are Chimichurri Balsamico, Chimichurri Spicy Balsamico, Chimichurri Autentico and Chimichurri Lime. Each jar holds 8 ounces of sauce and retails for $8.99 to $11.99. Nationwide distribution is avail- able. For more information, go to www.chimichurrisauce.com. Thermal Technologies Showcases Next Generation TarpLess SX Ripening Room When Thermal Technologies patented the TarpLess ® ripening room over 25 years ago, it took the industry by storm. That's why today, around the world, more fruit is ripened in TarpLess ripening rooms than in all other commercial ripen- ing room systems combined. Continuous innovation and a firm commitment to customer service and support have been major drivers of Thermal Tech's success. But that's just part of the story. The TarpLess ripening room's ability to deliver consistently superior, high quality fruit with unparal- leled reliability is also proven to give Thermal Tech customers an unbeatable sales advantage. This leads to a faster return-on-investment followed by years of increased sales and profit. Today, Thermal Tech remains at the forefront of technological innovation with its next generation TarpLess SX ripening room with Fruit-centric Ripening™, innovative control technolo- gy that forms the beating heart of the TarpLess SX ripening room series. Thermal Tech is showcasing the system at this year's PMA Fresh Summit. Fruit-centric Ripening uses data sent directly from the fruit to the system's intelligent SX control system. Using this data, the system is able to produce and maintain the perfect balance of tempera- ture, humidity and airflow to keep pulp temperatures uniform while optimizing control and efficiency throughout every step of the ripening process. Thermal Tech has a TarpLess SX solution to meet every commercial ripen- ing need with rooms for bananas, avoca- dos, pears, stone fruit, even multi-fruit rooms that combine ripening, pre-cooling and low- temp storage. Dual or multiple temperature control zones allow fruit to be ripened to dif- ferent stages in the same room at the same time with the same unbeatable quality and guaran- teed uniformity. Every TarpLess SX ripen- ing room comes with Thermal Tech's exclusive humidification system, which protects and maintains naturally occur- ring moisture levels contained in the fruit throughout the ripening process. In rooms lacking proper humidification, this naturally occurring moisture slowly evaporates during ripening, increasing peel sensitivity, reducing fruit weight and shortening shelf-life. By maintaining optimal moisture levels during ripening, TarpLess SX min- imizes weight loss, delivering up to 1/2 pound more weight per box, while extending shelf life up to 12 hours, minimizing retail shrink. Fruit looks better, lasts longer and weighs more with the same unbeatable quality and guaranteed uniformity that has made the TarpLess ripening room the number one choice in commercial ripening the world over. With nearly 30 years of TarpLess ripening room installations, most still in operation today, Thermal Tech has the knowledge, skill and experience to ensure every TarpLess SX installation meets its client's cur- rent and future needs in the most cost- efficient way possible. That's particu- larly important when it comes to plan- ning for sales volume increases after installation. For more information, visit booth #3303, go to www.gotarpless.com or contact David Byrne at 803.461.7980.

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