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Produce Show Daily Saturday, October 19, 2019 2 2 Food Safety Made Easy with BioSafe Systems Food safety concerns have skyrocketed as outbreaks of E. coli, listeria and sal- monella have emerged nationwide. In response, new regulation such as the Produce Safety Rule (PSR) under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is requiring vegetable/fruit growers and processors to adapt to higher food safety requirements with increased data logging of all food safety intervention steps. BioSafe Systems' SaniDate ® 15.0 and Smart Spray Bar System take away the complexities of meeting all current and future regulations, while streamlining an operation through industry leading sani- tation and food processing. Superior sanitation is achieved with SaniDate 15.0, an EPA approved food safety microbicide that utilizes advanced peroxyacetic acid (PAA) chemistry. SaniDate 15.0 is labeled to kill human health pathogens, including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella enterica, Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Campylobacter jejuni. Additionally, its contact-kill chemistry is labeled to eliminate spoilage and decay-causing bacteria, yeasts, molds and fungi. SaniDate 15.0 is Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliant to treat raw produce wash and process waters for hydro coolers, flumes and spray bars. SaniDate 15.0's PAA-based formula gives it many advantages over chlorine-based chemistries used in post- harvest applications, including but not limited to: versatile applications – can be used on all hard food contact and non-food contact surfaces; no post rinse required – chemistry biodegrades into oxygen and water; does not off- gas and low corrosivity – gentle on equipment and personnel; OMRI-listed for organic production, USDA Certified, NSF Certified and Kosher Certified. BioSafe System's Smart Spray System offers thorough data-logging and reporting capabilities that makes meeting regulation and passing food safety audits simple and easy. By utilizing a specialized probe and cloud-based data logger, the Smart Spray Bar System allows real-time data moni- toring and manipulation of SaniDate 15.0 applications. The Smart Spray Bar System is capable of recording multiple data points for enhanced FSMA docu- mentation, including: PAA application in parts-per-million (PPM), day and time stamp when the system is operating, chemical tank levels, flow rates, ambient air temperature and pH of water being treated. By storing all data in the cloud, users have access to data anytime and anywhere via mobile-app or browser. Its thorough data reporting capabilities ensure that all cur- rent food-safety regulations are met, while also safeguarding an operation from any future regulatory requirements that are on the horizon. BioSafe Systems takes food safety seriously. In its mission to remain at the forefront of innovation and service in providing simple, sustainable and effec- tive solutions, SaniDate 15.0 paired with the Smart Spray Bar System is a simple yet comprehensive and extraordinarily effective solution that makes the com- plexities of food safety manageable. Visit BioSafe Systems at booth #4102. For more information, go to www.biosafe systems.com, call 888.273.3088 or email info@biosafesystems.com. Double D Farms Takes Organic Stewardship Seriously Double D Farms is proud to be a family, woman and minority owned business, run by agricultural entrepreneur Elvia Devine. One of the first females to lead a wholesale organic produce company, Elvia co-founded the successful Double D Farms, which began life as an almond grower in 1986. The company started growing organically during the burgeon- ing organic movement of the 1990s, and has been certified organic since 1997. Double D Farms takes organic stew- ardship seriously, and believes an impor- tant part of living organically is social and environmental responsibility. As such, the company does all it can to use recyclable containers and packaging, reduce food waste and take the best care of its employees. The welfare of its valued workers, and that of the earth it plants in, are Double D Farms' top priority. Its premi- um asparagus, broccoli, celery, onion, garlic, sweet corn and nuts are grown, harvested, packed and shipped with care by workers who are guaranteed habitable housing, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, and nutritional meals. Eliminating food waste is an important part of the mission at Double D Farms. It strives to donate all commodities to food banks, depending on the season. Its aspara- gus shavings are sent to Bio Nutraceuticals to be used for medicinal purposes. In addition, all waste is disposed of via a local recycling company, which transforms food waste into rich compost for the