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Produce Show Daily 1 3 Tuesday, June 11, 2019 expanded to cover most of the industry – from packaging fresh cantaloupe, toma- toes, grapes, carrots, broccoli and pota- toes, to IQF fruits and vegetables. Matrix machines are flexible and durable, and the team works collaboratively with each customer to ensure machines meet their unique requirements. Whether you need an entry level machine to use with a hand loading pock- et conveyor, or a fully automated com- puterized net weight scale with a high- speed packaging machine, Matrix has a solution for you. Matrix machines work with a variety of film types – mesh, poly or resistance – and these systems also can produce a wide range of bag sizes from 3 inches to 18 inches. Matrix also provides a comprehen- sive line of products reaching virtually every industry with its distributor part- ners; Toyo Jidoki provides pre-made Matrix (Cont'd. from p. 1) pouch packaging systems that load, open, fill and cap pouches, optional Ultra Clean format. FL TECNICS (a ProMach brand) offers rollstock (HFFS) pouch making technology in both carousel and walking-beam styles, with speeds up to 400 ppm and can pro- duce a pouch with top or corner valve on the same valve applicator. It all boils down to flexibility, whether you have retail or institution- al needs, small or large bags, mesh, poly, resistance or some other type of film, low or high capacity. Matrix is uniquely qualified to provide its cus- tomers with a wealth of knowledge along the entire packaging line and can facilitate integrating packaging and processing solutions for your products. For more information, stop by booth #16024, go to www.matrixpm.com or email matrix.info@promachbuilt.com. From a business that was originally 100 percent decorative pumpkins, fresh packed produce now accounts for 65 per- cent of our production. As we've continued to grow, we realized we were outgrowing our facili- ty. In 2017, we broke ground on our new, state-of-the-art facility mid-June and are moving into it now. Our new 55,000 square foot facility will offer Bay Baby Produce (Cont'd. from p. 1) expansive production, storage and ship- ping capabilities and be home to our corporate office. Our expanded space will allow for increased production capacity and will make it possible to meet the increased demand for Bay Baby Produce's products in current and expanded markets. For more information, email sales@ baybabyproduce.com or stop by booth #9015. caught on as a huge seller in restaurants. There is certainly a place for misting tents and fans; poolside cabanas, beach patio bars and anywhere where the expectation of getting wet is acceptable. What do you do if your outdoor dining experience doesn't fit into any one of those categories? You turn to TurboCool™. Developed by Al Erturk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ANIKs Outdoor Comfort Solutions, TurboCool is a patented solution guaran- teed to keep you dry, while lowering the ambient temperature by 10 to 15 degrees in humid environments and as much as 30 degrees in arid environments. Profits Hot (Cont'd. from p. 1) "Simply put, TurboCool is unlike anything you have ever seen," says Al Erturk. "You can be three feet away from one of our patented TurboCool ports and you just don't get wet." TurboCool is manufactured in the United States and uses a combination of patented technolo- gies to ensure complete evaporation. Available in white or black aluminum cabinets (additional colors are a paid option), TurboCool can be wall, post or ceiling mounted in addition to recessed installation in new construction. If you are looking to increase per table revenue in your outdoor dining area during those hot summer days and keep your customers happy and coming back, TurboCool is the ideal solution. growing facility. A trustworthy buying choice, the LivingCube living lettuce, living basil and microgreens are always fresh, nutri- tious and flavor-filled. The packaging is a pure and dependable safe house for leafy greens – guaranteeing freshness from seed to shelf! DelFrescoPure brands its living let- tuce, living basil and microgreens under LivingCube with local and national retail partners. Contact sales@delfrescopure .com to learn more about the program or visit www.livingcube.ca. DelFrescoPure (Cont'd. from p. 1) About DelFrescoPure DelFrescoPure is committed to nothing less than freshness, taste and quality. It is a firm believer that you must love what you do in order to succeed. It is family- owned and has been operating for over 50 years in Kingsville, Ontario, Canada. DelFrescoPure prides itself on getting ahead of trends to ensure its customers have the latest and greatest. Learn more at www.delfrescopure.com. For more information, stop by booth #12027, visit www.delfrescopure.com, contact sales@delfrescopure.com or go to www.livingcube.ca. Hoffmaster Group, Inc. and Aardvark Team Up Aardvark ® paper straws is the world's leading brand of paper straws made in the USA. Not only are Aardvark paper straws earth and marine friendly, natural- ly degradable, FDA/EU