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Oser Communications Group Chicago Tuesday, June 11, 2019 AN INDEPENDENT PUBLICATION NOT AFFILIATED WITH UNITED FRESH For many regions, the beautiful blooms of spring also serve as notice that hot summer months are on the horizon. Yes, during the summer people venture out, plan vacations and depending on your region, the economy is bustling from tourism. The rise in temperature, sunny weather and happy activity can have a significant impact on restaurants who naturally benefit from the increase in people traffic. However, if you happen to be in a hot and humid environment, you're faced with a host of additional challenges: limited indoor seating, increased wait times, unhappy customers and empty patio seating. Most of the year, customers dining al fresco is a great way to ease the pressure in the main dining room and increase daily profits, but in the hottest, most humid part of summer, everyone wants to sit in cool air conditioning. Normally this meant a sparse outdoor crowd until dusk but that no longer has to be the case. Thankfully, science and technology have a solution for those hot summer days. Misting tents and fans are nothing new, but soggy food does not seem to have Keep Your Customers Cool and Your Profits Hot By Michele Youngquist, Owner, Bay Baby Produce Bay Baby Produce Inc., a North American grower and leader in painted pumpkins, long stem ornamen- tals and winter organic squash, is moving into its new state-of-the-art facility. Bay Baby Produce began with just 30 acres of soil, and a vision of creating a fam- ily-owned farm around the whimsical notion of giving pumpkins a personality. Like other local farmers, our goal was to provide a good living for our families and employ- ees, while honoring and contributing to the traditions and values of our agricultural communities. In the process of growing our business, we have accomplished much more than we initially envisioned. We've developed a proprietary painting and production process that provides consistent, top quality painted pumpkins. We've expanded our farming operations from 30 acres to a little under 500 and have added organic winter squash. With a high demand for living produce, DelFrescoPure ® announces its partnership with CubicFarm Systems ® to create a new growing system – the LivingCube™. The LivingCube is a system of automated vertical farming growing machines that continuously produces living lettuce, living basil and microgreens all year long. "Our partnership with CubicFarm Systems provides us with exclusivity and sup- port," said Fiona McLean, Marketing Manager of Del Fresco Produce Ltd. "CubicFarm Systems continuously conducts research of new varieties and processes to grow more varieties and yield more produce." In its entirety, the LivingCube system is made up of 12 growing, germination and irrigation machines, each built inside proprietary insulated 40-foot stainless steel grow- ing chambers. Each growing machine is individually climate controlled and optimized for each crop and then connected to a fully enclosed climatized common work area that comes together to create a complete stand-alone growing system and independent With increasing numbers of consumers interested in eating more whole foods, the fresh fruit, vegetable and IQF markets are boom- ing. Today, these packers and producers need to increase their out- put and efficiently push more produce into the marketplace. Consumers not only are seeking to purchase family-serving size packages, but they also want conveniently packaged single-serving sizes for easy consumption. As a leader in vertical form fill seal packaging equipment, Matrix can deliver rugged, well-engineered, cost-competitive and easy-to-use packaging systems that are backed by large world-class service and parts teams. With more than 30 years in the packaging industry, Matrix demonstrates the ability, knowledge and commitment to create profitable non-proprietary component packaging systems for customers on a global scale. Matrix has been working in the fresh fruit, produce and IQF industries since the beginning of its history. Matrix started out packaging pre-washed lettuce and has Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 13 Moving & Expanding Pumpkin Joy DelFrescoPure Partners with CubicFarm Systems to Create LivingCube Vertical Growing Systems Matrix Works with Fresh & IQF Packers & Producers to Manage Flexible Packaging Needs Continued on Page 13 Continued on Page 13 BOOTH #9015 BOOTH #16024 BOOTH #12027

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