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Chain Drugstore Daily 4 3 Sunday, August 25, 2019 David Biernbaum Passionate About SmartMouth's Rapid Growth By Tara Kane, Director, Retail Communications David Biernbaum is Founder and President at David Biernbaum & Associates LLC., Consumer Goods Marketing, National Retail Sales, Consulting and Equity Development. Since 1977, David Biernbaum and his teams have achieved extraordinary suc- cess delivering brand-equity and brand- achievement for client-companies, retail partners and more than 200 consumer products on today's shelves, mostly health and wellness. Biernbaum special- izes in premium-priced specialty brands that deliver category expansion and incremental dollars. Since November of 2015, David Biernbaum devotes much of his time to St. Louis-based SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories, where he is acting as Chief Marketing Officer, heading up strategic business development, retail broker-sales management and consumer products marketing. SmartMouth markets highly effective specialty oral rinses, toothpaste and mints. Since January 2016, with Biernbaum's elite marketing skills, bro- ker-sales leadership and as the compa- ny's primary national accounts profes- sional, SmartMouth has grown to become a $48 MM retail brand, more than four times its size from $11 MM as recently as 2014. Biernbaum speaks glowingly about his Chief Executive Officer-client, and now, very close friend, Andrew Burch, who in 2014 was appointed by a new Board at St. Louis-based Triumph Pharmaceuticals, dba SmartMouth Oral Health Laboratories. "Andy inherited a tumultuous situation left behind by previ- ous management." He added, "Andy's own background of success and expertise is in finance and banking, so being a level-headed entrepre- neur with rare management skills, he immediately sur- rounded himself, and the brand, with a high-level experienced team in marketing, sales, opera- tions and manufacturing." Biernbaum explained, "When Andy put his complete faith and confidence in me and handed over the keys to me for such a strategic role, that was all the motivation I needed to make SmartMouth start to achieve its real potential, which I always knew was much greater than its past." Biernbaum adds, "I have zero doubt that SmartMouth will keep developing at this pace, and probably even faster." When Biernbaum began in his new role, he brought on his own network of independent brokers that under his leader- ship achieved much faster success, effec- tive placement, shelf-presence and pro- ductive promotions to drive new trial for a premium mouthwash brand. In addition, Biernbaum inaugurated a highly effective marketing strategy with a dynamic new mix, and much improved messag- ing and brand-statement. Biernbaum summarized, "SmartMouth expands retail oral health solutions with innovation, science and technology, category growth, premium profits, shelf- space productivity and off-the- charts customer and consumer-loy- alty," he added, "for consumers, SmartMouth delivers on its promise not only to eliminate bad breath, but also to prevent bad breath from returning for up to 12 hours per rinse." He noted that the brand line-up also includes a Clinical DDS formula that offers the same bad breath protection, but also provides prescription-strength enhancements for healthy gums and plaque prevention, and an oral breath rinse providing dry mouth benefits. SmartMouth also launched a premium toothpaste with zinc and dry mouth mints with zinc and xylitol. For more information, email david@ biernbaum.com, or go to www.biernbaum .com or www.smartmouth.com. Consumers Review New Remedy Dermatology Series Lotion When it comes to skincare, it's important to have scientific support and expertise to produce the highest quality products. In fact, those factors are important to get consumers to try a new brand. New Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Lotion is a unique, propri- etary botanical formula that provides a wide range of benefits. It contains pro- teins, vitamins and carbohydrates for skin nutrition; natural oils and other moisturization support; plus a high level of skin soothing antioxidants. While the science behind the product may pique customer interest, the proof comes when they actually try it. That's why Remedy monitored reviews from customers to see how this new product performs for them. Among the many 5- star reviews the product received, a high percentage came from people who con- sidered their skin highly sensitive or extremely dry and irritated. Other popu- lar comments referred to the smooth tex- ture, the way it absorbs quickly and the gentle formulation. Here are a few excerpts: "My skin is really dry due to medical reasons, especially my elbows. I've been using this product for four days and can already see a huge