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Chain Drugstore Daily Sunday, August 25, 2019 5 0 cost-effective products to meet those specifications. Uniweb has established a well- earned reputation for finding more space for retailers, around the pharmacy count- er as well as the rest of the store. "We create new space," says Ron Mackert, Vice President and 18-year vet- eran at Uniweb. "A lack of space can really handcuff a retailer's ability to max- imize sales and profits. We can increase the amount of inventory by an average of 35 percent more than from traditional fix- tures." Uniweb systems will increase prod- uct storage by a minimum of 17 percent to 25 percent, and in some cases, by as much as 50 percent. One benefit is that Uniweb bays do not have a break between bays, which allows for continu- ous inventory placement. Also, the mov- able 16-inch trays are easy to adjust so staff can position them on the panel to accommodate the tallest bottle. All this translates into zero unused space. Uniweb offers a variety of products for retailers looking to expand their phar- macy section without any dramatic increase in space allocation. The compa- ny offers counter wall fixtures, pharmacy wall fixtures, Rx gondolas, Rx end caps, workstations and Rx locking units. Uniweb also manufactures complete pre- engineered modular pharmacies that Uniweb (Cont'd. from p. 1) include locking cabinets, under-counter vials, doors, shelves and sinks. The phar- macy can be assembled in two to three days and is pre-wired with a UL-Listed modular wiring system and can be tied into the in-store power and plumbing. In addition to Rx fixturing, Uniweb manufactures a wide range of wall fix- tures, gondolas, feature end caps and spe- cialty fixtures for the entire store. "We are a one-stop source for retailers," Mackert notes. "I think it is very important to point out that our design service for retailers is free and includes a set of plans that the client can keep," says Mackert. "We think that sends a clear message to our retail partners that we go into this as a true partnership. We are here to help both of us be profitable. We are always ready to sit down with our clients and tell them what we are about and ask them what they need from us." "In the end, it is all about saving money and helping to make the retailer more efficient," says Mackert. "We devel- op a collaborative relationship with our clients, providing them a one-stop shop where they can pick and choose what they need. Our solutions are based on their needs and our flexibility is designed to help retailers build unique solutions." Visit Uniweb at booth #2231. For more information, call 800.486.4932 or go to www.uniwebinc.com. product as the brand, and they represent a meaningful option for a patient to access a brand quality product at an affordable price. Prasco continues to have a leader- ship position in this space – in the past three years, we have launched authorized generic versions of brand products repre- senting over $14 billion in brand sales. CDD: Where can patients find out if an authorized generic version of a particular drug is available? CA: Historically, it has not been easy to find information about authorized generics, but Prasco is working to change that. We developed a tool for patients, pharmacists and health care professionals to look up any brand or generic drug to find out if there is an authorized generic version available. The tool is available at www.authorized generics.com. Pharmacists can look up a drug and understand how to source it, while consumers can use a product locator to find Prasco (Cont'd. from p. 1) pharmacies near them. I'm excited to make this information available. CDD: Where do you see authorized generics in the future? CA: I believe authorized generics will continue a strong growth trajectory. In light of the continuing discussions about the need to improve access and afford- ability, there will be more opportunities for AGs. Launching an authorized gener- ic will continue to be a smart solution for brand companies, with positive results for patients and payers. In the coming years, I see expansion of AGs through increased patient awareness and choice, and I look forward to seeing how our business model evolves in the biosimilar space. The future always starts with inno- vation, and when Prasco's partners are the world's most innovative in pharma- ceutical research and development, our future looks brighter than ever. Visit Prasco at booth #657. hyperlocal eCommerce grocery solution. The Takeoff/KNAPP team has already delivered the first of several robotic gro- cery systems for Sedano's, Ahold Delhaize and Wakefern, with a number of other national and regional chains queued up to implement this latest technology. Using slightly different technolo- gies, KNAPP has also expanded its Apostore and KNAPP-Store robotic solutions to the North American market, to fulfill pharmacy orders at the retail store more efficiently. Already in use across Europe, these systems are designed to open up more floor space by 60 percent to 70 percent, for expanded services that the industry is demanding. This means that MTM and other patient consulting, vaccinations, on-site clinics or additional space for HBA are available to the pharmacy in previously underuti- lized or wasted space. By automatically storing pharmacy medications dynamically and densely, versus one med-one facing, these sys- tems also reduce tech requirements in this labor constrained