next planting. Eighty to ninety percent of the compa- ny's packaging is recyclable, and it holds all areas in which it produces to the same standards. Double D Farms' organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation, reduce pollu- tion and provide healthy, chemical-free food. The company does not use con- ventional methods to fertil- ize, control weeds or pre- vent diseases on organic produce. It invests in alternative, sustain- able stewardship and uses methods which prioritize health and the environ- ment. Growing organically is Double D Farms' passion and discovering new best practices is second nature. Visit Double D Farms at booth #270. For more information, go to www.doubled farms.com or call 559.573.7500. Teekanne Wellness Teas for a Healthy Lifestyle Herbal and botanical teas are booming within the tea category across the nation, and with good reason. Many teas provide natural health benefits once consumed. For example, Ginger-Lemon caffeine- free tea from Teekanne is comprised of ginger root, lemongrass, lemon peels, lemon myrtle and licorice. Ginger- Lemon tea helps suppport a healthy immune and digestive system. Ginger is known to soothe headache pain and to reduce motion sickness and nausea. Lemongrass has a calming effect and offers anxiety-reducing properties as well as a positive impact on oral health, aid in relieving bloat and help to lower cholesterol. Many of the ingredients in this tea also provide anti-inflammatory proprerties and may also assist in weight loss. The natural essential oil in ginger combined with fresh lemon make this infusion perfect to warm you from within. For more information, call 800.875.5557, email info@gourmetint.com or go to www.gourmetint.com. Triangle and JDD Packaging Introduce the Triangle/JDD Rotary Pouch Machine For produce packagers and others look- ing for an automated filling and sealing solution for pre-made pouches, Triangle Package Machinery Company, together with JDD Packaging Ltd., is introducing the Triangle/JDD Rotary Pouch Machine. Designed to fill 3-sided seal, flat pouches and stand-up pouches (SUP) at speeds up to 50 pouches per minute (ppm), the Rotary Pouch Machine is available in two models: Model JRPM-8812 and JRPM-81215. Depending on the type of product being filled, the Triangle/JDD Rotary Pouch Machine is paired with a Triangle InLine Combination Weigher or other scale or auger to fill product into pouch- es. The system includes a series of sta- tions to pick, open, fill and seal the pre- made pouch. Other stations include a horizontal infeed belt and a pouch out- feed conveyor. Standard features also include a pouch shaker to help settle product, as well as a Markem date coder. Key features and benefits include no fill – no seal. If a bag does not open, product will not be dispensed. Bags not filled will pass through the sealing station without sealing, saving product and wast- ed bags. It has a clean, open design for ease of sanitation and maintenance, stain- less steel frame (painted cast frame enclosed), ease of operation and superior service and support. "As pouches continue to gain popu- larity in the flexible packaging market, we see a definite need for automated solutions that will enable small- to medi- um-sized companies in a wide range of markets to keep up with demand," says Ralph Hernandez, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Triangle Package Machinery Company. "Triangle has a long history of working with JDD in the Canadian marketplace, and we saw a great opportunity to bring this technology to cus- tomers in the United States and Mexico. With the strength of Triangle's service and parts support, we are confident that customers are not only getting a quality machine, but above and beyond service and support." With simple tool-less changeover and the ability to store up to 48 recipes, the system can easily run multiple prod- ucts or bag sizes. Pouch sizes range from 4 inches wide to 12 inches wide, depend- ing on model, while pouch heights range from 4 inches to 15 inches. The rotary pouch filler is suitable for a variety of markets, including granola, snacks, confectionery, dried fruit and nuts, as well as powders such as spices, sug- ars, baking mixes and more. The Triangle/JDD Rotary Pouch Machine is an ideal entry-level solution for busi- nesses looking for the next step in packaging automation. About Triangle Package Machinery Company Founded in 1923 and headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Triangle Package Machinery Company is a U.S. manufac- turer of vertical form fill seal (VFFS) bag machines, combination weighers, hori- zontal cartoning/bag-in-box systems and tray loading/depositing systems. For more information, call 800.621.4170 or go to www.trianglepackage.com.

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