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Produce Show Daily 9 Tuesday, June 11, 2019 Five Ways Data Insights Can Increase Grocery Retail Produce Sales Commodity analysts use data to paint pictures and create stories, helping change the way traditional grocery retail- ers and wholesalers think about their businesses. But it's not simply saying, "Sell more of this or less of that" – it's digging deep to create actionable insights that help drive more sales and improve the bottom line. Here are five ways insights can impact profitability of fresh produce sales: 1. Optimize SKUs. The produce section is the gateway for grocery consumers, so produce managers work to understand what customers want. This allows them to group fresh produce items together to make selections easier. For example, it's common to display avocados next to tomatoes, onions and jalapeños – all ingredients in guacamole. But by also positioning avocados near complementary meal items, such as salad or sandwich components, you can drive more impulse sales by giving shoppers additional ideas about avocado uses. 2. Understand regional trends. Every good produce manager knows whether a commodity is over- or under- performing. However, understanding the consumer and purchasing motivations helps take insights to the next level. Tropical fruits are a great example of commodities that follow certain popula- tion demographics. Though growing in national popularity, they are in greater demand among Hispanic-based popula- tions who have greater familiarity with tropical fruits and understand how to incorporate them into many meals. 3. Leverage promotional pricing. Anticipating consumer purchases, com- bined with product availability, is key to a successful product flow strategy any time of year. Most pro- motional pricing in stores is aligned with supply; however, many retailers look to maxi- mize merchandising opportunities both inside and outside the produce department to drive year-round sales. Asparagus is a great promotional choice during Easter, as it's a traditional dish at the holiday table and the holiday generally aligns with peak production in Mexico. But during the summer, try fea- turing asparagus next to grill items or in the meat section to help drive purchases as consumers make last-minute deci- sions. 4. Align customer demand with the right supply. Because perishable products have a lim- ited shelf life, aligning consumer demand to the right supply is critical. A goal at retail and wholesale is to maximize prof- itability by maintaining consistent move- ment and product quality. When either movement slows or product quality declines, shrink increas- es and product margin decreases substantially. Reducing a product's shrink ties back to regional tastes, know- ing your consumers, and aligning them with the right supply at the right time. 5. Link supply with demand. Understanding the commodity side – from quality to fresh produce varieties – is helpful in identifying supply-side opportunities based on consumer desires. The growth of organics, or commodities such as kale, can only happen if enough supply can meet the rising demand. This is the benefit of working with Robinson Fresh. It provides key cus- tomers with consumer and category insights along with marketing support, so customers are better able to grow their business. For more information, visit www.robinson fresh.com or stop by booth #12010. New Oasis Midnight Floral Foam Helps Designers Create Bold Designs with Less Midnight Floral Foam, the newest inno- vation from Smithers-Oasis available in the United States and Canada in Fall 2018, creates the perfect foundation for traditional, modern and bold floral design. When soaked, the dry gray foam transforms to the rich black of midnight, providing an inspiring canvas to high- light imaginative designs with less flower coverage. "As trends evolve over time, Oasis ® is committed to staying at the forefront of art and design," commented Marketing Director Laura Rich. "After much research, Smithers-Oasis identified an opportunity to create Midnight as an option to meet industry demands for enhancing and highlighting flowers with a different approach – an approach not seen in the North American floral indus- try until now." With Oasis Midnight, floral designers can expand their creativity with bold new designs while using less materials to cover floral foam. Equipped with MaxLife-enhanced technology, the exclusive formula of Oasis Midnight Floral Foam is 100 percent biodegradable in 567 days and can increase flower life up to 50 per- cent longer. Finished traditional looks can be created with up to 25 percent less materials com- pared to green floral foam. Easy to work with, this foam has a density and holding power similar to stan- dard green floral foam. Midnight foam can be left visi- ble to create minimalist floral designs that are both on-trend and perfect for the modern consumer, and Oasis Midnight takes the guesswork out of adding water to arrangements by hydrating designs when the vibrant black foam fades to gray. Continued Rich, "Oasis Midnight Floral Foam will help designers use less to make more impactful designs and provides the performance that flo- ral designers trust from MaxLife foams – long flower life and enhanced biodegradability." About Smithers-Oasis Smithers-Oasis is a global leader in floral foam tech- nology and flower care products, with more than 75-years-experience in floraculture. The company has locations in 20 countries and resources around the world, manu- facturing phenolic and urethane foam products, postharvest products, growing media and flower arranging supplies. Oasis and Floralife ® are two of the com- pany's most recognized brands, founded in 1954 and 1938, respectively. Smithers- Oasis is a privately held company head- quartered in Kent, Ohio. For more information, go to www.smithersoasis.com. Forbes Industries Celebrates 100th Year Anniversary Forbes Industries was founded in 1919. Longevity in a business is not a given. Each year can test a company's value and relevance. A commitment to its cus- tomers' success has helped Forbes Industries thrive as a provider of mobile bars, buffet systems, lecterns and a wide variety of solutions for hospitality opera- tions such as luggage carts, bellman's equipment and housekeeping carts. Every product is designed with the cus- tomers' needs in mind. The company's iconic birdcage lug- gage cart, first introduced in 1983, exem- plifies the company's focus on creating memorable experiences for hoteliers and their guests. Forbes' birdcage luggage cart was innovative in its use of materials and design. It was the first brass cart on the market, priced higher than competi- tive models to accommodate a more lux- urious look and feel. Innovations also evolve from recog- nizing a need. Storage has become a big issue for hotels and several Forbes prod- ucts address this concern. The SlimFold bar is completely mobile and folds to half its size. Forbes Mystique Bar has remov- able and interchangeable front and side panels, making it possible to change the look of the bar in minutes. Other prod- ucts like mobile nesting tables can be stored in public spaces. Inspiration for new products often comes from customers. Forbes spent three years working with a major theme park designing an in-room housekeeping cart that keeps bulky linens out of hall- ways, creating a more pleasant environ- ment for guests. The streamlined cart also improves ergonomics and worker safety. Forbes' New Product Development Committee takes feedback from the field and brainstorms new offerings. Renderings of new ideas are engineered in house and are shared with the field sales team and key hoteliers. The most promising ideas move to prototypes, then functional, durable products. In every cat- egory, Forbes offers good, better and best solutions. Having a broad range of prod- ucts with multiple price points allows Forbes to provide affordable solutions to properties of 3 star to 5 star ratings. For more information, go to www .forbesindustries.com, call 800.832.5427 or email sales@forbesindustries.com. Organic, Full Fat Yogurt from Bellwether Farms Bellwether Farms offers organic, full fat yogurt, made with milk from pas- tured Jersey cows. Jersey cows have more digestible A2 protein than the Holstein breed. This higher quality milk produces a richer, creamier yogurt, without straining, added thick- eners or added cream. Naturally creamier. Naturally more protein. Naturally more digestible. This yogurt is the perfect snack. Bellwether Farms is introducing this delicious snack as a four-pack of 3.75- ounce cups. The yogurt is available in plain, vanilla, straw- berry, blueberry, blackberry and spiced apple. It looks beauti- ful on the shelf and customers will love it. Bellwether Farms is a family owned farm and creamery located in western Sonoma County. Since 1990, it has been producing award- winning whole milk dairy products. For more information, call 707.763.0993, email info@bellwetherfarms.com or go to www.bellwetherfarms.com.

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