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Chain Drugstore Daily 5 3 Sunday, August 25, 2019 every day. These stressors, which include stronger sunlight as a result of increased UV exposure, blue light emitted from digital devices and longer hours looking at screens, are continually exposing eyes to new levels of stress. In fact, today most adults spend nearly 12 hours a day on digital devices, exposing themselves to blue light for extended periods of time. Even those who do not work in front of a computer are exposed – blue light is emitted from the sun, LED lights, fluo- rescent lights, cell phones and televi- sions. Americans are also working longer hours, increasing the likelihood of eye fatigue and stress throughout the day. Outside of the home and office, UV exposure continues to increase, making the eyes more vulnerable to the sun. "Ocuvite Eye Performance vitamins are the result of insights gathered directly from consumers and eye care profession- als to specifically formulate a supple- ment that can help nourish and support the eyes' natural protective filter," said Chris Marschall, Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Consumer Health Bausch + Lomb (Cont'd. from p. 1) Care, Bausch + Lomb. "We believe the nutrient formula found in these vitamins will provide consumers the nourishment they need to help protect their eyes today, so they can keep up with our fast-paced, digital-centric world." The Ocuvite Eye Performance eye vitamins were formulated with seven vital nutrients that help strengthen the macula, which protects the eyes from stressors such as sunlight and blue light emitted from digital devices. These nutri- ents include lutein and zeaxanthin to help filter blue light; omega-3s to help support a healthy retina; zinc to help regulate immune function in the eye; Vitamins C & E, antioxidants key to eye health; and Vitamin D, antioxidant to help prevent inflammation. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or pre- vent any disease.) Ocuvite Eye Performance eye vita- mins (50 ct.) are now available for pur- chase in the vitamin and eye care aisles at most major U.S. retailers. Visit Bausch + Lomb at booth #644. For more information, visit www.ocuvite.com. Monitoring Requirements of Hazardous Drugs The CDC and the State Board of Pharmacy have outlined recommenda- tions for ensuring the safe handling of vaccines and medication. Their guide- lines, aptly named Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, is a comprehensive guide for healthcare providers to main- tain safety in their pharmacy. This, along with the USP General Chapter <800> Hazardous Drugs – Handling in Healthcare Settings, provides best prac- tices for handling hazardous drugs, including vaccines and medication. At the end of this year, USP General Chapter <800> will be published with new requirements to help ensure a safe environment and protection of healthcare practitioners and others when handling hazardous drugs. This includes monitor- ing environmental temperature, humidity levels and pressure differential to main- tain proper handling and storage methods for drugs. Maintaining proper environ- mental conditions for storage, prepara- tion, transportation and administration can mean the difference between a healthy and a sick patient. Automated Versus Manual Monitoring Continuous monitoring of these environ- mental conditions provides a proactive approach to pharmacy safety. Previously, Improving Patient Safety (Cont'd. from p. 1) pharmacists and other healthcare profes- sionals would record temperature, humidity and pressure differential meas- urements using manual methods such as pen and paper. This provides a snapshot in time and requires significant effort to analyze. Technological advancements have enabled automated monitoring and alerting to detect excursions, stopping problems before they occur. Additionally, compliance and operations managers have better visibility into temperature excursions and are able to take the appro- priate corrective actions for temperature excursions. A proactive approach to phar- macy safety maintains vaccine efficacy and improves patient safety, a priority every pharmacist can support. Improving Pharmacy Safety SmartSense offers real-time remote monitoring solutions that cuts out man- ual temperature checks, so pharmacists can focus on their patients. Wireless sensors provide efficient and reliable methods for maintaining the necessary quality standards for medications and drugs, reducing time spent on mundane tasks and leading to a healthier popula- tion. For more information, visit booth #2442 or contact Josh Griggs, MBA, Director of Sales – Healthcare & National Accounts, SmartSense by Digi by calling 574.347.6166 or 574.850.0751, or email- ing josh.griggs@digi.com. pharmacies are relying on them to deliv- er their patients' prescriptions on time, and the Smith Drug team will do what it takes to make that happen. It means that Smith Drug offers all the tools, products and services its cus- tomers need to thrive in a highly compet- itive environment. It offers the most extensive assortment of products avail- able, including access to specialty med- ications, OTC, HME, brand and generic pharmaceuticals. It means Smith Drug values its cus- tomers' experiences. Each of its distribu- tion centers is staffed with representatives who work personally with customers for fast resolutions. Whether it's for IT sup- port or a question about an order, all of the calls are answered by a real person who will work with you until you have Smith Drug (Cont'd. from