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Chain Drugstore Daily 2 9 Sunday, August 25, 2019 2019 Best of Show Creme Of Nature Launches PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System Trusted hair care leader Creme of Nature ® launches new salon-grade tech- nology PLEX Breakage Defense Three- Step Strengthening System, formulated with strength-building key ingredients proven to help protect hair from the inside out. This three-step system provides a simple and easy regimen that will provide extra insurance to build strength and pre- vent future damage. This system provides quick results for a noticeable difference you can see and feel after just one use. There are many causes of hair dam- age, ranging from dryness, chemical pro- cessing, excessive heat styling and lack of proper maintenance, resulting in split ends, breakage and thinning. Inspired by consumer needs, the PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System includes a Bond Mender Pre- Treatment, Bond Restoring Shampoo and Bond Restoring Conditioner. The system is formulated for all hair textures – natu- ral, color treated, transitioning and relaxed. For the relaxed consumers, Creme of Nature has developed a PLEX Strengthening Relaxer System with PLEX Strengthening Treatment. The new system will be available exclusively at nationwide Sally Beauty retailers. In salons, treatments can be very expensive, and some women are unable to get to the salon on a regular basis. They opt to care for their hair at home with products that may or may not be right for their hair type. "Caring for your hair at home has become easier and affordable with Creme of Nature's new PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System," said Teneya Gholston, Senior Director of Marketing for Creme of Nature. "We conducted an extensive hair damage and care survey, and results show that 92 percent of women self-treat at home. For this rea- son, Creme of Nature has formu- lated a new affordable recovery treatment for home use that will reduce damage and breaking, allowing hair to grow stronger and longer. Our simple three- step process helps reinforce those weak hair bonds, making them stronger, more flexible and more resistant to breakage." The Creme of Nature PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System contains key ingredients castor oil and argan oil from Morocco. The newest Creme of Nature PLEX Breakage Defense Three-Step Strengthening System products include: Bond Mender Pre-Treatment (SRP $6.98) – The first step in a strength-build- ing regimen: reinforces weak fragile bonds and when used as a system with the complimentary products, helps strengthen and protect hair on the inside and out. Bond Restoring Shampoo (SRP $5.98) – Removes impu- rities and build-up while nour- ishing strands. Bond Restoring Conditioner (SRP $5.98) – Moisturizes and improves appearance of dry, damaged strands. PLEX Strengthening Relaxer System with PLEX Strengthening Treatment (SRP $9.29) – A relaxer system designed to help build strength and reduce breakage for a noticeable healthier difference you can see and feel after just one use. Helps strengthen and fortify hair after chemical treatment while providing protection from damage and breakage. For more information, go to www.creme ofnature.com. Follow the company on Instagram (@cremeofnature), Facebook (www.facebook.com/cremeofnature), YouTube (www.youtube.com/user/Creme NatureOfficial), Snapchat (cremeof nature) and Twitter (@cremeofnature). Essential Oil Lotion from Two Old Goats A quilter's quest to find relief from her arthritis and wrist pain and dry, chapped hands led to a seven-year journey and countless combinations of essential oil blends. Seeking a remedy that was natu- ral and lacked a strong odor, without worrisome ingredients and perfumes, Karen Pharr realized that in 2000, such a product did not exist. She then set out to create what she needed. Given her need to quilt, she realized that it also needed to be free from any residue and non-staining. Finally, in 2007, Pharr finalized the formula that is still used 12 years later. The formula's use of goat's milk as the base, along with her Teen Goat Queen past, and her husband's goatee, lead to the company's memorable name. Pharr's friends, fami- ly, neighbors and fellow quilters loved her new lotion both for its silky texture and for its easing of tired, sore muscles. In 2008, Pharr sold the business to friends Richard and Karen Snyder, who continue to expand distribution and sales. The six therapeutic-grade essential oils naturally relieve pain by providing camphor, menthol and methyl salicylate. These natural ingredients, with their relaxant, anti-inflammatory and anal- gesic properties deliver superior relief to OTC and non-prescription analgesics along with a pleasant, natural scent. The goat's milk base allows the lotion to be absorbed quickly and completely – while nourishing and moisturiz- ing the skin. The effectiveness of the formula, combined with the memorable name, has allowed this family- owned business to help many customers while earning recognition as one of Inc. Magazine's Fastest- Growing Companies. With 12 years of business and over 4 million bottles sold, the products earned a solid reputation for delivering on their pain-relieving promise. This is further demonstrated by more than 100 pages of customer reviews and a nearly 4.7 average rating. Users describe how it works to relieve pain in aching joints, knees and ankles. Some note that they "won't leave the house with- out a 2-ounce bottle." The product line has expand- ed beyond the lotions to include a shea-butter infused balm, body wash, goat's milk soap and bath crystals. All products feature the essential oil blend used in the pain-relieving lotions. A key introduction for the show is the new, FDA-compliant arthritis formula in a new 6- ounce tube. This new product features added menthol, while still utilizing the same six essential oil blend and goat's milk base for a cooling sensation and pain relief. Visit Two Old Goats at booth #1866. For more information, go to www.twoold goats.com, email jimvdd@twooldgoats.com or call 866.324.3787.

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