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SWEETS & TREATS SHOW EXTRA www.gourmetnews.com n MAY 2019 n GOURMET NEWS ST 3 4 In the U.S., Darrell Lea is known for its world famous soft liquorice which has been available for over a decade. Darrell Lea soft liquorice has fast become a firm favorite with those who prefer a softer, genuine, plant-based recipe as an alterna- tive to brands with a predominantly arti- ficial ingredient list. Darrell Lea thought the timing was right to launch a major new sub-brand specifically for the U.S. market that it knew Americans would love. Darrell Lea is proud to introduce its newest addition to the lineup, Real Twists in both 10- ounce Strawberry and Grape flavors. This full flavored, fruity confection is in the form of a twisted, soft bite candy without any of the tough bite qualities of those currently sold locally. Each flavor will be available in a very generous 10- Darrell Lea (Cont'd. from p. 1) ounce bag for launch with a smaller 1.7- ounce on-the-go bag available later in the year. The total U.S. candy market is in slight growth, but who is driving that growth? It is the emerging brands who are innovating for the consumer of 2019. Consumers are seeking enhanced eating experiences and products made with quality ingredients. Darrell Lea Real Twists are a retail solution to a growing problem. Produced in Sydney, Australia, all Darrell Lea branded items are made with no artificial colors or fla- vors, no high fructose corn syrup, no preservatives and no GMOs. Keeping with the Darrell Lea promise of high standards, Real Twists does not disap- point on quality, ingredients, softness or flavor. For more information, visit booth #2427. snack! Be sure to try some of Jake's other bold and unique seasoned almond products, "Straight from Jake's Orchard" to you. Jasper Specialty Foods is a multi- generational, family-run operation head- quartered in Newman, California, spe- cializing in the production of unique almond related food snacks, confections and other treats for the specialty food market. "From Farm to Market" is a slo- gan often used to epitomize the philoso- phy of the company in that, first and fore- most, it is farmers seeking to grow and produce the finest almonds in the world by controlling every aspect of the Jake's Nut Roasters (Cont'd. from p. 8) process, including planting, farming, har- vesting, processing, packaging, sales and distribution. Some of its popular brands include Nunes Farms, Jake's Nut Roasters and Jasper Ranch, to name a few. The company is actively involved in developing new flavors, custom mixes and smart packaging with an emphasis on small batch process and exceptional quality. California almonds from Jake's Nut Roasters are the perfect pairing of bold new flavors and traditional, hand- crafted production. Visit Jasper Specialty Foods at booth #894. For more information, call 800.255.1641 or go to www.jasperspecialtyfoods.com or www.jakesnutroasters.com. anything you would put salt on. Perfect over fries, onion rings, pizza, all burg- ers, sandwiches, popcorn and so much more. The salt is a perfect blend of truf- fle essence mixed with a fine imported sea salt and truffle pieces. Black Truffle Tapenade MarDona had many requests for a truffle spread, but the company just never got around to it. Then one day after doing R&D, it worked out this great formula of La Truffe Royale (Cont'd. from p. 8) black truffles, truffle infused oil along with some TLC, and came up with a great spread. But it's more than that; this is a tapenade. Use it straight from the jar and spread over some toasted crusty bread, or mix with a mayonnaise and create a wild truffle aioli. Add to hot cooked pasta as a great truffle pasta dish. There is no limit to what you can do with it! For more information, call 855.OIL SPRAY (645.7772), email info@ mardonaspecialtyfoods.com or go to www.mardonaspecialtyfoods.com. calorie, high protein snack. Introducing Shrewd Food Protein Crisps, the high protein, low carbohy- drates, low calorie, gluten free version of your favorite cheese puffs you loved as a kid. It's amped up the original to include three savory favorites such as Baked Cheddar, Brickoven Pizza and Sriracha, as well as two sweet flavors, Strawberries & Cream (90 calories, 12 grams of pro- tein and 4 grams of carbohydrates) and Cookies & Cream (90 calories, 13 grams of protein, 3 grams of carbohydrates). Each savory serving boasts 90 calories, 14 grams of protein and 2 grams of carbo- hydrates, which makes this snack the best choice for everyone watching their macros or just watching TV. David Wild, co-President of Shrewd Food, loves to compare his Protein Crisps to the common protein bar. "They're about the purest form of protein you can get which is over 65 percent pro- tein and nearly two times that of protein bars." He explains that the result of tak- ing the highest quality protein isolate, puffing it and adding a special selective seasoning blend is the magic behind these outrageously delicious Protein Crisps. Shrewd Food (Cont'd. from p. 1) Michael Goldstein, co-President of Shrewd Food, explains their success in the marketplace. "Our main goal in developing this new line of Protein Crisps was to modernize the traditional cheeseball by making it friendly to many lifestyles and diets such as keto, celiac and low calorie." If you pick up a bag, you can easily tell from the nutritional panel displayed on the front that the own- ers of Shrewd Food wanted to show off their stats. Lisa Saffeir, co-President of Shrewd Food, talks about how it's