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Produce Show Daily 1 3 Saturday, October 19, 2019 The Little Potato Company Feeds Appetite for Comfort Foods By Christa Wagner, Director of Advertising and Promotions, The Little Potato Company It's no surprise that we're passionate about potatoes at The Little Potato Company. So, we thought it would be fun to conduct a survey to see what other people thought of our favorite vegetable. We learned some fun facts, including that one in four Millennials would rather give up cheeseburgers than potatoes, but it also reinforced that potatoes are truly a staple vegetable for today's busy family. "Our survey findings revealed that nearly half of Americans are eating potatoes a few times a week, underscor- ing the importance of variety and flavor innovation," said Richard Vann, Vice President of Marketing and Product Innovation. "We're excited to introduce two products at PMA this year with the launch of our Easy Sides and a new Lemon and Garden Herb Microwave Ready kit that offer even more flavor variety and cooking options for the time-crunched consumer who loves healthy, tasty food." Easy Sides are our latest no-stress meal solution. They are fully cooked, pre-seasoned Creamer potatoes available in family-friendly flavors including Onion & Garlic, Sea Salt & Black Pepper, Paprika & Bell Pepper and Sweet Bell Pepper & Onion. In our consumer research, we learned that infrequent buy- ers of little potatoes think they are too time consuming or complicated to pre- pare. So, we've taken all the com- plication out. Just open and heat for seven minutes in a skillet for crispy potatoes that can be paired as a quick side dish to accompany a protein or served as a hearty main dish by topping with an egg or tossing into a salad. The quest for convenience continues to be a top priority among consumers, with our survey revealing that microwav- ing is the third most common way to cook potatoes. "When developing the newest Microwave Ready flavor, we combined the familiar flavors of fresh herbs and bright lemon to create a classic combina- tion that is the perfect companion for any type of protein," said Vann. "Our Microwave Ready Lemon and Garden Herb kit is versa- tile enough to be enjoyed for every kind of meal, from busy week- nights where you need a quick option to holiday meals where you can savor food and fam- ily." At The Little Potato Company, we are focused on transforming the way con- sumers enjoy nutritious and delicious whole foods and bringing excitement back to the potato category. Creamer potatoes is all we do, so we have to be the best. We see it as our mission to feed the world better, all starting with the humble Little Potato. Visit The Little Potato Company at booth #789. For more information, go to www .littlepotatoes.com, call 604.999.5033 or email christa.wagner@littlepotatoes.com. Michigan Apples and Hard Cider Go Hand in Hand The popularity of craft beverages has grown immensely in the last 20 years, and hard cider has quickly become one of the fastest growing sectors within this industry. From 2008 to 2016, the number of hard cider drinkers increased from 6.8 million to 24.5 million. The popularity of hard cider can be explained by its characteristics that make it appealing to various groups of consumers. Similar to beer and made like wine, hard cider appeals to both men and women. Hard cider is naturally gluten-free, providing consumers with gluten intolerance or celiac disease an alternative to beer and wine. The Michigan Apple Committee is supportive of the hard cider industry and their work with Michigan Apple growers. "Demand generated from Michigan cideries creates an additional revenue source for local farmers and often uses apples that may not other- wise be sold any other way. Cider also gets consumers thinking about apples at a place they have never considered them before," said John Behrens, President of the Michigan Cider Association. There are over 80 winer- ies and cideries that produce hard cider in Michigan. Michigan cider makers work with Michigan Apple farmers to grow specific cider apple varieties that are needed to produce hard cider. Many of the apple varieties produced in Michigan, such as Cortland, Winesap and Northern Spy (and others), are used to give hard cider a unique sweet yet acidic taste. Cider makers feel the best ciders present a blend of tannin, acidity and sweetness using a variety of apples. They will often come up with their own blends of varieties to achieve a unique flavor. "The demand for locally produced food and beverages grows every day. Cider mak- ers based in Michigan are for- tunate to have access to a large supply and vast array of locally grown apples," said Diane Smith, Executive Director of the Michigan Apple Committee. Consumers can support Michigan Apples and Michigan produced hard ciders not only in retail stores and cider mills, but also at restaurants and bars. For more information, visit booth #2445. Italian Rose/La Mexicana Fresh Salsa Offer the Power of Fresh to Perimeter Sales Last year was the start of a coming together of the two key fresh salsa play- ers on the east and west coasts. Together, they are the largest producer of fresh salsa in North America. The new compa- ny offers salsa products under the La Mexicana and Tabla Fresca Farmstand brand names along with a line of Mediterranean specialty items under the Italian Rose banner, including fresh bruschetta and garlic spreads. Each brand has a unique flavor profile of dice, spice and heat. According to Angelo Fraggos, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, "We bring a new dynamic to the fresh category with both our plants being locat- ed in the two year-round produce grow- ing regions in the country to assure the freshest product possible." The company offers a full line of sizes and styles of salsa to meet every customer's unique needs, including fresh, natural and organic versions of the recipes. While starting with fresh ingre- dients is important, the addition of culi- nary recipe development along with the latest advances in food science allow the company to offer great taste with extend- ed shelf life and a true national footprint. Fraggos further notes, "In addition to producing a full range of salsa types and styles, we have invest- ed an enormous amount of time and money into origi- nal research to ensure we are the thought leaders and category experts. Success in today's highly competi- tive perimeter of store is all about the right products in the right places in the right mix. We not only have the product in the right product format, we can help buyers fine tune offerings within our seg- ment as well as across the category as a whole." In addition to its branded offerings, the company will develop private label programs for customers. This multi- faceted approach allows Italian Rose to service the full range of depart- ments offering fresh products including deli, produce and dairy. The folks at Italian Rose are doing some- thing right, as IRI reports they have seven of the top 20 fresh salsa SKUs in the country. Fraggos concludes, "We help our customers be successful by really part- nering with them to offer great tasting items and back them up with meaningful consumer insights ... all supported by an industry leading food safety program." For more information, contact Italian Rose at 561.863.5556. Cheating Gourmet Announces Rebrand to Scott & Jon's Cheating Gourmet, makers of premium frozen seafood products, has renamed the brand Scott & Jon's ® . Now named after co-Founders and brothers Scott and Jon Demers, the rebrand is accompanied by a fresh look and innovative new line of pasta and noodle bowls. Like the brand's flagship frozen shrimp and rice bowls, the new pasta and noodle bowls feature sustainably-sourced shrimp and are all under 300 calories. Cheating Gourmet was founded by the Demers brothers, who recognized a lack of high-quality, on-the-go seafood options. With convenience in mind, they introduced a popular line of microwavable shrimp and rice bowls. Now available in the frozen seafood section of retailers nation- wide, the rebrand is intended to reinforce the Demers' commitment to quality and transparency. "Rebranding with our own names was our way of connecting with our cus- tomers, family-to-family," said co- Founder Jon Demers. "We are deeply committed to producing quality products that support the needs of today's busy family. There's no better way to demon- strate that commit- ment than by hav- ing our names on every package." Scott & Jon's Shrimp Rice Bowls are available in seven flavors including: Garlic Butter, Creamy Parmesan, Coconut, Jambalaya, Shrimp Risotto, Sweet Chipotle and Cilantro Lime. Shrimp Noodle Bowls are available in Ramen and Spicy Ramen. Shrimp Pasta Bowls are available in Shrimp Alfredo and Shrimp Scampi.

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