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Oser Communications Group Boston Sunday, August 25, 2019 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH NACDS An interview with Chris Arington, Chief Executive Officer, Prasco. CDD: Why does it seem like every day another authorized generic is launching? CA: The prescription drug landscape con- tinues to evolve, and authorized generics (AGs) have become an increasingly important tool for pharmaceutical compa- nies. Authorized generics are a unique class of generics with the exact same drug Prasco's Authorized Generics Bring Affordability to Quality Medications For retailers, real estate expenditures and competition chal- lenges many mer- chants to find ways to increase their product selection and give consumers a quick and resourceful shop- ping experience. Additionally, they want to provide staff an efficient and effective place to work. This is where Uniweb can deliver. The nearly 50-year old corporation high- lights that it is a "solution company," dedicated to listening to the requests of its clients and developing tailor-made, The retail store, whether it be an independent phar- macy, chain store pharmacy or even a grocery store, is under unparalleled pressure from the mega eCommerce brands, regulators and even the customers themselves – as these same customers demand low price, free shipping and the convenience of same day service. KNAPP Retail Technologies Take Off Recently announced, KNAPP has teamed with Takeoff Technologies to deliver its Healthcare profession- als play a significant role in ensuring the well- being of their patients. One of their many responsibilities include focus- ing on safe and effective drug use. Pharmacists in particular are vital to maintaining the safety of these drugs. From receipt and storage to com- pounding, dispensing and administra- tion of medication, handling haz- ardous drugs requires a comprehen- sive plan to manage the entire med- ication lifecycle. By Dave Halter, Senior Vice President Strategic Finance Operations 110 External Operations & Innovations, MedImpact The U.S. spends more per capita on healthcare than any other coun- try in the world, but it has a high preva- lence of diabetes, worse cardiovascular outcomes and lower life expectancy compared to other high-income coun- tries. U.S. healthcare costs reached $3.6 trillion in 2018 and spending is anticipat- ed to soar to nearly $6 trillion by 2027. Continued on Page 50 Avadim Health (Avadim) is a rapidly growing life sci- ences company founded in 2007 and located in Asheville, North Carolina. According to Ralph Lombardo, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, the word Avadim means "to serve." He explains that the company is very proud of its cor- porate culture, which is based on a ser- vant orientation that includes partners, customers and those who suffer from chronic pain, infectious diseases, and Continued on Page 47 Continued on Page 53 Increase Product Storage Space with Uniweb KNAPP: Re-Imagining Retail and Pharmacy MedImpact Improves Member Experience, Reduces Costs for Pharmacy Partners Maintaining Compliance, Improving Patient Safety Avadim Health Provides Pain Relief Options Continued on Page 50 Continued on Page 50 Continued on Page 50 The 21st century has brought countless innova- tions and digital devices that have brought new demands to our eyes, creating space for unique challenges as they relate to our health. That is why Bausch + Lomb has intro- duced its latest ocular vitamin supple- ment, Ocuvite ® Eye Performance. These new vitamins are formulated to help strengthen the macula, the eyes' natural protective filter, so consumers can help protect one of their most important sens- es from certain stressors they encounter As one of the pre- mier full-line whole- sale pharmaceutical distributors in the U.S., Smith Drug Company is committed to delivering on the promise of giving customers that "Wow!" moment. What exactly does that mean? It means Smith Drug delivers in the most trying conditions, even when others don't. Its customers will tell you Smith Drug is the first vendor they've seen after a devastating hurricane or a record snowstorm. The company knows that Continued on Page 53 Bausch + Lomb Ocuvite Eye Performance Vitamins Smith Drug Delivers Customer Satisfaction Continued on Page 53 BOOTH #817 BOOTH #2231 BOOTH #644 BOOTH #2442 BOOTH #657 BOOTH #1804 BOOTH #1251 BOOTH #2650

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