p. 1) what you need. It's no coincidence that Smith Drug's customer satisfaction is rated the highest in the industry. It means Smith Drug goes above and beyond to set its customers up for suc- cess. The company's merchandisers and pharmacy experts help customers maxi- mize success. Whether it's guidance on setting up the front end or information on new offerings and products, Smith Drug's customers regularly share feed- back on what a difference its entire team has made to a store. Ultimately, it means that Smith Drug Company believes in giving its cus- tomers reliability and quality. Time and time again, its "Wow!" moments give customers the competitive edge they need for success. For more information, visit booth #1251 or go to www.smithdrug.com. alerts. In order to effectively address these issues and mitigate the associated human and business costs, proactive retail pharmacies need to secure a single source of recall alerts, which is the core capability of RASMAS. An Unmatched Response-Enablement Resource In addition to singularly aggregating recall notifications, RASMAS helps speed remediation by simplifying the recall response workflow from initial notice to final resolution. Automated step-by-step documentation generates an audit trail for supporting internal/external inspections and operational reviews while maximizing transparency for recall response accountability. RASMAS matches recall alerts to a subscriber's inventory file using Inmar's proprietary rapidID technology and built- in management escalation capabilities ensure adherence to corporate policy. Automated business reply forms are included with the solution and the RAS- MAS mobile app enables immediate, on- the-go response to urgent recalls. Reporting is equally robust and includes documentation of recall Inmar (Cont'd. from p. 4) response and return activity at the enter- prise, regional, store and user level. A Tool for Recouping Recall Costs Responding to Rx recalls is not optional for retail pharmacies, but that doesn't mean they must shoulder the cost of responding. The labor costs, administra- tion costs and fees for disposition that are all part of the recall management process should not be the retail pharmacy's bur- den. RASMAS provides detailed docu- mentation of all measurable activity related to recall response. Retail pharma- cies can use this data to fairly and accu- rately assess all attributable costs and pursue appropriate remuneration from the manufacturer involved. Proper notifi- cation of a recall or drug withdrawal is crucial to initiating a timely response – but it is only the start of an expensive and complex undertaking for which retail pharmacies should be fully and properly reimbursed. Contact Inmar to learn how RASMAS recall management saves time and money while improving patient safety and reducing risk. For more information, visit booth #1151. for several years running, and currently ranks third in terms of total volume in the U.S. market, with about 550 ANDAs filed with the FDA and over 380 final approvals. From discovery to development to commercialization, the growth is aided by cost-effective drug development and substantial manufacturing. The R&D center in Hyderabad covers over 13,000 square meters with over 700 scientists striving for excellence. The team is focused on the areas of organic synthesis, analytical research, dosage form devel- opment, pharmacology, bio-equivalence studies and drug delivery systems. Aurobindo continues to invest in the future of the company and recently com- mercialized its newest large scale state of the art manufacturing facility, Unit-10, bolstering its portfolio of large scale manufacturing infrastructure. This facili- ty is solely dedicated to supporting the ongoing growth in the U.S. market. Aurobindo focuses on strategic portfolio management across a broad product line with no single product contributing more than 5 percent of total revenue. In recent years, it has continued to expand into new therapeutic categories and delivery methods such as injectables, OTCs, oncology, hormones, oral contraceptives, ophthalmic, metered dose - dry powder inhalers and biosimilar. Aurobindo (Cont'd. from p. 4) Flash forward to 2019. Aurobindo is well positioned in terms of scale, efficien- cy and cost-effectiveness through its expansive yet lean operating model, and now ranks among the largest generics suppliers around the globe. Although this has been fueled largely by organic growth, the recently announced definitive agreement to acquire Sandoz's U.S. oral solids and dermatology business units further advances Aurobindo's aggressive growth strategy. This greatly strengthens the company's vast market presence, as well as the scope and breadth of the part- nerships it holds with key customers here in the U.S. Aurobindo's Managing Director, Govind Narayanan, added, "We look forward to delivering the benefits of this transaction to all our stakeholders including employees, patients, customers and healthcare providers across the U.S." As a result of this acquisition, subject to regulatory approval by FTC, Aurobindo will be adding nearly 300 unique product families to its portfolio, climbing the ranks even further into a dominant and diversified market leadership position in the U.S, and ensuring that the company remains one of the leading generic phar- maceutical manufacturers around the globe. Visit Aurobindo at booth #1951. For more information, contact your account manager, visit www.aurobindousa.com or call 866.850.2876.

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