compliant and compostable, they are also noticeably longer lasting than other paper straws in the market. Hoffmaster ® , an industry leader in premium disposable tableware, knew Aardvark was a company worth investing in. Andy Romjue, President of Hoffmaster's Foodservice Division, said, "This is an important acquisition for Hoffmaster as Aardvark straws are a nat- ural extension of our premium portfolio and complement our line of environmen- tally responsible products." Soon after the acquisition of Aardvark by Hoffmaster Group, Inc., the plans to open a new, larger manufactur- ing facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana, began. This new state-of-the-art facility, that opened its doors to manufacturing in February 2019, will help to increase pro- duction and better support the demand for current and new Aardvark customers. Bans on plastic straws continue to grow along our nation's waterways. Notable foodservice operator brands have also announced they will begin to eliminate plastic straws from their establish- ments. Hoffmaster Group Inc's investment in the infrastruc- ture, assets and employees at Aardvark are all in anticipation to meet the current customer's demands as well as the fore- casted growth of paper straws. When you already have the top of the line paper straw, what do you do next? Innovate. Aardvark and Hoffmaster are continually looking at new ways to meet the needs of their ever-changing customers. Aardvark's line of paper drinking and cocktail straws have expanded in lengths and diameters to meet the requirements of all types of drinks, including shakes, smoothies, cof- fee and boba teas. Coffee stir sticks, collated pack of boba tea straws and bar stirrers are also new additions to the Aardvark line in 2019. The invention of the one of a kind Eco-Flex ® paper straw allows the straw to bend, providing a solution in the healthcare industry and in-patient care. Hoffmaster and Aardvark are committed to providing a high- quality alternative to plastic and plant- based (PLA) alternatives, with a focus on reducing waste and saving precious marine life. For more information, go to www .hoffmaster.com, email marketing@ hoffmaster.com or call 800.327.9774. Renau Introduces New Generation of ARM Cortex-Powered Process Controllers Renau's new T-2000 Series of next-gen- eration ARM Cortex-A7 based P-CAP touchscreen process controllers and timers designed specifically with the foodservice industry in mind give food- service equipment operators complete control over their commercial foodser- vice equipment. Unlike older capacitive touch solutions, these state-of-the-art capacitive touchscreens can easily be used while wearing gloves. Available in 4.3-, 6.8- and 10-inch screen sizes, the T-2000 Series offers food- service operators a sophisticated display interface that can be configured as a process control or freshness timer and installed virtually anywhere. Measuring less than 1.91 inches deep, the T-2000 Series is compact and versatile enough to allow equipment manufacturers to mount it on a panel or even separately on a wall or fixture. Using Renau's wireless Renau.Net Network, the T-2000 Series can wirelessly connect to Renau's wireless battery pow- ered sensors or remote actuation modules to monitor and control even the most inten- sive and demanding applications, while significantly reducing labor costs. With the ability to quickly and easily access and select programs and recipes, as well as full support for safety and compli- ance processes such as HACCP, user manuals, job aids and ingredient level and freshness monitoring, the T-2000 Series is a labor saving tool unlike any other. Foodservice operators can quickly and easily read the T-2000 Series' high-reso- lution color display from across the kitchen, and because the screen is the interface, use is incredibly intuitive, easy and designed to help reduce both operator error and food waste. Easily upgradeable and fully repro- grammable, the T-2000 Series allows recipe menus and system configurations to be quickly updated through the inte- grated USB port, sub-GHz wireless transceiver or optional Wi-Fi adapter when paired with smart devices or cloud-based programming software. This allows for the creation of custom recipe menus, animated job aids, warn- ing alarms, sound files and system con- figurations that can be stored on an authorized user's hard drive for future use and reference, or for larger organiza- tions, shared with a remote location using Renau's powerful Smart Kitchen Manager™ (SKM™) Software Servers. When it comes time to update the sys- tem, the desired update file can be down- loaded via a flash drive or over the air. In order to perform in the most demanding foodservice industry environ- ments, all Renau products are fully encapsulated for outstanding protection from extreme temperatures, humidity and shock. Designed and manufactured in the United States, all Renau products are rigorously tested and come with an industry-leading three-year warranty. For more information, visit www.renau.com.

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