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Chain Drugstore Daily Sunday, August 25, 2019 2 8 Prana Principle Launches Innovative Beauty and Skincare Line Prana Principle announces its new line of CBD-infused beauty and skincare prod- ucts, delivering the very best available topical ingredients to the CBD market- place. CBD products are moving fast into almost every area of the beauty industry. In an untapped market, CBD products are making their way into well-known retail- ers to fill a niche need for savvy CBD customers. Prana Principle has combined its extensive retail and hemp experience to create a new and innovative line of beauty, skin and hair products – the Prana Principle Professional Series. "Our products are different from many on the market, because we started with the highest quality product avail- able, then developed a CBD formula for that specific product," said Prana Principle Chief Executive Officer, Sebastien Hebbelinck. "We have com- bined excellent ingredients with our pure and trusted CBD to create an unsurpassed line of topicals." CBD is recognized for its countless benefits, many of which include natural healing properties. CBD contains amino acids, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, all of which are vital to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. CBD has been known to cleanse and calm the skin through its moisturizing properties. These naturally healing CBD products are extremely valuable in today's market as they are consistent with the current trend of pure, all-natural brands. "We began development of our beauty and skincare line in response to what our cus- tomers told us they want- ed," said Hebbelinck. "Because of what we heard from customers, we knew demand would be high, and a consistent and robust supply chain was impera- tive." Prana Principle offers facial serums, balms, oils, masks, an acne and eczema treatment, which all have been combined with CBD to promote healthy skin. Haircare products and lotions are also included in this line. "Our relationship and experience with suppliers have allowed us develop these products both quickly and at the industry's highest standards," said Hebbelinck. Prana Principle's beauty products include topical serums and lotions. The all-natural, radiant, moisturizing face serum and eye serum help smooth fine lines, minimize dryness and enhance complex- ion. There are also hydrating face masks, moisturizing lotion pearls and a healing lip balm, all combined with CBD to enhance effects. In addition to the hydrating topical face products, Prana Principle also offers a line for the treatment of acne and eczema. The Prana Principle Professional Series line offers a full line of products for the whole body. Products include healing masks, radiant moisturizing serums and balms, lotions, oils and even hair care. Consumers will have all of their CBD needs at their fingertips with the trusted quality and excellence they have come to expect from Prana Principle. For more information, visit booth #2625. How HempFusion Promotes Relaxation and Sleep When we experience something – good or bad – our body automatically reacts to help maintain balance through our endo- cannabinoid system (ECS). But when out of balance, the ECS can affect our ability to relax and fall asleep. Fortunately, HempFusion ® 's unique whole-food, Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract serves the ECS with an array of phytocompounds, cannabinoids, terpenes and natural fatty acids that when com- bined, have a powerful effect in support- ing the ECS's role in maintaining overall health. Then, HempFusion decided to "fuse" complementary, natural ingredi- ents that have been scientifically studied to promote relaxation and support falling asleep. HempFusion Stress The company fused HempFusion's Whole Food Hemp Complex with Sensoril ® , a patented, organic extract from Ashwaghanda, which has been shown to support relaxation when the body senses stress. Between these two powerful extracts, the human body is receiving incredible support for the interconnected biological systems that help the body manage stress. HempFusion Sleep Lack of sleep can be very challenging to the body. Helping to support the body with relaxation may lead to better, more restorative sleep. With HempFusion Sleep, the company fused its HempFusion Whole Food Hemp Complex with PharmaGABA ® , a natural form of the amino acid GABA that has been sci- entifically studied to support relaxation that may lead to deeper restorative sleep. It's like "noise-canceling" to calm the mind and reduce the noise pollution in your head when trying to sleep. For more information, visit booth #1966 or go to www.hempfusion.com. MarkeTouch: Independently Owned, the Better Business Option Change is inevitable. MarkeTouch appre- ciates mutual respect and a true partner- ship from its clients. Recently, there has been an influx of MarkeTouch competi- tors who have been purchased by large conglomerates and private equity firms. As a result, MarkeTouch has gained industry market share due to its competi- tors' changes in personnel, environment and relationships no longer existing on a foundation of trust. MarkeTouch believes there are hundreds of reasons to stick with an independently-owned company, but here's its top 10 list to show you why it's the best option. Number 10: Its private company focuses specifically on patient communications solutions rather than a portion of its prod- uct offering. Number 9: Familiar faces. The majority of MarkeTouch personnel has worked with the company since incep- tion. Number 8: MarkeTouch is nimble, adaptive and quick to respond to market demands. It stays on the bleeding edge of industry trends. Number 7: There isn't an off-the-rack option when it comes to MarkeTouch's clients. The company understands that each project is unique and customizes each solution accordingly. Number 6: Efficiency. MarkeTouch develops most new applications within 45 days, and most change requests are processed within days, not weeks or months. Number 5: The MarkeTouch team is cross-trained, experienced and agile. Its sales team interacts directly with its developers, its client services team interacts with its project management team. It's an open-door policy when it comes to figuring out how to better serve you. Number 4: Quantified, qualitative results. All service offerings are quan- tifiable with documented results. MarkeTouch never provides a service without tracking its benefits and suc- cesses. Number 3: MarkeTouch works on a first-name basis. Each client has a single point of contact for all creative, technical and reporting ques- tions. Call MarkeTouch directly, not a call center. Number 2: MarkeTouch is not limit- ed by conflicts. It can and will work with any vendor required to meet its clients' needs. And finally, the Number 1 reason to work with MarkeTouch: Charles, Lyle and Randy. MarkeTouch's executive team and owners are always available to clients. It's clear that MarkeTouch's independent option stands above the rest. For more information, visit booth #315 or go to www.rxtouch.com and www .marketouchmedia.com. Increase Sales, Not Wait Times By Jeff Ditges, President, Source Communications While you are here this weekend looking for ways to improve your customer expe- rience, remember that wait times and the relationship of the pharmacist to the cus- tomer are two factors paramount to shop- pers' trust in your stores. According to a Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Report on Pharmacy Satisfaction, independent pharmacies continue to have the highest performance ratings in overall satisfac- tion, likelihood to return and likelihood to recommend. One of the reasons the indies score so high is they have the shortest wait times. Many of these independent stores are our customers. They have organized their pharmacy with our Modular Pole Systems™. Our product line is easy, straightforward and comes pre-assem- bled for quick and seamless installation. We use common sense in our designs and always think about future uses, so you get a product that works great today and is adaptable for tomorrow. Whether it's your point of sale, employee worksta- tions or customer facing products, we ensure your hardware is accessible and secure, pro- viding the ability to reconfigure as tech- nology and equipment changes, reducing the cost of ownership and waste. In addition to wait times, pharma- cists and staff continue to be an important part of the overall pharmacy experience and one of the aspects that are key to cus- tomer satisfaction. To that end, many pharmacies offer coun- seling areas where pharmacists can talk to patients privately. If these areas are clean, organized and don't show an array of equip- ment and a tangled mess of cables, your customer is going to feel they are in a professional environment with a thought- out plan of how to best process their pre- scription needs. Source Communications. Start here. Visit Source Communications at booth #2856.

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