improvement." "You don't have to put a huge amount on. It rubs into your skin easily and is not greasy." "I've not seen a product that is free of the ingredients found on the North American 80 Comprehensive Series (NAC 80) list of possible allergens before." "I love it is free of paraben and sul- fates." It shouldn't be surprising that Remedy Dermatology Series Lotion has elicited such positive responses. It's made by Medline Remedy ® , the No. 1 brand of skincare in the medical field, with a history of cre- ating high level skin- care for all types of skin issues. Remedy Dermatology Series Moisturizing Lotion was introduced into retail in March of 2019. Packaging is designed to stand out from other thera- peutic lotions on shelf, highlighting the effectiveness and gentle, botanical for- mula. Available sizes include 3-ounce, 8- ounce and 12-ounce bottles. For more information, go to www .medline.com. A Different Consulting Model: XIL Consulting Susan Lang understands the economics of the drug industry. During her six years of working for George Paz at Express Scripts, she realized the opaque nature of the industry created winners and losers, especially in the mid-market. After leav- ing Express Scripts, Susan was able to look across the industry, and a huge knowledge gap became painfully obvi- ous. Mid-market payers, pharmacies, health plans and wholesalers interpret drug economics, their own leverage and customer service very differently from top-tier PBMs and health plans. The goal of founding XIL Consulting was to close that gap by sharing insights that could help the middle-tier win more consistently. XIL Consulting focuses on the economics of improving the margin and gross profits for their clients. "It is vitally important that we work as part of your team, which is unusual. Actionable knowledge transfer is a big component of that. As we work on engagements with our clients, we're teaching," says Lang. "This drives more informed market decisions, so our clients can sustain their competitive advantage even after we're gone." The space is hyper competitive and dominated by 44 Fortune 100 com- panies. Lang puts it bluntly. "Look, these mid-market clients really have to play a different game. They've got to be smarter, quicker, and turn the rule book on its head." XIL addresses this issue by asking the right questions – the key to any strategy – and by intently listening to their clients. Solutions are customized based on clinical assets, pricing capabilities and overall goals of the engagement. To get to the right answers, XIL challenges clients' assumptions, so that clients participate in the same robust debates the XIL team has amongst themselves. As Lang explains, "Everything we work on is incredibly complex, and there isn't a single answer. Some answers are more efficient. When we finish an engagement, our clients can actually execute their new strategies and get to a better, more competitive position." XIL's unconventional model of consulting resonates with the market. In just five years, the firm is a proven success, quickly grow- ing in size to meet an ever-increas- ing demand. XIL combines phenomenal talent, representing decades of deep and wide market knowledge, with a sophisti- cated analytics platform to benefit their clients. A final point from Lang: "Our position as part of your team, that philos- ophy of alignment, sets us apart. We're deeply vested in your success. That's our long-term play." For more information about XIL Consulting, visit www.xilconsulting.com. Warrell Creations Pioneers Innovative Snacks Warrell Creations, the private label and contract manufacturing segment of The Warrell Corporation, continues to bom- bard the confectionery and snack industry with new twists on the mar- ket's leading brands. Its portfolio of manufactured innovations are a combi- nation of ancient grains, superfruits, nuts and seeds packed with a range of flavors, nutrients and allergy friendly foods. Outcomes are often indulgent treats with a twist of functional capa- bilities, such as truffles enrobed and coated with cocoa nibs, combinations of tree nuts clustered with dried fruits and ancient grains, protein isolate cen- ters enrobed in protein-enhanced, chocolaty coating rolled in almond pieces and brittles made with granola. Its R&D team is very clever at finding ways to enhance your brand and devel- op new products. The distribution division focuses on providing candy and snacks for specialty retailers. It offers turnkey merchandising tools that create an impulse profit center in most any store. The Pennsylvania Dutch Candies quality hanging bag line is now available in private label. The pro- gram boasts 12 case assorted minimum orders, seven-day lead time and the best assortment available. Let it help you Continued on Page 50

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