market. Additionally, all meds are delivered FEFO reducing expired medications and returns. The Apostore 24 Hour Access Terminal connects to the main system in a hub and spoke solution for a local net- work of stores, allowing patients the kind of access that meets their needs without the requirement and additional cost for KNAPP (Cont'd. from p. 1) the physical pharmacy to be open after hours. The Case for HyperLocal Fulfillment, Robotics and eCommerce Today, 55 percent of the world's popula- tion lives in urban areas. In the United States, the US Census Bureau now states that roughly 80 percent of the country's population lives in urban areas. At the same time, eCommerce is driving the demand for smaller, more frequent orders, and smaller more frequent orders that increase labor and transportation costs in these densely populated areas. There is formidable competitive pressure as others move more aggres- sively into grocery, retail, pharmacy and other sectors; in an attempt to garner the low hanging fruit – the higher margin items – while also delivering conven- ience and value. Where does that leave the rest of the market? KNAPP believes that means the adoption of new distribution models that leverage existing, local bricks and mor- tar, combined with the convenience demanded by the consumer; a hyperlocal distribution network that has a compre- hensive assortment of items that are top of mind with the consumer. All this com- bined with a local "click and collect" automated or robotic local fulfillment model that is fast, efficient and conven- ient. Visit KNAPP at booth #1804. For more information, go to www.knapp.com. resistant wounds and skin conditions. To Lombardo, this emphasis on service is the heart of Avadim. The company's mission is to change lives and transform communities by identifying and addressing unmet needs in the health arena. The company offers a portfolio of advanced, safe solutions and has created a strong pipeline across a broad range of health and wellness areas. Whether Avadim is developing prod- ucts aimed to improve health and enhance the quality of life, or to help communities through local and global philanthropy efforts, Lombardo reiterates that its mission is to serve, and that serv- ice is a responsibility that the company takes very seriously. For Avadim, this means that service takes the shape of identifying therapeutic clinical gaps in the marketplace, developing solutions and partnering with academic university hospitals to build-out evidence-based compendiums that prove efficacy. Avadim researches solutions for infec- tious diseases and neuromuscular disor- ders, including restless leg syndrome, diabetic neuropathy and non-healing chronic wounds. The company is committed to ensuring the quality and safety of its products while delivering the best possi- ble health and wellness outcomes. Avadim's products are non-toxic, safe for daily use and produced in an FDA regulatory and compliant drug and med- Avadim Health (Cont'd. from p. 1) ical device manufacturing facility in the United States. According to Chris Sposato, Vice President of Consumer Health, the com- pany's goal for TSE is to successfully launch two products, both of which are innovations in the medical health mar- ket. The first product is Theraworx Relief for Joint Discomfort and Inflammation, an OTC choice now available for 91 million sufferers of arthritic joints. With Theraworx, Avadim seeks to help individuals who endure chronic suffering from swollen and inflamed arthritic joints. Theraworx is helpful when individuals are unable to safely use oral NSAID medications and where opioids are no longer considered appropriate. Also being introduced is the U-PAK, an option for recurrent urinary tract infections. The U-PAK is indicated for the prevention of urinary tract infections for those who suffer from recurrent UTIs – primarily women and those who self- catheterize at home. Lombardo explains that Avadim products fill therapeutic gaps in care and are also proving to bring incremental rev- enue to their respective categories. The company's brands target chronic condi- tions which have demonstrated signifi- cant repeat purchase revenues. Avadim is able to help retail partners by driving repeat trips and repeat purchases. For more information, visit booth #2650 or go to www.avadimhealth.com. promote your location. Warrell Creations is the innovator of choice in the consumer-packaged goods snack space. Six process kitchens give its dedicated product development team the flexibility to innovate freely. A structured new prod- uct development stage gate process, coupled with Rapid Prototyping Methodology, enables customers to accelerate their time to market. While many CPG companies take 18 to 36 months to launch new items, Warrell Creations has helped customers launch Warrell Creations (Cont'd. from p. 43) new innovations as rapidly as 6 to 9 months. Its processes include artisanal panning, enrobing, fire roasting, nut clusters, snack bites and brittle. With over 50 years of experience behind it, Warrell Creations has forged a go-to-market strategy that has labeled it as Your Partner of Choice™ for private label and contract manufacturing solu- tions. A competitively advantaged Quality Management System, a breadth of manufacturing capabilities, a demon- strated willingness to invest and a team of dedicated project managers is capped with its cornerstone strength: We Innovate For You™.

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