not just the savory flavors that are gaining a lot of excitement. "We have a new product that just hit two regions of Costco and is blowing out the doors – they're Protein Croutons!" This phenomenon has the bold flavor of Parmesan Herb while play- ing the role of healthy Protein Crisp and is changing up salads everywhere. Shrewd Food's family of Protein Crisps is growing to include two new savory flavors: Sour Cream & Onion and Nacho. These are available May 2019. When you try them, you'll realize how the folks over at Shrewd Food can claim that "snacking just got a whole lot healthier." For more information, visit booth #313 or go to www.shrewdfood.com. squash, the newest ingredient base for the brand's Pretzel line. REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP launched less than a year ago with a line of cauliflower-based snacks that included crackers and pretzels made from real veggies. Both lines have been celebrated as plant-based, better-for- you versions of familiar formats like the cheesy crackers you ate as a kid and tradi- tional pretzels made from wheat flour. REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP is expanding the cracker line with the launch of cauliflower-based star shaped crackers in Cheddar, Pizza and Sea Salt flavors. The brand is also launching cauliflower-based stalks, which are light and airy puff-like tubes, in Cheddar and Sea Salt flavors. The brand's cauliflower-based Grain Free Tortilla Chips in Sea Salt, Nacho and Lime flavors were also unveiled in March 2019. Another vegetable taking root this year from the brand is Butternut Squash, with the launch of butternut squash-based pretzels in both sticks and twists shapes. All REAL FOOD FROM THE REAL FOOD (Cont'd. from p. 1) GROUND UP snacks are certified by the Non-GMO Project, certified gluten-free and made from real veggies and vegan ingredients. The snacks are a fun and tasty way to sneak in some nutrition at snack time. "We are excited to expand our award-winning cauliflower-based snack line with the launches of Stars, Stalks and Tortilla Chips and to venture into a new vegetable offering with butternut squash- based pretzels," said Aaron Greenwald, President of REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP. "At REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP, we're proud to be able to offer snacks, made from real veg- gies, that taste as delicious as the conven- tional versions, but deliver high nutrition standards. This is just the beginning for us; with an abundant innovation pipeline highlighting consumers' favorite veggies, there will be a REAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND UP snack for everyone in the family in 2019." For more information, visit booth #1992, go to www.fromthegroundupsnacks.com or call 888.989.9055. Follow the compa- ny on Facebook or on Instagram @FromTheGroundUpSnacks. With eye-catching packaging and high-quality products, ChocoMaker is a fresh alternative for baking, party and bulk sections alike. Using consumer research combined with experienced culinologists, flavor technologists and pastry chefs housed in its new Buffalo, New York-based Innovation Center, the ChocoMaker team continually explores new product concepts and ways in which people celebrate with chocolate. This year, ChocoMaker is launching three new products – Natural Candy Wafers™ made with no artificial colors, ChocoDrizzlers™ and Sprinkle Variety Packs. When it comes to a coating, most consumers want wafers that melt and flow easily. ChocoMaker Natural Candy Wafers melt faster and become silkier than other wafers. These non-GMO wafers contain no hydrogenated oils and come in milk/white/dark flavors as well as salted caramel and seven eye-catching, natural colors. They are produced using only natural chocolate cocoas, real vanil- la, no artificial colors and pure cane sug- ars. Whether dipping fresh fruit or pret- zels in melted chocolate or glazing a whole cake, ChocoMaker Natural Wafers result in a more uniform, smoother and superior coating. Next up, ChocoMaker ChocoDrizzlers offer an easy-to-use, on- demand decorating product. Its conven- tional and brightly-colored Candy Wafer ChocoMaker (Cont'd. from p. 1) chips are packed into a patent-pending microwaveable pouch. Just warm/melt for a few seconds, snip the tip of the package and decorate. They are perfect for many retail applications, including the baking aisle. Finally, the ChocoMaker Sprinkle Variety Packs offer a mix of eight beads, shimmies and other shapes in the same package – perfect for all decorating occa- sions. They are part of a broad baking decorette line featuring beautiful, con- temporary shapes and colors, as well as a pleasant taste which does not overpower baked treats. The shimmies and beads are thinner, smaller and more delicate than ordinary sprinkles, and the shimmer coat- ings add a touch of glamor to any cre- ation. ChocoMaker products have long offered consumers a unique opportunity to work with higher quality chocolate and coatings, and with products which are easier to use than conventional wafers or block. ChocoMaker now continues this innovation with its naturally-colored wafers, ChocoDrizzlers and Sprinkle Variety Packs featuring its most popular individual decorette items. ChocoMaker products are available in grocery stores, party and craft stores, and select national and international retailers. For more information, go to www .chocomaker.com, call 716.877.3146, email info@chocomaker.com or visit booth #1385.

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